Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something Different...

earlier my dad an me were watching the original Night of the Living Dead from 1968. that old black and white film still holds up today and never fails to send shivers up and down my spine. i wonder what it must have been like to see it so long ago before the vulgar images in that film became the norm like it is today. i remember looking up Dawn of the Dead during my junior high days and freeking myself way out. i couldn't sleep good for almost a year or so. the bad dreams i had from that silly movie really had an impact on me. i stopped liking malls and i stopped myself from being surrounded by large groups of people. i still have a some of the fear today. but of course i can handle large crowds well when it comes to being at something i don't mind. like one of my favorite things ever, a concert!!!

there is a newer band that i've been totally digging for a while now. they've been around for a while now and have become one of the biggest acts in music today. but after i mention them to you, i assume that you will not have heard of them. i bet a thousand dollars you haven't!!! but, if you have then congrats!!! please send me your address and i'll send you a hot check. this band is called, Enter Shikari.

i bet that picture makes them look like some emo boy band huh??? well whatever you think. these guys started in 2003 in st. albands, herfordshire in england. they got their band name from the back of a boat or something of that nature. so, what makes this band so awesome??? well, for one, they do this weird but fantastic mix of hardcore/screamo stuff with drum n' bass techno. now i love all types of electronic music, and having it mixed with screamo punk music is an a+ in my book. but doing some diggin' around will net you with information that these guys aren't that original and groundbreaking. there are other bands out there that have done this sort of mash-up before. this doesn't effect me though, because these guys make it different. i like different when it's done right.

if you need an introduction, you just gotta do yourself a favor and look up the countless you tube videos of these guys playing live. they are a live band. most musical projects are only good in the studio, but when playing live they tend to stink. not these guys. the transition from studio to live is something i believe they took really seriously. they tour constantly and have only been to america a few times. i'm just wondering how come they haven't hit it big here yet, but i assume it's because they just don't get here that often. well, look no further than the Vans Warped Tour this coming 2010 summer. entre shikari will be playing almost all the dates along with other awesome groups. this years lineup is way better than last years embarrassing blunder of a festival.

today i have both of their full length records minus the self made ep's they did before. first is Take To The Skies. this was their debut and it reached #4 on the uk charts. it is dangerous screamo and crazy techno all rolled up into a perfect package. and second is the album Common Dreads. this is my favorite of the two and it shows a drastic change in style from their debut. lead singer rou reynolds has less screaming and more soft vocals this time around and it works great in his favor. check out the songs "juggernauts" "zzzonked" and "no sleep tonight" for good examples. there can be a line drawn between screaming and singing, and these guys are riding that line with ease and care. they know what they are doing and they do it well. so with that, check this music out and see you this summer!!!

something new...

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