Saturday, May 15, 2010

My F*cking Sound...

well, what a saturday i had. it was very good. things got done at the falls creek meeting and i got to see Iron Man 2, which was awesome as well. i even ate some good mexican food for lunch, so yeah, i had a great day!!! i cherish these simple, yet profound moments of being alive and having things go smoothly. and yes, i cherish the hard times too because they help me to grow and mature in some ways...

let's get a but spastic with some crazy tunes by Squarepusher.

i love drum n' bass music. it's not for most people, but for me it's sometimes heaven and sometimes stimulant. you can't really do much to this type of electronic music, but there are those occasional moments, when it all comes together, and you do feel something, and then you begin to move and groove, and then you eventually fall down in exhaustion only to gradually rise back up and explode with pure eargasmic (or orgasmic) delight, then succumb to the usual tired mood, and then, finally, hopefully, gradually, fall into an epic euphoric trance and melt into your place of comfort.

squarepusher, also known as Tom Jenkinson, Chaos A.D. and The Duke of Harringay, hails from chelmsford, essex, england and plays electronic music that is very experimental and not only delves into the areas of drum n' bass, but also in techno/ambient/acid/house/jungle/funk/ and even jazz. there is a lot going on here, which is usually to be expected with this type of music. it touches in all areas and can leave you tired, but don't let that stop you.

okay, so with this post i'm hoping to try my best and get all the full lengths (minus the ton's of ep's except one) by squarepusher on here. let's see if i can make it work. right, so album number one is the debut titled, Feed Me Weird Things. this is a great place to start with. next we have the album, Hard Normal Daddy. following that is the fantastic ep called, Big Loada. this contains the above song, "come on my selector". that music video was directed by chris cunningham whom you all should check out. after that we have the album, Buzz Caner, which was released under his Chaos A.D. pseudonym and then, finally, we come to the album, Music is Rotted One Note. this is one of my favorites because it's so different from what he's done up to this point. it's his usual music, but all done with live instrumentation in the studio. it's a great change from the break-neck pace he's set up. moving along we have the two albums, Budhakan Mindphone and Selection Sixteen. this all leads up to my personal favorite album which is called, Go Plastic. this album is just great and contains my favorite songs from the guy. watch the video below for some live selections from that album. the next two records are, Do You Know Squarepusher and my other favorite, Ultravisitor. this later album showcases some neat live drumming and tom's ability to improvise on the spot. two more albums follow called, Hello Everything and Just A Souvenir respectfully. aaaaaannnnnndddd finally we come to the last and latest album from tom which is simply called, Solo Electric Bass 1. it's a live recording from 2007 that has tom performing with only a bass guitar and an amp. it was limited to only 850 copies worldwide. okay, so first off i want to apologize for all the sporadic places to find these tunes. it was really hard to get them all for you, and second, don't be scared to try some electronic music. you might find something here that tickles your fancy. enjoy!!!

oh yeah it's alright mate, sounds a bit like Goldie...

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