Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweetness and Light...

today i got to do some more of the continuous work that will forever be needed on my fancy dance outfit. it was the shaping of the design that will go on the bottom front apron. it was a chore on how to shape it just perfectly, but eventually i got it down. now, for the big part i have to learn how to do sequin beading. you know, those little flat, shiny, plastic discs that can take the place for beads and help you from doing more heavy work. yeah, those... ugh.

going back in time once again has led me to post on the band, Lush.

one of the forerunners in the 90's shoegaze movement from overseas, lush were held up high and caught on quick with their, ahem... lush guitars and soft vocals. the band formed in 1987, and were originally called, The Baby Machines. a few members went on to different bands before the group changed their name to lush. the two girl guitarists, emma anderson and miki berenyi, took on the vocal duties and drummer chris acland and bassist phil king represented the rest of the band. the group would last until 1996 when chris acland committed suicide in his parents house.

right here you will find two albums by the band. the first is my personal favorite release from the group and it's called, Gala. this album was the first release for american audiences since they were to be playing Lollapalooza that summer. it's a collection of their three ep's and it contains their earliest work. and in second place is their official debut album called, Spooky. eventually, in their latter years, the band would leave the shoegazing genre and move into a more brit-pop style of sound which was taking over during the middle 90's. okay, so you have it here and it's for you to enjoy. go dig some!!!

i think of you
i feel for you
i long for you
i really need you
please come back to me
please come back
please come back to me
please come back...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Totally, Extremely, Fantastically, Awesome...

right here is a link for everyone to stream the new Deftones album, Diamond Eyes. set to be released may 25, this is the sixth album from the band and it presents a new era for the group. first off, original bassist chi cheng, is not playing with them this time around. the poor soul was involved in a terrible car wreck some years ago, and has been in a coma ever since. for the time being, the band has recruited bassist sergio vega, who is known for playing in the band, Quicksand.

I have always defended the Deftones as not being a stupid nu-metal band (I hate that term) but instead an artistic group that makes amazing music. Some people will most likely say I'm praising them too much and just a fan boy, but seriously, not many musical acts take the risks these guys do and come out still standing.

On first listen, I can safely say that this album is great. It's got the right stuff from the guys I expect, but also some changes too. Deftones are always a band that I look to for great change in musical style and it seems that they've done that this time. The change feels more like a remembrance, and what that means is a step back to their roots. Yeah, I know a lot of bands say things like that, or they present themselves with this idea to try and duplicate their old styles and make similar material, but that usually ends up being complete bollocks. Yes, this album reminds me of moments from their past, (Around the Fur, White Pony) but there is much more going for it than just that.

On the opening song, "Diamond Eyes", singer Chino Moreno, croons softly over the heavy chugging of guitarist Stephan Carpenter which isn't anything new, but what makes it powerful is the emotion and sheer force behind it. This isn't a by-the-numbers song, and neither is the rest of the album. No, what it is, is music that's immediate and brought to the front. There is power here and you can feel it through every note sung and every note played. The Deftones aren't without their trademark psychedelic/dream-pop styles, and you will find this on songs like, "Beauty School" and "Sex Tape". Frank Delgado, with his keyboards and turntables, shines through and thoughts of older tracks like, "Kim Dracula" and "Digital bath" come to mind. This is where the Deftones step aside and let their oozing talents speak directly for them. They don't seem afraid to experiment and I can tell a lot of work went into these mentioned songs. Usually the best stuff is made through confusion and anger. Main songwriter, Chino, usually gets a chance to vent his sleazy side too. First single, "rocket skates" is your best bet for ultimate release. "You're red, soaking red/let's writhe, let me see you trip." The climax is the main chorus which screams "Guns./Razors./Knifes./Fuck with me." I also don't want to forget drummer, Abe Cunningham, who's sound is expanded and pounding like Transformers wrestling. The drums are heavy, and used to great advantage in the overall ambiance.

Not to forget Sergio Vega of Quicksand fame, the new bassist adds great layers to the already dense and dough boy thick songs. His bass thumping grooves along and isn't lost in all that's going on. Speaking of what's going on, there is a lot of it. Over the years the Deftones have garnered the strength to expand their sounds from the rough and tumble early days, and what you get now is a full band going all out and not sitting in the back. There are elements of shoegaze/post-rock/metal/post-hardcore and I'll even go as far as saying emo. (The emo term should be thought of in conjunction with artists who really meant something in that genre and not the usual tripe we all hear today...)

On a final note, I want to mention the cover art. Album artwork use to be a major concentration during the early days, but it seems to be an after thought in our modern society. To sit and ponder on the art is something I like to do (When it's artistic and not stupid...) and looking over the new Deftones album I'm reminded of my native culture. The owl is thought of as a messenger. The message is usually death. It might be you, or someone close. It can go either way. I assume the Deftones didn't pick this through a garbage pile. It was put there for a reason. What can it mean??? Blah blah blah, just a little something to think over.

Dig it...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schuyler Went Home...

tonight there are two things of importance possibly happening. first is the away game for the oklahoma city thunder. they will be playing in los angeles amongst smug celebrities and liberal hipsters. i really hope we wipe the floor with them. GO OKLAHOMA!!! yeah, so the other thing that might be happening tonight is another episode of LOST. i read somewhere that tonight is a recap episode, so i'm not sure as to whether or not it's a new episode, but regardless, it's finally happening!!! the end is near for the people stuck on the mysterious island and i can't wait to see it all come to a close. (it better be a good one...)

more summer time fun right here. let's check out, Bedouin Soundclash.

not everything is lame up in canada like some people will tell you. no, instead there is a lot of good stuff happening up there, and music just seems to be one of the best. lots of great bands live up there above our border and it's a pleasure to get to see them sometimes. bedouin soundclash happen to be one of the best that i've seen. the three piece band started in 2001 and have released three albums and one ep to date. they have a different drummer as of now, but that doesn't effect their overall awesome take on reggae and old school ska. the simple melodies and soft vocals make your cold days warm and also makes the summer months seem much better than what they may be for you. they are definitely something to chill out with.

the entire discography of the band is right here. we first start with the album, Root Fire then come to the album, Sounding A Mosaic. their second album is fantastic and a great place to start with the band. okay, so next we have the album, Street Gospels. this is the bands high mark so far. it's an album rich with deep reggae tunes and soft, lush vocals over the excellent band musicianship. and last we have the ep titled, Where Have the Songs Played Gone To? dig it...

the kids just want a love song...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The ghosts of me and you...

a quick one here for tonight. gotta get ready for tomorrow and the hopeful wish that the oklahoma thunder will beat the livin' snot outta the lakers. our state needs a big win such as this to help us out. we always seem to get the short end of everything going on in our nation and with this hopeful win, we can come back together as one. i love my home state and i want it to feel good about itself sometimes. we aren't all hicks an' hillbilly's here!!! no we aint' gosh darnit'!!!

okay, more of the summer vibe goin' right now. here's something to make you people skank!!! a big helping of, Less Than Jake.

i've had the pleasure of seein' these guys perform two times and each was better than the last. they are a ska-punk band with a long history behind their belts. they are from gainsville, florida and started their careers in 1992. over the years there have been several members that have come and gone, but the current lineup is as solid as a rock and a great bunch of personalities to boot.

this band is all about fun, and if you ever get the chance to see them you will understand what i'm talkin' about. i always get a summer feeling when listening to them, and it's something i can't help but notice every time. there is a huge mix of musical styles here. you get a great dose of punk/pop/ska/reggae/ and even some metal thrown in to mix it up. it's a great combination of ingredients to make the ultimate fast music-food package.

right here you will find all their immediate full length albums, minus a ton of other stuff i just didn't feel like posting. yes, i'm leaving out countless splits and 7inches along with compilations and live albums. (it's my blog you know...) anyway, we first start with the album, Pezcore, then follow that with the album Loosing Streak. this album is my ultimate favorite and possibly one of the best ska-punk albums to ever be made. so, right after those first two we now come to album three which it titled, Hello Rockview. this is considered the best album by the band from many of their old school fans and rightfully so. it contains a lot of their popular hits and it's a great combination of punk and ska. next we have the album Boarders and Boundaries and then the album, Anthem. anthem is my other personal favorite because it contains my favorite LTJ song, "the ghosts of me and you". (very personal to me) okay, so we have already mentioned quite a bit if music so far, but what's next for the band??? well we now come to the album that cornered a lot of fans and brought the question of, "is it time for them to hang it up???" that album is called, In With the Out Crowd. it's really a radical departure from their usual ska-punk style and a more pop-rock progression. people could see this coming, but not many expected them to take it to this level. putting that album aside, we come to the last and latest album from the band, GNV FLA. this was made over the course of a few years and released on the bands own music label. it's a great return to form and a reminder of how awesome they can be when playing to their hearts content. (ha ha cheese...) ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo, with all of this under you nose, you know what to do. try them out and get to skankin' in the pit and befriend a rude boy. GO, NOW!!!

I’ve been down
Wandering past 2nd Street
And looking at the ghosts of you and me
And thinking back on all those memories
Of how we used to be

I’ve been hearing
I hear those voices over the noises of the breaking glass
And all those plans we had to get us through
They’re never coming true

And I hope and hope that you won’t forget
And I’m hoping... Hope you know that
I can clearly see the ghosts of you and me
And I’m just a moved on memory
And you’re still alive
And I’m still getting by
On these dead end streets
The ghosts of you and me

I’m still talking
I talk of what we’ll do to the ghosts of me and you
And I’m still looking back into the past
When we were all we had

And I hope and hope that you won’t forget
And I’m hoping... Hope you know that
I can clearly see the ghosts of you and me
And I’m just a moved on memory
And you’re still alive
And I’m still getting by
On these dead end streets
The ghosts of you and me
The ghosts of you and me
The ghosts of you and me

I hope you won’t forget
I hope you know that I’ll always regret
Those things I’ve said

I hope you know that I can clearly see
The ghosts of you and me
'Cause I'm just a moved on memory
And you’re still alive
And I’m still getting by
On these dead end streets
The ghosts of you and me
The ghosts of you and me
The ghosts of you and me
The ghosts of you and me

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Drowning Slowly...

oh my gosh!!! i've been skipping my blogging duty's too much this month of april. i'm so sorry about that. i want to make it up to you all, but it seems i can't. i'm going to make a promise though, and keep on blogging as much as i can. i don't want to skip out on all the good stuff that's out there for you all to see and hear.

here is something that takes me back to my usual favorite decade of music, which was the 90's. here is Ben Folds Five.

a three piece band, led by the punk rockin' dude known as Ben Folds, ben folds five were a simple group that made great alternative pop music that really caught on with the indie/college crowds of the 90's. on their breakthrough album, the had a hit with the tragically sad song, "brick" and thus, the band was sealed into the music files of legend. (read the lyrics and figure out the meaning if you are brave enough...) the band called it quits in 2000, but reunited for a one off show in 2008. ben folds is currently going solo, with over six albums under his belt.

ben folds five really do take me back to the more simpler days of music where artists seemed more sincere and not as recycled as they do today. right here you will find that breakthrough album, which is my personal favorite and most others. it's titled, Whatever and Ever Amen. if you never got the chance to listen to them before, now is your time. enjoy!!!

6am day after christmas
I throw some clothes on in the dark
The smell of cold
Car seat is freezing
The world is sleeping
I am numb

Up the stairs to her apartment
She is balled up on the couch
Her mom and dad went down to Charlotte
They're not home to find us out
And we drive
Now that I have found someone
I'm feeling more alone
Than I ever have before

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
Off the coast and I'm headed nowhere
She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

They call her name at 7:30
I pace around the parking lot
Then I walk down to buy her flowers
And sell some gifts that I got
Can't you see
It's not me you're dying for
Now she's feeling more alone
Than she ever has before

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
Off the coast and I'm headed nowhere
She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

As weeks went by
It showed that she was not fine
They told me, "son, it's time to tell the truth"

She broke down, and I broke down
Cause I was tired of lying

Driving back to her apartment
For the moment we're alone
Yeah she's alone
I'm alone
Now I know it

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
Off the coast and I'm headed nowhere
She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Step Beyond...

i can feel the heat starting to creep up on me here in oklahoma. when the summer officially hits, i start to melt like ice cream. we don't have dry heat here, nope. instead we have humidity which, in my opinion, is much much worse. it's the kind of sticky heat that annoys more than hurts. (it does hurt also...) imagine getting all cleaned up and ready to hit the town when you notice, that the second you stepped outside your cool zone, you begin to sweat like someone who's been playing street hockey all day. it totally sucks and makes you feel like some sort of overweight walrus that just sweats all the time anyway. (that's how i feel...) yeah, summer is almost here. good thing the concerts and powwows keep me going.

since it's almost summer, i need to start busting out my heat quenching music. these tunes keep me cool and happy and they also make me wanna go crazy. one of those bands that kill the angry sun are Madness.

alongside other two-tone ska bands like, The Specials and The Selector, madness were held up in high regards and often mentioned as being the best of the bunch. the band started in 1976 and lasted until 1986. they reunited in 1992 and have been together ever since. they had early success with a few singles and the eventual release of their debut album, One Step Beyond. they were also controversial because they were often talked about in regards to the national front and nazi sympathy. they latter denied such rumors and disappointed many skinheads. the band changed up their style to a more pop friendly sort of way and had some of their biggest hits in the 80's. one such hit was the song, "our house" which reached #7 in the US charts.

today you will find only one album here. it is the debut record, One Step Beyond. as mentioned by tons of other people before me, whenever you put this record on, you can't help but move your feet!!! it's a seriously fun album and one that can make any party spring to life quicker than a fight or someone using meth for the first time. get in on this and ENJOY!!! (oh, and just for some quick history, in the video below, the crowd went so crazy that they caused an earthquake that measured 4.5 on the richter scale!!!)

Hey you, don't watch that
Watch this!
This is the heavy heavy monster sound
The nuttiest sound around
So if you've come in off the street
And you're beginning to feel the heat
Well listen buster
You better start to move your feet
To the rockinest, rock-steady beat
Of madness
One step beyond!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christopher Walken's Voice...

shoot!!! i freekin' missed LOST last night!!! oh nooooooooo!!! well, i'm glad there is HULU, because i can go there right now and watch that missed episode. i think i'm gonna do that right after i'm done typing this. heh heh... (i'm a little sad about the series coming to an end, but that inevitable ending is almost here!!!)

i'm still in a 90's alternative mood, so here is Velocity Girl.

yesterday i mentioned the Drop Nineteens as being one of the few american shoegaze bands, well here is another one. velocity girl formed in 1989 in college park, maryland, but were generally known as a washington d.c. band. they were signed to the famous indie music lable, Sub Pop, were they released most of their full length work. the band toured all over the place and were often compared to the shoegaze band, Lush, being that both bands had female vocals that often traded off with male vocals. they broke up in 1996 but reunited for a one off show in 2003.

another wonderful band that needs more attention, velocity girl bleed 90's nostalgia. as for me, it seems obvious that the 90's are my favorite time in music. heck, it's when i got into music by myself anyway!!! okay, so today i'm posting the bands debut album, Copacetic. this is a great album and the best place to start with these guys. listen to the song, "crazy town" below for your quick fix. enjoy!!!

the island is full of aliens i bet...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Snake Pit...

wow!!! sorry it's been so long since i've posted on here. the weekend was a busy one and i needed to recover from it and take some time off from the computer to handle personal business. but anyway, i'm back and i have some pictures to show you all!!!

for the first time ever i got to wear my fancy dance regalia!!!

i like side views.

i was at the OU powwow this weekend with my family. they all got to see me wear my fancy dance outfit. it was an eventful day for me. all the hard work me and my dad put into the making of this regalia paid off. i think i stood out quite well, and that's the point i wanted to make when i first thought of what my designs would represent.

i'm significantly taller than my grandma.

there weren't a lot of people at the dance, but that's okay. it made the occasion a more personal experience. i'm really glad my grandmother got to come and see me. she was one of the first to help me get this whole thing started. she's a part of the regalia too. actually, everything in my life is a part of my regalia. the past five years, from the start of my college years, to the present is represented in the work that's done on this personal material. every bead and every thread was done by the hands of someone who's been through the snake pit.

me and mom.

me and dad.

and that's that!!! i still have work to do on my stuff, but in reality, it's a forever process and one i'm glad to take on. i finally have something that's mine and mine alone. no one else has what i have. it's 100% mine and it's always going to be known as schuyler's outfit. so, after the night was at an end, i went with my dad and we both put away my stuff into the old suitcase i borrowed and then went home. an end to one of the best moments in a super long time. actually, one of the best moments i've ever had. i ranks up there!!! and oh boy, what perfect timing too!!! i'm all set and ready to go to as many powwow's as i can. just in time for the season!!!

oh yeah, i need to post some music. okay, uh... wait one sec... hmm... just let me shuffle around a bit... uh... oh!!! okay, i think i got something awesome for ya, yeah!!! okay, so here are the Drop Nineteens.

the drop nineteens were one of the first and only american shoegaze acts during the 90's. they took their sound and influences from british bands like, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Catherine Wheel and Ride. they hailed from boston and were active from 1991-1995. their music was featured on the nickelodeon kids show, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, along with other notable 90's rock acts. they toured several times and played a few festivals such as the Reading Festival and Lollapalooza and also released a few ep's and two full lengths before breaking up.

not to leave out anything that's good, it's my responsibility to bring to you all the music that matters to me. if you've never heard of these artists, then that's good. it's always worth a listen and who knows, you might discover your next favorite thing!!! okay, so with that here's the drop nineteens debut album, Delaware. this is a great debut and it also features the original lineup of the band. check out the classic video below for a brief listen. enjoy!!!

fancy dancin'...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Skunk Ape...

today is friday and the first day of Coachella 2010!!! i'm a little jealous that my buddy is there and i'm not, but oh well. she's in for the time of her life and i wish her the best. as for me, well i have already said this before, but i'll mention it again. this is the start to a great weekend that i have been waiting for for a long time. i'm going to the movies tonight and then tomorrow i'm hitting the powwow and dancing in my outfit for the first time!!! it's gonna be zoppity!!!

let's get technical for a bit and listen to some, King Crimson.

what am i doin' putting this on here??? i wasn't even thought of when this band came out. heck, my parents were still kids when this band first came out. i guess when it comes down to it, it's the music that stands the test of time and keeps making people turn on. king crimson are an awesome psychedelic/progressive band that were way ahead of their time when first starting. the band is from england and started in 1969 by guitarist robert fripp and drummer michael giles. the band is known to be a progressive act, but that label doesn't really do them justice. just look at all the labels i've given them at the bottom. yes, they really have incorporated that much material into their music. the original lineup of the band would last a short while before breaking up. after that, the they went into many different changes all the way up to the present, but that hasn't stopped them from rockin' out.

for the music, you will find two of their albums that are considered the best in their catalog. first is the classic debut, In the Court of the Crimson King. this masterpiece of musical ability and craft is a genre classic and one of the most important albums ever made. it's a real brain fart, as to why it wasn't included in the Rolling Stone Top 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made issue, but oh well... and in second place is the album, Lark's Tongues In Aspic. this was a later album that was made almost entirely by a different lineup, but non the less brilliant. dig this...

have a great weekend...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


it seems that today is starting off slowly, but that's okay. for once, it's not a bad day. yeah, some plans were canceled, but that's okay too. tomorrow is the the start of my weekend full of awesome events and i can't help but be super excited about it all. but for now, let's get through this day.

a little bit of a lazy feeling makes me want to listen to some, XTC.

forming in 1976 and breaking up in 2005, XTC were one of the best critically praised nu-wave bands during those formative years. they hail from swindon, england which was home to that other branch who closed down and got inter mixed with the office park in slough, berkshire at wernham hogg paper company... (watch the bbc version of the office ya chumps!!!)

anyway, XTC were not huge selling artists, but that doesn't mean the quality of their music pails. they seemed to top themselves with every album and are often mentioned when asked about the nu-wave genre. today you will find their album, Skylarking. this is what many consider to be their best work and it's my personal favorite. enjoy!!!

Laying on the grass my heart it flares like fire
The way you slap my face just fills me with desire
You play hard to get
'Cause you're teacher's pet
But when the boats have gone
We'll take a tumble excuse for a fumble
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
If you fancy we can buy an ice-cream cone
Your mate has gone She didn't want to be alone
I will pounce on you
Just us and the Cuckoos
You are helpless now
Over and over we flatten the clover
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
It would shock you too the things we used to do on grass
Grass, grass.
Things we did on grass

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The illusion of schuyler...

moving right along, this week is a special one for me. despite not getting to go to Coachella this year with my friend, i still have some great things to look forward to this weekend. first is on friday. i'm going to the movies with my cousin and step brother to see Kick-Ass. this looks really good and extremely funny. just go to youtube and watch the redband trailers to see what i'm talking about. and then on saturday is the OU powwow. for the first time ever, i'm going to dance in my very own fancy dance outfit!!! i'm a little nervous, but i guess that's normal. i'm really proud of what me and and my dad have accomplished with the regalia. it's very pretty and stands out on it's own. it's a work that's very personal to me and to finally get out there and dance with it, is something i've been looking forward to for some time. i'll post pics of course!!!

okay, well since i've been on this 60's nostalgia trip for almost two weeks now, i think it's time to go ahead and change it up again. let's check out the band, Thrice.

thrice is a little band from irvine, california that started back in 1998. originally, they used to play a more skate-punk style of music before adopting the melodic hardcore/post-hardcore style they became famous with. in these present years, they have evolved so much that their roots aren't as present. instead they have become much more experimental, even going as far as post-rock/art-rock flavors. still, despite all this growing change, the band is still awesome and one of the best that's still out there with the "emo" tag under their name.

going back to 2003, i first got to see them at a local show being held at the now legendary Green Door, punk rock club in oklahoma city. on the bill were, Moments In Grace, Darkest Hour, Poison The Well, and Thrice. darkest hour didn't show up, so we had a local band open, but besides that, it was one of the best shows i've ever been to in my entire life. poison the well were ferocious and thrice were excellent in their musical abilities. in all, one of those moments i'll never forget.

thrice sure has come a long way from scrappy punks to indie rock gods. they are always evolving and it doesn't seem like they will stop for no one. today you will find their entire discography minus some ep's and other small things. in front of the line we have, First Impressions. this was their self released ep that was limited to only 1000 copies at the time and is sought after by those hardcore collectors. next we have their debut lp, Identity Crisis. this is a great album and it showcases the band's evolution quite suddenly. ok, so next we have the album, The Illusion Of Safety. this is my personal favorite and most other people's too. the band absolutely shreds on this collection of songs and it's no coincidence that this is the album that made them popular in the underground. next we have their major label debut, The Artist in the Ambulance. this is what many fans consider their peak of performance and ability. it's another great collection of songs and my second favorite. following that we come to the album, Vheissu. this is where the band starts branching off and going in directions no one thought they would. it's experimental and one worth checking out. so, what follows that art piece are four more art pieces. here we have the collections titled, The Alchemy Index: Vol I, II, III, IV. these four ep's are collected into two albums with that hold two volumes each. these are very experimental musical collections that deal with the elements. volume one is titled, Fire and volume two is titled, Water. for the next two volumes we have the titles, Earth and Air. these albums are not to be forgotten. they really are interesting pieces to listen to. and finally we come to the last spot which is the latest album from the band titled, Beggars. this collection of music is quite good and has garnered many positive reviews from the critics. some even said that it is a creative milestone and surpasses what has come before. huh, really??? well you gotta check it out for yourself!!! dig it...

water is poison...

Monday, April 12, 2010

One Rainy Wish...

just sitting round waiting for the ihs to call me back with my appointment time. doesn't look like they will though. i'm basing this off the fact that our local ihs kind of sucks...

one legendary performer for today. a man who has gone down in music history as the best guitar player ever. an entertainer who's music touched millions and inspired countless others. here is the awesome, Jimi Hendrix.

this is another artist who holds a special place in my heart. the music of jimi hendrix is a good reminder of times long gone. there were several moments when his music lifted up my spirits and kept me going, kept me wondering what else is out there for me to find. opportunity is what i think of when i hear his music. the vastness of our world and all the things that make up it.

jimi hendrix started his rock career in 1963, playing as a backing musician for several artists like Sam Cooke, Little Richard and Jackie Wilson. he eventually moved to england where he established himself as a serious contender in the music world. over seas he met fellow musicians such as, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Brian Jones. he also met his soon-to-be band mates, Noel Redding and Mitch Michell. this is when the group came together and formed, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

the music jimi made was striking when it was first heard by the masses. it revolutionized the playing of the electrical guitar and left many in shock and awe. in 1967, the jimi hendrix experience made it's debut at the monterrey pop festival in california. it was at this gig, that jimi made rock history by setting his guitar on fire and making people's heads explode with his awesomeness. this set the course for the band and during the next several years, they released three critically acclaimed albums and it all came to a close with jimi's historic performance at woodstock in 1969. sadly, on september 18, 1970, jimi hendrix died in his london hotel by circumstance which are still being talked about today. it is believed he died from asphyxiation by chocking on his own vomit, but that's still debatable. he was only 27.

i'm only 25 years old, so my account on this artist is seriously limited by any sort of way. i wasn't alive during the 60's or the 70's and i didn't discover his music until i was around 12 or so. there have been better things written about this man that what i'm doing here. so, my point is, despite my limitations, i still love this guy's music and i can only describe him in my own words. it's my job to describe his impact on my life and hopefully i did some of that.

right here you will find the three albums that the jimi hendrix experience made. first is the instant classic, Are You Experienced? after that we come to the second album, Axis Bold As Love. this album is real special to me. it takes me back to a certain moment when i was at college with my then girlfriend. the music carried us and fueled us that one night. aaaaaannnnnndddd in last place is jimi's swan song, Electric Ladyland. this is classic rock at it's finest and something i cherish dearly. dig it...

may this be love...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Freekin' Hurts...

if it isn't one thing, then it's another. my throat is on fire!!! it hurts sooooo bad i can hardly swallow or gulp. i'm probably goin' to the indian hospital tomorrow here in the city, not in ada. my step mom looked at the area and said my left tonsil was swollen real bad. i've never really had problems with my tonsils growing up like some unfortunate people, but it seems to finally have caught up with me. ugh, this all follows a-sort-of bad week of recovery from my easter weekend of pain and suffering. i'm just falling apart all over and on top of this, i'm planning on dancing at the OU powwow next saturday...

i want some sunshine right now, and i'm not talking about what's outside, but what's inside. i think this group can help with that a bit. here are The Beach Boys.

after reading all the rave reviews on their most accomplished work, Pet Sounds, i gave in and tried out this old surf rock band for the first time. what i found was something truly heartfelt and emotional. pet sounds became one of the most important albums i've ever listened to in my entire life, and what a shock it was to find out it came from the guys who wrote and played the songs "little deuce coop" and "kokamo"!!! throughout all of this, i discovered the work of singer/songwriter brian wilson. what a brilliant and tragic man. you can hear and feel his pain and emotion it all the music they all created.

the beach boys started in 1961 and quickly became one of america's best musical groups, which ultimately led them to become "america's band" and the best selling american band as well. their album, pet sounds, is ranked number 2 in the Rolling Stone Top 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made, and it's rightfully so. many people argue over the power and position this album has in the music world. it stands right next to, Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, by The Beatles as the greatest album EVER made. it's a sheer force of studio wizardry that was never heard of before and has never been done since. on first listen you might think it's nothing special, but you have to dog deeper to penetrate it's artistic roots and golden heights.

after the making of pet sounds, brian wilson went further into his own personal trauma, and became secluded and withdrawn from the group. after the failure of the groups sessions for their next album, Smile, brian left the group and kept to himself. it's a shame because smile seemed to be the next evolution in the band, but certain members didn't like the new, experimental direction the band was going. the smile sessions were cut short and those few songs that were finished, were later released on the album, Smiley Smile, but it proved to be a commercial failure. the song, "hero's and villans" was an awesome example of the growing talent that brian had and the amazing arrangements the group were heading toward. it really is a shame. to think of what could have been...

but oh well. things aren't all bad though, because brian wilson came back and finished the smile album and released it to raving reviews in 2004. yep, that's about it. i love the beach boys and i hope you will too. the song i chose from the pet sounds album is my personal favorite and one that i connect with real personally. jam these songs and give this all a chance because you don't want to miss something special. dig it...

I keep looking for a place to fit
Where I can speak my mind
I've been trying hard to find the people
That I won't leave behind

They say I got brains
But they ain't doing me no good
I wish they could

Each time things start to happen again
I think I got something good goin' for myself
But what goes wrong

Sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can't find nothin' I can put my heart and soul into)
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can't find nothin' I can put my heart and soul into)

I guess I just wasn't made for these times

Every time I get the inspiration
To go change things around
No one wants to help me look for places
Where new things might be found

Where can I turn when my fair weather friends cop out
What's it all about

Each time things start to happen again
I think I got something good goin' for myself
But what goes wrong

Sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can't find nothin' I can put my heart and soul into)
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can't find nothin' I can put my heart and soul into)

I guess I just wasn't made for these times
I guess I just wasn't made for these times
I guess I just wasn't made for these times
I guess I just wasn't made for these times
I guess I just wasn't made for these times
I guess I just wasn't made for these times