Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Is The End...

well i finally got to see the series finale of LOST the other night. it was a bit overwhelming and emotional for me. you see, this series takes me back to my first year of college in santa fe, new mexico. it reminds me of a lot of things during that short time in my life. to see it all finally come to an end is sad, but also rewarding. i stayed with it all the way to the end just like i did with school. (my last semester almost didn't happen though...) but, like my college graduation, the show's ending left me a bit confused and saddened. after time has passed, i look back on it and see how certain things happened and what i should have done to make other things better. i hope i am more wiser now... and with the show, i look back on it and see how certain events took place and made the ending the way it was. i don't think television will ever be this good again, for a very LONG time. and once again, just like college, there was a time and a place for it...

continuing with my mention in yesterday's post about bands that are, or have toured with Converge this year, i now like to welcome the band, Keelhaul.

keelhaul are a very underrated band in the current scene of metalcore/math rock/post-metal. trust me on this one. if you dig bands like, Neurosis, Jesu, Isis, Pelican, Red Sparrows, Cult of Luna and Botch, you will like keelhaul. this band started back in 1997 and come from cleveland, ohio. they take their time between albums and have just recently released a new lp through hydra head records, which is an awesome label. i suggest you give these dudes a listen and see if you can catch on quickly to whats good in the world of music.





of one of my favorite television shows ever...

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