Friday, January 22, 2010

The Letter B...

for today, i want to focus on the letter "b". it's not all that fantastic by itself, but when used with other words, it can form something unique and outstanding in it's own right. think of some words that start with "b". words like, but, butt, buttface, butthead, butta. if you get tired with that, then spice it up a little and throw stuff together. bwinkly, bropbop, buggahuh, bittiebite, babayblue, and of course, bwaaaahaahaahaahaha!!! (i really have no idea where i'm going with this...)

for the letter "b" here is the band, The Blood Brothers.

i saw these guysback in 2004 here in oklahoma at the downtown version of my favorite club, The Green Door. the atmosphere was one of confusion since i didn't know what to expect from the crowd who came. it was packed, and every teenager in there was smoking worse than chimneys on christmas. the band had just released the new album, Crimes, and were at the peak of their popularity. they came out and busted through a 45 minute set of angst, anger, and straight up punk rock madness. these guys started in 1997, forming in washington when they were all just teens themselves. over the next ten years, ending in 2007, they toured the states and the world, released many records, and alienated people with their spastic live shows and unique approach to music style. they took the post-hardcore (i still hate that term) style of bands like, At The Drive-In, and Drive Like Jehu, and the screamo chaos of Orchid and Saetia, and turned it on it's head, creating their own sound and disorder. the band had two front men, johnny whitney and jordan billie, and they both screamed and sang with ferocious quirkiness that made anybody do a double take when first heard. i honestly couldn't think of what to do when i purchased the album, Burn Piano Island Burn, based off a really great review in revolver magazine. that album also made many top ten lists that year and rightfully so. it was just so weird and over the top, but it was a grower. growers tend to be the best when you really get into them. for the entire summer of 2003, i listened to that album over and over.

this is unusual, but totally awesome art rock. these guys do the math rock style and mix it with emo and indie. it's all one nice package and should be revisited by those who didn't get the chance back then. during and after the band, many side projects were created. these include, Head Wound City, Jaguar Love, Neon Blonde, and Past Lives. be sure to check those out if you have any further interest.

so, now it's time for the music itself. here you will find all of their albums and ep's. we get things started with the album, This Adultery Is Ripe followed by their second lp, March on Electric Children. in third is the ep called, Rumors Laid Waste and then my favorite release by the band, the fantastic album, ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn. the next album up for a listen is Crimes followed by their last ep, Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck. and finally, in last place, Young Machetes. give these a listen and have fun!!! be weird sometimes!!! buttface!!!


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