Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pushin' To Hard...

those lingering effects that come after the worst of your sickness has left are just as annoying as the main sickness itself. i keep coughing, gasping sometimes for air, and then also constantly having to clear my throat of flem and making it soar and horse. i bet i could speak rougher than tom waits...

still truckin' with my 60's music plague, here are The Seeds.

this is garage punk of the 60's right here. the seeds, like most other bands of that era, were way ahead of their time. they fit right along side similar artists like The MC5, The Electric Prunes, The Trashmen and The Sonics. the seeds started in 1965, forming in los angeles, california and then breaking up in 1969. after that the band reformed, but this time went under the name, Sky Saxon and The Seeds up until the lead singers death in 2009. sky saxon, lead singer and songwriter, was a charismatic front man, often compared to mick jagger blagger yagger swagger, but usually dismissed by the critics, such as lester bangs. ha ha, oh well. so, what has this band done to contribute to music history??? well they made one of the best songs of the 60's and one of the first punk anthems wwwwwaaaayyyyy before punk was even thought of. the song in question, is called, "pushin' to hard" and it's an awesome, simple little ditty that treds along and doesn't let the listener go until it's finished. it's a great little number and a true reminder to the reality, that anyone can make great music if they just try. ANYONE!!! (most shouldn't though...)

oh, and for the music today, you will find their self titled debut album with that already mentioned song and the video below to accompany it. it's worth your time.


your pushin' on me...

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