Friday, May 21, 2010

You Suffer...

well okay. so yesterday's interview didn't go my way. they told me, that if interested, they'd call me after 1pm. this did not happen, so i guess i wasn't what they wanted. still, i'm happy i got the interview and i hope i can find something in the future. here's to that i guess...

let's grind with the band, Napalm Death.

napalm death are considered one of the originators of the grindcore genre along with their peers, Repulsion and Siege and are influenced by crust-punk bands like Crass and Amebix . grindcore is one of the many metal sub divisions and this band is considered one of the best. they started in 1981 and are still together, but with an almost entirely different lineup. the band of today though, are solid and still play with the same sheer force and brutality that they did so long ago. besides the grindcore, there is also death metal, indie, punk, hardcore and even post-punk. yes, post-punk!!! (this was just one of their early styles.)

the band plays with a punk attitude and often did shows with local punk bands. oh, and the group hails from birmingham, england. and just for your own trivia, they are listed in the guinness book of world records for having the shortest song ever called, "you suffer", which clocks in at 1.316 seconds long. watch the video below to see them do their trademark song at the very end.

there is only one album i want to post and that is the album, Scum. this is their debut and one of the most influential death metal/grindcore albums of all time. it contains several fan favorites such as, "scum" "you suffer" and "the kill". this is the best place to start with the band and something to get acquainted with in the world of punk/metal 101. try this out and get BBBRRRRRUUUUUUTTTTAAAAAALLLLLL!!!

but why...

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