Saturday, May 8, 2010


yesterday was a fun day spent at the zoo. me, my mom and my little brother walked all over the place seeing the animals sleep in the shade. it was a great day to be out and after seeing the huge alligator snapping turtle, i think i can rest calmly now. lol

not to be messing around with something as mega popular in the underground as this next band, i'm going to try and top myself by making this a huge post for everybody. ladies and gentlemen, here is the famous collective known as, KMFDM.

this industrial metal/punk band hails from hamburg, germany and are legendary in the underground metal/dance club scenes. their music is pretty open to many types of genre's, but to make it more focused, they are mostly labeled as industrial. if you are into bands like, Skinny Puppy, Atari Teenage Riot, Swans, Ministry, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, and Nine Inch Nails, then you will definitely like kmfdm. their name is a shortened version of the german phrase, "kein mitleid für die mehrheit" or roughly, "no pity for the majority."

the band is also known more now for the controversy involving the Columbine massacre and the finnish school shootings in 2007 and 2008. it is said that the shooters were fans of kmfdm's music and they frequently posted and quoted lyrics from the band. this was all shot down by main leader, sacha konietzko in a written statement which i won't quote here.

the band formed in 1984 (the year i was born!!!) and broke up in 1999. they later reformed in 2002 and have been together since. don't let the above photo fool you because that's probably not the original lineup. sacha is really the only original member and over the years there have been TONS of people filtered throughout this bands life.

okay, so this is where it gets huge. i think this will become the most epic post ever because this band has over 20 studio albums to date!!! i'm including all their material minus some compilation albums and live albums. i feel bad for leaving out their singles, but maybe those can be posted some other time. so, starting off from the very beginning, we come to album number one which is called, Opium. next we have What Do You Know Deutschland? followed by Don't Blow Your Top and UAIOE. for the next five we have, Naïve, Money, Angst, KMFDM vs Pig: Sin Sex & Salvation, and Nihil. wow, it's been a lot and there is still more to go!!! okay, so we now come to the albums, Xtort and Symbols. that last one is called symbols because it really doesn't have a title. it's what fans have come to call it and to be honest, it's the only album i own by this group. it also happens to be my personal favorite out of all the rest of their material. it's a good place to start if interested. so, with that we now move onto more from kmfdm. here are the albums, Audios, Attack, WWIII, Hau Rock and Ruck Zuck. that last one is a remix album of older material. and finally we come to the last albums, Tohuvabohu, Brimborium, Skold vs KMFDM, Blitz and Krieg. now i know this is a lot, so just go with the flow and try out as much or as few as you want. enjoy!!!

enjoy the weekend...

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