Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Fell On...

well i started a small challenge last night. the challenge was to finish all the video games i own that i haven't beaten yet. i just got started and finished two of them. (Bioshock and F.E.A.R.) today i guess i'll finish Dead Space and then start up my nintendo and finish Mario Galaxy. heh heh so, in other news, i have here a link to one of the best websites on the net. be warned though, that this site can and probably will offend you. it's a magical place called buddyhead and today i found out that they finally out put their best and worst of 2009 music list. click here to check it out!!! http://www.buddyhead.com/buddyheads-best-and-worst-records-of-2009/

in other news, i also just found out that Soundgarden is reuniting. i always have loved soundgarden, but after they first broke up the end results weren't what i call great. first their was the boring Audioslave and then there was the awful solo career of Chris Cornell, which nobody liked. i guess times are tough for some, or maybe i can just think that this is for good reasons and not money. you see, when great bands reform, they do it for the money, but then there are those special one's who do it for the music and the love. i just hope soundgarden are in the latter.

i first heard these guys from my mom who actually went and saw them at a Pearl Jam concert at the oklahoma fair grounds many moons ago. they were the opening band. i never listened to their music until i watched the video for "black hole sun" on my old favorite show, Beavis and Butthead. you all probably know, but i loved the 90's. well, i loved the 90's for it's music and movies, but not much else. but anyway, these guys were all a part of that grunge thing that exploded across the states. yeah, i wore flannel and looked dirty all the time, but hey, at least it's better than wearing tight girl pants and trying to look androgynous.

soundgarden were formed in 1984, (the year i was born!!!) in seatlle washington. they had a few independent albums on the famous sub-pop label before signing with A&M records in 1990. over the next few years the band went unnoticed by the masses until grunge hit the mainstream. after that all hell broke loose for the floodgates were opened and smelly grunge took over the airwaves and people gobbled it up like flies to feces. i was one of them and so were my parents. i think grunge was the last thing my folks got into before deciding to not like any new music after that. everything stopped for them once the 90's were over. (well my mom likes Coldplay and my dad likes, stuff... ugh)

the band went on and became mega stars when they released the album, Superunknown. the videos for the album were hits on MxTxVx and the crowds become bigger. but before all that the band was just some humble guys making heavy metal with the whole grunge look about them. from their peers, soundgarden stood out because they were freekin' heavy metal. they were good and they knew it. lead singer chris cornell had one of the best voices in rock at the time and man, that guy could belt out some awesome high notes. i just hope he still can after all these years of solo crap. so the band called it quits in 1997 and everybody went on. drummer matt cameron drums for pearl jam now as well. and despite the feelings and differences, soundgarden looks like they will be getting back together. they will probably play all the major rock festivals across the world over and then do a small arena tour with an old band like say, Mudhoney or Tad opening up. but who knows what will happen. i actually might go see this spectacle because i still love the soundgarden from way back when.

today i have here their entire discography. first the the album collection of their first ep's titled, Screaming Life/Fopp then next we have their debut lp titled Ultramega OK. next we have the awesome second lp called Louder Than Love then we have the amazing lp Badmotorfinger. and in the final two positions we have Superunknown and Down on the Upside. this all takes me back a little. back to a time when music wasn't all crap. enjoy!!!







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