Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In...

it's another winter wonderland here in oklahoma. i'm currently snowed in with my family at my house in some small suburban neighborhood on the south side. there isn't much to do except stay warm and cozy. i wish i had some real cocoa to make hot chocolate, but i didn't get any before the snow storm hit. i'm thinkin' about playing some of my unfinished video games, but in what order as to do that, i don't know.

front door view of front yard yo!!!

our street always reminds me of silent hill...

i feel sorry for those who had to go to work on a day like this. it's too freekin' cold and crazy for that!!! aren't your bosses just jerks for making you go to work??? the risk is too high and besides, i'm sure your family wouldn't approve. ugh, i wonder if the evil that is wal-mart is open right now. i sure could use some good sandwich materials. mmm...

it's not that cold!!!

i'm trying for that "just woke up" look...

me and my step brother had to place some wood straight up into the carport to keep it from breaking with all that snow building up on top of it. funny how simple things need simple tools like wood!!!

here's me from behind. look away girls...

bushes frozen solid and killer ice cycles!!!

yep yep yep, oklahoma is a cold and beautiful place right now. i currently want to walk down the street to 711, but it might be closed and if it is, then it's not worth the trip through the tundra and valleys and hills, and city streets that need some major work because the pot holes suck so much to drive through and the gutters are overfilled with sludge and dead rats. yep yep yep, oklahoma is a special place to live and i love it so much!!!

while in the shower earlier today, i kept singing this song by a special band that i discovered last year. the song is called, "looking" and the band is called The Sidekicks.

i'm not sure the year they formed, but it's probably not that long ago. maybe 2005 or so. anyway, they hail from cleveland, ohio and have been making large marks in the pop punk/orgcore world of music. these young guys make honest punk music with a slight folky impression and a bit of that Replacements, Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music, flavor that many orgcore punks love.

try them out today, for you see, i have here everything they have put out so far!!! first we start with the fantastic debut full length, So Long, Soggy Dog, then next we have the short ep titled, Sam. and last we have the wonderful new full length, The Weight Of Air. this is their best album, (in my opinion of course!!!) and it showcases some major talent from these younglings. (ugh, yoda syndrome...) listed this album as their #1 pick for best of 2009!!! and that song i was singing is on that record, so check it out and singalong with me!!!

The Sidekicks - "Looking" from on Vimeo.

closing my eyes and i see you smiling
i'm enthralled by the looks that you give
closing my eyes when i open them i panic
these thoughts can never happen again

looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found
looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found

there sometimes i see new things that's alright
convenience creates a carrot filled wall
but the one i think of we lay in bed at night
smiles away you aren't what i want at all

looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found
looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found

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