Monday, May 24, 2010

Tour In Progress...

last night was freekin' awesome!!! i finally got to see converge live and the experience was humbling. i arrived in tulsa early so i could catch up with my old college roommate and kick his butt at Call Of Duty, but that wasn't to be because i suck with a 360 controllers... (no excuses!!!) anyway, i got to the show pretty early and i actually thought it was canceled, but after some quick online checking i found out it wasn't, so i just waited around till people showed up and then i felt better!!! (yeah, whatever...) the show was insane, but restrained until converge took the stage.

first off we had local openers, Convicted and Operator De
ad Post Abandoned, take the stage before Black Breath slayed with their unique style of 80's thrash and 90's hardcore. after they were done Gaza, took over and played a very HEAVY set with great intensity. the lead singer is also a giant, so he should audition for that Adam's Family, movie remake i heard about... and then finally was converge. i've only seen live video's of them, so my actual sense on what they are like live was flawed, plus i've also heard stories about how lead singer, jacob bannon, can't sing those crazy parts like on record. well, after the show was all done, i took my preconceived motions and tossed them into the trash. converge SLAYED last night. jacob sang and screamed with his trademark "dog bark" style of hardcore/screamo. it's so ferocious that it sounds painful to hear. drummer ben koller pummeled wile bassist nate newton plugged along to the beat and also applied his own vocals to the mix. and then there is guitarist kurt ballou who plays with so much force and concentration that he makes it seem easy. he's a pro and it shows when he's doing his thing like this. overall, it was a wonderful day and night spent in tulsa, oklahoma's other hometown.

i missed the series finale of LOST, so i got to catch up today. oh, and i also purchased a shirt that lists all the bands on the tour. besides converge, the
re is also, Thursday, Harvey Milk, Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Touché Amoré and Black Breath. over the course of the next three days i want to post on three or four of those bands who were not on my show date, but nonetheless awesome. for today, let's check out, Touché Amoré.

touché amoré is a hardcore/screamo band from los angeles, california that formed in 2007 i think. i haven't got to see them yet, but i hope to one day. over the past two years i kept hearing about them and when i finally found their demo i was surprised at how well they do the scene justice. the band plays very passionately and it shows through the singing and musicianship. touché amoré is a young band on the verge of being huge and many are taking notice. get into them before all the hipsters do!!! (ha ha hipsters...)

for the music we have the two immediate releases from the band. first is the wonderful self titled demo from 2008, then their debut full length, To the Beat of A Dead Horse. sometime in july they will be releasing a split with the screamo/emo band, La Dispute, but until then
these are awesome hardcore/screamo albums to have in your collection and i hope you will give them a shot. enjoy!!!

the date has ended...

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