Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day...

my my my, what a weekend i had!!! first off, sorry for the big break between posts. i was gone all weekend and didn't have access to the internetz or computerz for the whole time. (i didn't suffer as bad as i thought i would...) oh, and i didn't get to see the Deftones like i wanted. (the show sold out a week before i was to get my ticket anyway...) so with that, here i am!!! i'm home now and glad to be. i'm refreshed and clean (i hadn't showered since friday...) and ready to start the week off right. over the weekend i worked a ton on my apron doing sequin beading and concentrating like i had a gun to my head in an asian sweatshop!!!

yeah, i wasn't posing for that shot above... anyway, the trip was spent down in lawton, oklahoma. we got the trailer out and dad stowed his harley in it and i got to sleep in the back bunk bed. it was nice and made the hot outdoor weather bearable because we actually had a decent air conditioner in that thing. one of the best parts of the weekend was out second trip to the top of mt. scott. we wanted to see the sunset that saturday night and once we were up there, the size of yourself compared to the earth is a trip. i could see the valleys and fields below, as well as the free range buffalo grounds and all the rivers and lakes of the area. it was nice to be up there, staring off into the distance with thoughts going through your head. a person with an open mind can get inspiration from such a site.

i got the best cell phone signal EVER!!!

quit staring at my sexy legs!!!

after we were ushered off the mountain by the park security, we headed to lawton to eat dinner. funny, but this was my first time going to that town despite all the times i could have when i was younger. honestly, i'm not missing much. the town reminded me of the wild west, or the last place of civilization before the empty landscape beyond. it's actually a military town filled with many bars and strip joints. any hard workin' woman could probably find a job there if really needed... (heh heh) yeah, so our dinner that night was pizza and what a good couple of slices i had!!! it was just the right thing to end the night.

just for you all to know, i wore that same outfit all weekend...

i ordered the boneless buffalo chicken and i got baby cow brains instead...

oh, and judging by the above pic, i bet i look like a douche with my dumb cellphone clinging next to my huge head. just to clear the air, i was trying to contact my mother all day to see how things were going with her back home. all is well and exciting because this coming saturday is my little brothers b-day, so i have that to look forward too!!!

overall, what an excellent weekend for me and my family. we spent a good amount of time together away from home, which is always nice, and relaxed our aching backs and shoulders. our next possible trip is probably going to be during the fourth of july, so until then i have the fond memories of this to tie me over. (this really was a surprisingly good time. it's a rarity when stuff like that happens...)

since i'm in such a sunny mood, i want to post some upbeat music that always works well during the summer. let's listen to some ska-punk from the band, Bomb the Music Industry!

bomb the music industry! is a ska/ska-punk/hardcore/punk band led by frontman jeff rosenstock who used to play in the ska band, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. this is a total DIY band in the finest fashion. there is so much to like about these guys!!! first off, they give away all their music for free!!! second, they only play all ages shows that are 10 dollars or less!!! and third, they don't conform to just one style!!! the music they make not only showcases ska and ska-punk, but also dc style hardcore and punk, electronic/synth flourishes, and 8-bit nintendo noises. it's a lot of things to consider, but somehow it all works very nicely. i got to see these guys back in 2008 on the asian man records tour with Lemuria, Andrew Jackson Jihad and The Queers. these people stood out the most because they were very friendly and open to the crowd. they connected with the audience and the intimacy of the show, as well as the moshing and skanking, was remembered well by me.

for the first time ever, it's okay to post music by an artist on here. yeah yeah yeah, i know i bend the rules by posting music and such, but i truly mean no harm to the bands i mention on here. it's just a way for people to take notice on artists, i believe, are worth much attention. okay, so now on to the music!!! in first place is their debut album called, uh, Album Minus Band. this was recorded by jeff alone, and only latter would full a band get involved with the recordings. after that we have their second album called, To Leave or Die in Long Island. for third place we have, Goodbye Cool World and then my personal favorite album by the band, Get Warmer. this is your best place to start, but it really doesn't matter though, because everything these guys have done is awesome anyway. it's just that this album contains all my favorite songs from the group, including the little ditty called "i don't love you anymore" posted above. after that we come to my second favorite album from BTMI called, Scrambles. this is also an amazing album and more of a mellow effort. the songs are more personal, (like non of the others weren't???) and jeff really goes all out with his singing here. so, after that we have the album called, Others! Others! Volume 1. this is a collection of demo's, b-sides and outtakes from previous albums. and then, finally, we come to the last album here, which is an ep and their latest effort called, Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!! sadly, i haven't heard this latest release since my own personal computer is dead, but from what others have said, it's freekin' fantastic!!! okay, so right here you got it all minus a few splits, but that's okay for now. get this music with the quickness and jam them all summer for some uplifting fun times!!! dig it...

hug a veteran today...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oklahoma In Flames...

i think i have the worst schedule in existence. i seem to sleep in way too long and stay up way to late. it's like i'm an owl or a cat. i do my normal stuff at night and i sleep almost all day just like those two animals. it's really become a bothersome habit that i need to break. i guess if i had a job i would be more inclined to stop this nonsense and get myself back on track. ugh... i feel like i'm loosing time to be more alive than what i currently am right now.

yeah, so today is thursday and i'm thinking that this might be my last post for at least a day or two depending on my current whereabouts this weekend. i plan on being here saturday to see the Deftones, so i'll probably post then, but for now let's wrap up this week of Converge, tribute by way of fellow touring bands with a group of nice fellows who go by non other than, uh, well Thursday. heh heh go figure...

here is a band i've briefly mentioned before in the Envy thread, but now it's officially their time. thursday is a band that i have a strong connection to for various reasons, but mostly for the fact that they represent my desire to change my outlook on life and also my desire to listen to better music than Slipknot, Mudvayne and Korn. yes, me and this band go all the way back to my dreadful high school years in oklahoma. besides having an extremely crappy home life with my divorced parents, i also suffered from lots of boredom and the ridicule of my fellow peers at west moore high school. it's no wonder i dropped out of baseball and spent most of my time in the smokers parking lot getting high and jamming music constantly.

let's see, well for the facts, thursday hail from new brunswick, new jersey and started back in 1997. they have been through the ups and downs of the music world and have almost broken up several times. thankfully they are still together and making great music which is where they mean business. i have only seen the band one time and that was at warped tour back in 2006. (i wish is saw them back in 2003 when they opened for the deftones...) still, it was a wonderful performance and something to hold my appetite until i can see them on their own headlining slot. their stage presence and manner of which they play live is aw inspiring. they also connect to their fans on a much more personal and deeper level than most bands do. there is an intimate quality that comes from their music that many people find solace and comfort with. it's almost like the band has read your mind and knows exactly how you feel. it takes a lot of guts to be able to do something like that, and thursday happen to have those guts!!!

going back to my high school drama, i first discovered this band in 2002 on MxTxVx back when they sort of played music videos. it was for the song above which is called, "cross out the eyes." it was a very radical (in my opinion...) departure from the almost comical nu-metal scene i was wrapped up in at the time. these guys looked like normal dudes playing music that seemed intense and yet more free from overproduction and saturation of which all those nu-metal bands were drowning in. i was immediately drawn in and became curious as to what this all was. there was actual singing and also screaming, but the screaming seemed more desperate and not so much tough guy. it was very very different, and yet i had no idea about any of this style or genre. i was about to get a very huge awakening.

it was also about this time when i discovered At-The Drive In, and if you want the full story on that i suggest you go read that mega post as well. but like i mentioned there, i suddenly found myself surrounded by a style of music i had no freekin' idea existed. yeah, i knew about punk rock, but not hardcore!!! i heard bands scream, but not painfully from their throats and with real meaning!!! i was awakened from my dreaded hibernation of baggy pants and greasy hair. i cut off all styles and rearranged my wardrobe. baggy pants became skinny pants, and my long hair became short and untidy. and finally, my music became less drop tuned chugga chugga and more mathy/post-hardcore indie style. my friends took notice and thought i was going soft. "dude, this s*** sounds like pop music!!!" heh heh, yeah he was right. but whatevers!!! i took it all in and loved every minute of it!!!

and now i'm 25 and no longer 17. times have changed and this type of music has evolved into an almost unrecognizable demon of it's former self. it's sort of sad really. sad to see something that helped free you from a personal hell turn into a blob of gastric crap that was vomited out by the people who made it big in the first place. i just hope i'm not guilty of making that happen. if so, i apologize sincerely. i just hope i'm doing this band and the music they made justice by telling you all this personal story. music is a very important thing and we need to treat it with respect and not bastardize it...

so today you will find the bands entire discography. i know at times i seem to either post an entire catalog, or just a few albums at a time. for the most part i try my best to do the artists justice and get everything under the sun on here, but if it's too freekin' big ala Bad Religion, then i'm only going to post my personal faves. but for the band thursday, it's not a problem to post it all!!! so, skipping their 1999 summer tour ep, we come to their debut called, Waiting. this is the band at their youngest and it's possibly their most 90's style emo sounding effort to date. it's very sporadic and it details a young band trying to find their place in music. still, it's a great little album and one to not miss simply because it's beautiful. in second is the album that got me into the band as well as many MANY other people. it's called, Full Collapse, and it takes me back to the summer of 2002. i got this album when i was at summer school and i listened to it just about every day. the entire album is fantastic and there isn't a song to skip on it. (in my opinion!!!) this is where you might go head first if interested in the band. so, after that we have the Five Stories Falling, ep which contains possibly their best song ever written called, "five stories falling." it's an anthem and often played live. it gets a huge crowd response every time. after that we come to their third full length called, War All the Time. i personally believe this to be their crowning achievement as a band. no, it's not my favorite, but i do recognize it's very important placement in their history. it's their first major label release, and also their heaviest. the subject matter at hand is also more deeply involved with the politics at the time and it was a tough road for the band as well. the pressure to be the next big thing was in their face and with this type of music, you can't really be like Nirvana. heck, nirvana didn't want to be nirvana!!! yeah, so after that they took some time off then released the album, A City By the Light Divided. this was a good album too, but a lot of people began to fall off and their shows become less crowded. the following year was the release of the compilation album, Kill the House Lights, and then another year passed before they released their split with the japanese post-rock/screamo band, Envy. this little split saw the band taking on more epic song structures and proportions. this all developed more and was finally seen on their latest full length, Common Existence, which is the last thing to post on here. thursday is still around, but have gone back to the drawing board and are rallying behind more smaller and intimate shows, thus them touring with converge this year. if you are anywhere near this band, do me a huge favor and go see them. even if you have to pay for a show with them as the opener, go see them. it will totally be worth your time and money. music doesn't get this good often...

Write these words back down inside
We have burned their villages and all the people in them died
We adopt their customs and everything they say we steal
All the dreams they had we kill
Still we all sleep sound tonight
Is this what you wanted to hear?
We erased all their images and dance
And replaced them with borders and flags

At the top of this time line you'll remember
This is the lipstick on the collar
And in my own life I've seen it in the mirror
sometimes at the cost of others hopes

So write these words back down inside
That's where you need it the most
and without conviction of heart you will never feel it at all
Yeah, we all dance to the same beat when we we're marching
Yeah, the TV tells us everything we need to know
And this scene is painting in all the fashions of the moment
And history is all the same

Everything you say you stole
Every dream you dream you bought

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have Patience...

in some crazy surprising news, i just found out that New Found Glory, will be playing at the conservatory on september 11th. i'm very excited for this since it's an awesome punk club that's about the size of my living room and kitchen combined!!! like i've said before, it's those small intimate shows that are the most awesome. oh, and local hero's, Red City Radio, have signed to the label, Plaper + Plastic and will release their upcoming debut full length soon!!! sock it to me!!!

going on the third day of associated bands with Converge, here are a legendary act that are one of the most honored in the mathy/metal world of hardcore. i'm am of course talking about, Coalesce.

coalesce are one more of the "big four" when it comes to math rock/metalcore bands. the others are, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge. so, if you happen to like any of those artists, surely your tastes will be quenched here. coalesce have had a hard time throughout their sporadic history as a band. they hail from kansas city, missouri, and started way back in 1994 then ended in 1999. they reformed in 2005 with about half of the original lineup, with former members stacy hilt going on to The Casket Lottery and drummer james dewees playing with The Get Up Kids and forming Reggie and the Full Effect.

sadly, coalesce are one of those bands that don't get enough credit for how much they accomplished in their short time. it seems that just when they were about to explode, they implode, and then all the leeches come and pick up their styles and designs and run with it, cashing in and not showing respect. eh, oh well. that's enough of this old man talk...

alright, so right here is just about the entire discography of the band, minus the self titled 7 inch and the splits with Converge and Napalm Death. so we first start with the ep titled, 002, then follow that with the 7inch titled, A Safe Place. this is immediately followed by the full length, Give Them Rope She Said, which is a reissue, hens the longer title from "give them rope...". this is my personal favorite by the band and it's a great place to start. well actually, this next one might be my favorite, or i'll just say, second favorite. it's their second full length and it's titled, Functioning On Impatience. it's really dope and hits you across the face like some crazy person with a piece of lumber might. after that is the reissue of the ep called, There Is Nothing New Under the Sun. this album contains the original ep that was entirely Led Zeppelin covers, along with their songs from the splits with and Boy Sets Fire, The Get Up Kids and Today Is the Day. after that we come to their last full length before their first breakup titled, 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening. almost eight years later the band reformed and released the 7inch called, Salt and Passage. this kept old school fans happy and wanting more, which the band did, thus in 2009 we got the new album called, OX. this would be followed by the OXEP in 2010. sssssooooooo there you have it!!! a collection of music that will annihilate your ears and make a man out of you. or maybe even a woman... so anyway, enjoy!!!

mixing lemon salt with cheetos is awesome...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Is The End...

well i finally got to see the series finale of LOST the other night. it was a bit overwhelming and emotional for me. you see, this series takes me back to my first year of college in santa fe, new mexico. it reminds me of a lot of things during that short time in my life. to see it all finally come to an end is sad, but also rewarding. i stayed with it all the way to the end just like i did with school. (my last semester almost didn't happen though...) but, like my college graduation, the show's ending left me a bit confused and saddened. after time has passed, i look back on it and see how certain things happened and what i should have done to make other things better. i hope i am more wiser now... and with the show, i look back on it and see how certain events took place and made the ending the way it was. i don't think television will ever be this good again, for a very LONG time. and once again, just like college, there was a time and a place for it...

continuing with my mention in yesterday's post about bands that are, or have toured with Converge this year, i now like to welcome the band, Keelhaul.

keelhaul are a very underrated band in the current scene of metalcore/math rock/post-metal. trust me on this one. if you dig bands like, Neurosis, Jesu, Isis, Pelican, Red Sparrows, Cult of Luna and Botch, you will like keelhaul. this band started back in 1997 and come from cleveland, ohio. they take their time between albums and have just recently released a new lp through hydra head records, which is an awesome label. i suggest you give these dudes a listen and see if you can catch on quickly to whats good in the world of music.

of one of my favorite television shows ever...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tour In Progress...

last night was freekin' awesome!!! i finally got to see converge live and the experience was humbling. i arrived in tulsa early so i could catch up with my old college roommate and kick his butt at Call Of Duty, but that wasn't to be because i suck with a 360 controllers... (no excuses!!!) anyway, i got to the show pretty early and i actually thought it was canceled, but after some quick online checking i found out it wasn't, so i just waited around till people showed up and then i felt better!!! (yeah, whatever...) the show was insane, but restrained until converge took the stage.

first off we had local openers, Convicted and Operator De
ad Post Abandoned, take the stage before Black Breath slayed with their unique style of 80's thrash and 90's hardcore. after they were done Gaza, took over and played a very HEAVY set with great intensity. the lead singer is also a giant, so he should audition for that Adam's Family, movie remake i heard about... and then finally was converge. i've only seen live video's of them, so my actual sense on what they are like live was flawed, plus i've also heard stories about how lead singer, jacob bannon, can't sing those crazy parts like on record. well, after the show was all done, i took my preconceived motions and tossed them into the trash. converge SLAYED last night. jacob sang and screamed with his trademark "dog bark" style of hardcore/screamo. it's so ferocious that it sounds painful to hear. drummer ben koller pummeled wile bassist nate newton plugged along to the beat and also applied his own vocals to the mix. and then there is guitarist kurt ballou who plays with so much force and concentration that he makes it seem easy. he's a pro and it shows when he's doing his thing like this. overall, it was a wonderful day and night spent in tulsa, oklahoma's other hometown.

i missed the series finale of LOST, so i got to catch up today. oh, and i also purchased a shirt that lists all the bands on the tour. besides converge, the
re is also, Thursday, Harvey Milk, Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Touché Amoré and Black Breath. over the course of the next three days i want to post on three or four of those bands who were not on my show date, but nonetheless awesome. for today, let's check out, Touché Amoré.

touché amoré is a hardcore/screamo band from los angeles, california that formed in 2007 i think. i haven't got to see them yet, but i hope to one day. over the past two years i kept hearing about them and when i finally found their demo i was surprised at how well they do the scene justice. the band plays very passionately and it shows through the singing and musicianship. touché amoré is a young band on the verge of being huge and many are taking notice. get into them before all the hipsters do!!! (ha ha hipsters...)

for the music we have the two immediate releases from the band. first is the wonderful self titled demo from 2008, then their debut full length, To the Beat of A Dead Horse. sometime in july they will be releasing a split with the screamo/emo band, La Dispute, but until then
these are awesome hardcore/screamo albums to have in your collection and i hope you will give them a shot. enjoy!!!

the date has ended...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walking Corpse...

well, the day has gone by, but i only just woke up a few hours ago. (i'm never an early person...) anyway, exciting things are happening for me!!! first off, i'm going to tulsa tomorrow to see, Converge, for the first time ever!!! i'm so crazy excited about this!!! i've been waiting FOREVER to see these guys and it looks like i'm going to get my wish!!! oh, and second is another important announcement for myself and others. i can see the Deftones!!! i totally read the dates wrong on that, so instead of them being here tomorrow, they will be here next saturday. and it's at the diamond ballroom witch it a small venue too!!! the best shows are the small ones anyway!!! oh HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! XD

i'm still feeling a bit like a metal head, and since i've fallin' off the wagon and got on another Call of Duty fix, i like to play some heavy music to kill off all those spawn noobs. lately it's been the music of, Brutal Truth.

this death metal/grindcore band is a classic group that started back in 1990 and ended in 1999. they reunited however, in 2006 and have released new music since then. oh, i forgot to mention their whereabouts and stuff... they are from new york city, and were formed by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assaults, Storm Troopers of Death, bassist dan lilker. in 2001, the guinness book of world records awarded brutal truth the record for "shortest music video" for their video "collateral damage", which is 2.18 seconds long and consists of 48 still images in rapid succession followed by a clip of an explosion. lol

okay okay, well now it's time for me to leave, but not before the music listings!!! so first we have their wonderful debut album nicely titled, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses. this is the best place to start and is my personal favorite album by them. next we have the album Need to Control followed by Kill Trend Suicide. after that is the album, Sounds of the Animal Kingdom, which is a radical departure from their usual deathgrind style, and instead a more crust punk style. after that it would take almost ten more years before they made another album, which they did, and it's called, Evolution Through Revolution. right, so check this stuff out if interested and don't be scared!!! heh heh, enjoy ya noobs...

Accepting your role.
Robbed of life and stripped of soul.
Fall into the same routine.
Of drab existence, what does it mean>
Are you satisfied with the way that you exist?
Every single day just like the one before.
Don't you feel the need to express the way you feel?
Wake your sleeping brain, there's so much more.
Just a walking corpse!
Accepting your role.
Robbed of life and stripped of soul.
Fall into the same routine.
Of drab existence, what does it mean?
Are you satisfied with the way that you exist?
Every single day just like the one before.
Don't you feel the need to express the way you feel?
Wake your sleeping brain, there's so much more.
Just a walking corpse!
Just a walking corpse!

Friday, May 21, 2010

You Suffer...

well okay. so yesterday's interview didn't go my way. they told me, that if interested, they'd call me after 1pm. this did not happen, so i guess i wasn't what they wanted. still, i'm happy i got the interview and i hope i can find something in the future. here's to that i guess...

let's grind with the band, Napalm Death.

napalm death are considered one of the originators of the grindcore genre along with their peers, Repulsion and Siege and are influenced by crust-punk bands like Crass and Amebix . grindcore is one of the many metal sub divisions and this band is considered one of the best. they started in 1981 and are still together, but with an almost entirely different lineup. the band of today though, are solid and still play with the same sheer force and brutality that they did so long ago. besides the grindcore, there is also death metal, indie, punk, hardcore and even post-punk. yes, post-punk!!! (this was just one of their early styles.)

the band plays with a punk attitude and often did shows with local punk bands. oh, and the group hails from birmingham, england. and just for your own trivia, they are listed in the guinness book of world records for having the shortest song ever called, "you suffer", which clocks in at 1.316 seconds long. watch the video below to see them do their trademark song at the very end.

there is only one album i want to post and that is the album, Scum. this is their debut and one of the most influential death metal/grindcore albums of all time. it contains several fan favorites such as, "scum" "you suffer" and "the kill". this is the best place to start with the band and something to get acquainted with in the world of punk/metal 101. try this out and get BBBRRRRRUUUUUUTTTTAAAAAALLLLLL!!!

but why...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yuppie Scum...

in other news, something great is happening. tomorrow at 10:30 am, i have an interview!!! i finally landed a possible job interview with a local insurance company. i know i don't have much experience with insurance, but the nice lady who called me said i'm potentially what they are looking for. this is a major boost to my self esteem and something i needed. let's just hope i do good and no choke up when interviewing...

taking it easy today, let's get a little more twang with our music. here is the great band, Wilco.

wilco is another one of those legendary indie rock bands that always gets stated in music geek conversation. (me mostly...) they have seven full lengths (that almost sounds gay...) as well as several ep's and a live album. the group is from chicago, illinois and came from the breakup of the alt-country band Uncle Tupelo in 1994. wilco has had several lineup changes, but it's current incarnation consists of lead singer jeff tweedy and john stirratt being the only original members along with other talented people to fill in the rest.

there is an interesting story to wilco, and that consists their most popular album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. you see, their major label didn't like the album at all. it wasn't marketable to them, so they gave away the rights to the band and it was shopped around until it landed with label, nonesuch records. a rock critic stated that the album showed, "how screwed up the music business was in the early twenty-first century." it became the bands best selling album to date, and it garnered many positive reviews and praises of "being a masterpiece".

for you all to enjoy, the entire discography is here minus those ep's and live album. we begin this adventure with the debut album, A.M.. oh, and just for you all to know, the farther back you go with this band, the more alt-country they sound. next we have the double album titled, Being There. that is followed by the album, Summerteeth. next we come to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is a definite must have. (it's also indie rock 101...) performing after such and important album as the last has to be a hard thing to take when being a little indie band like wilco. despite the challenges, they took them up with gusto and released the album, A Ghost is Born. this album gave them two grammy awards in 2004. for the last two places we have, Sky Blue Sky and their self titled album released in 2009. so there you have it. wilco is a great band to check out and dig. i sincerely hope you all do... (disc 1) (disc 2)

i am trying to break you heart...