Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Laquer Head...

time for me to watch tuesday's episode of LOST. i totally missed it, but that's okay because i have hulu!!! you know, after putting my resume on, i got a call already for a possible interview!!! things are looking up right now. i got the momentum, so i need to go with it.

let's get funky with some music from a band that sucks. here's Primus.

man, primus sucks!!! i and i love them so much!!! yeah, the band that defines weird to many people, primus is a three piece act led by cult classic bass player, les claypool. the band hails from el sobrante, california and have been together since 1984. they went on hiatus in 2000, but came back in 2003. there is so much to discuss over these guys, but that's left for you all to do at home. i will mention this though, when i think of primus, i think of South Park and that's because they do the theme song for the show!!! south park and primus go hand-in-hand. it's a combination of goofy satire and weird psychedelic freak outs all mixed with great humor. primus are amazing musicians, but they don't take things too seriously. it's all about having fun and sometimes we all need that.

right here you will find their entire discography minus a few ep's and some live albums. we first start with their amazing debut album, Fizzle Fry. check out the songs, "too many puppies" and "john the fisherman". that is followed up with the album, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, which garnered the band more exposure and caught many critics attentions. and next we come to my personal favorite album and that is, Pork Soda. this is the album that blew the band up sky high and even led them to a headlining spot on Lollapalooza back in the 90's. my favorite tracks are the two songs in the video's i posted. it's just an amazing and groovy record with deep metal cuts and super thick bass strumming from les. okay, so next we have he albums, Tales From the Punchbowl and The Brown Album. both are awesome as is the last album for this post titled, Antipop. sooooooo, that's it!!! on a really awesome note, primus are about to go on tour real soon!!! they are having Gogol Bordello and Wolfmother open some of the shows!!! totally freaking cool man!!! i wish i could see them... oh well. try out these tunes if ya want and as always, enjoy!!!

my name is mud...

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