Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Progression Through Regurgitating...

i'm geekin' out right now because one of my favorite websites has posted an album review of mine. the site is and the review is of the new Deftones album, Diamond Eyes. i don't know, but for some reason this is really making me happy. i needed this and even though it isn't all that big of a deal, to me it is a sign that good things can happen. the key word here is "patience". we need massive patience in order to see through to our goals and the living of life. this is a good day for me. i can't ask for anything more.

what a rush of total excitement!!! let's get things busy with the band, Snapcase.

snapcase is a hardcore/metalcore band from buffalo, new york. they originally existed from 1989 to 2005. they called their first incarnation as a band, Solid State, but after several member changes they eventually went with the name snapcase. they recently reunited for some sporadic shows and a few european festivals before coming back to america. hopefully this will lead them to make new material, but all i can do is hope.

one of the best bands to ever grace the victory records catalog, snapcase were ahead of the game with their experimental styles of hardcore punk. over the years, the band garnered praise and popularity while touring their butts off all over place. they played on the warped tour twice and even opened for the deftones on their 1998 fall tour. okay, so if you are anywhere near buffalo on may 8th, then that's your chance to see them play again. they are playing alongside with the band, Sick of It All, so if you are brave enough, then go see them for yourself you luck dogs!!!

ending this post we come to the music. skipping out all their self released demo's, a compilation album and the comatose 7 inch, we have here all their immediate music to try out. oh, and i'm also leaving out their split with Boy Sets Fire. yeah, so in first place we have the album, Lookinglasself. following that we have the ep called, Steps. the next full length is a fan favorite and one of the best hardcore albums released during the 90's. the album i'm talking about is, Progression Through Unlearning. after that is the album, Designs For Automation and then my personal favorite album, End Transmission. this is the band at their peak of talent and it's an awesome piece of work that thunders down your spine when each word is screamed and each note is strung. dig it...

i did it...

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