Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Killing Moon...

it's been a good day so far. things seem to be at ease with me which never happens much. it's tuesday again, and tonight is volleyball night. well, i'm not sure how things will turn out since one of our oldest church members sadly passed away yesterday, but i'll just leave things up to chance. if it turns out we aren't having volleyball, well i can find something else to do. i have a few video games that need a beating. oh, and after i type this post, i'm gonna finally finish my darn moccasins!!! i have just the bill to do on the top and that's it!!! i'm so glad to be done with those things. they have been a huge source of so much pain and drama. i don't know why it's like that, but each and every day i walk past the crafts table in our living room, they sit there mocking me. to be done is a relief and a big relaxing moment.

i'm in the mood for some 80's music. you all know how much i love Joy Division, well here is a simular band that went under the radar a bit. they made great records and should have been more big, but i guess that's just how things go. the band i'm talking about is, Echo & the Bunnymen.

this is a great post-punk/nu-wave band from liverpool, england. they formed in 1978, and gigged all over london, playing with similar locals like, Joy Division, Killing Joke, A Certain Ratio, Throbing Gristle, Gang of Four and The Smiths. over the years, the band has had dramatic lineup changes, but remains playing today with original singer ian muccolloch and guitarist will sergeant. they have released 11 albums in their career and are about to embark back to america to play at this years Coachella Arts and Music Festival in indio, california. i sooooooooo want to go, and hopefully something will work out which will allow me so, but until then i have their music to jam. remember that movie, Donnie Darko??? well the song, "the killing moon" was used during the opening credits to the original theatrical version of the movie and it garnered many more fans. look it up on you tube to get a clue. oh, and why is it that U2 got all the popularity and these other bands didn't??? its a tragedy really...

right here you will find their first five albums. all made in the 80's, these are what many consider the best albums by the band. after the fifth album, most of the original members left and the band hasn't been the same since. okay, so in first place is their debut titled, Crocodiles, followed by their best album, (in my opinion) Heaven Up Here. after that we have the album, Porcupine, and then their most popular album, Ocean Rain. that album contains their biggest hits, "the killing moon" "silver" and "seven seas". and in last place is their self titled effort, which is also a great album. soooooooooooo, with that give these a listen and dance away!!!






In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon...

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