Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Snake Pit...

wow!!! sorry it's been so long since i've posted on here. the weekend was a busy one and i needed to recover from it and take some time off from the computer to handle personal business. but anyway, i'm back and i have some pictures to show you all!!!

for the first time ever i got to wear my fancy dance regalia!!!

i like side views.

i was at the OU powwow this weekend with my family. they all got to see me wear my fancy dance outfit. it was an eventful day for me. all the hard work me and my dad put into the making of this regalia paid off. i think i stood out quite well, and that's the point i wanted to make when i first thought of what my designs would represent.

i'm significantly taller than my grandma.

there weren't a lot of people at the dance, but that's okay. it made the occasion a more personal experience. i'm really glad my grandmother got to come and see me. she was one of the first to help me get this whole thing started. she's a part of the regalia too. actually, everything in my life is a part of my regalia. the past five years, from the start of my college years, to the present is represented in the work that's done on this personal material. every bead and every thread was done by the hands of someone who's been through the snake pit.

me and mom.

me and dad.

and that's that!!! i still have work to do on my stuff, but in reality, it's a forever process and one i'm glad to take on. i finally have something that's mine and mine alone. no one else has what i have. it's 100% mine and it's always going to be known as schuyler's outfit. so, after the night was at an end, i went with my dad and we both put away my stuff into the old suitcase i borrowed and then went home. an end to one of the best moments in a super long time. actually, one of the best moments i've ever had. i ranks up there!!! and oh boy, what perfect timing too!!! i'm all set and ready to go to as many powwow's as i can. just in time for the season!!!

oh yeah, i need to post some music. okay, uh... wait one sec... hmm... just let me shuffle around a bit... uh... oh!!! okay, i think i got something awesome for ya, yeah!!! okay, so here are the Drop Nineteens.

the drop nineteens were one of the first and only american shoegaze acts during the 90's. they took their sound and influences from british bands like, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Catherine Wheel and Ride. they hailed from boston and were active from 1991-1995. their music was featured on the nickelodeon kids show, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, along with other notable 90's rock acts. they toured several times and played a few festivals such as the Reading Festival and Lollapalooza and also released a few ep's and two full lengths before breaking up.

not to leave out anything that's good, it's my responsibility to bring to you all the music that matters to me. if you've never heard of these artists, then that's good. it's always worth a listen and who knows, you might discover your next favorite thing!!! okay, so with that here's the drop nineteens debut album, Delaware. this is a great debut and it also features the original lineup of the band. check out the classic video below for a brief listen. enjoy!!!


fancy dancin'...

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