Friday, February 26, 2010

It's A Lullaby...

today is another friday and i'm tired again, but what else is new. there is something here at my house that's brewing up. tensions between me and my father are getting up there and the levels are dangerous. i hate a lot of things, and being upset with my parents sits close to the top. i just want to do this post and get out of here. i don't worry about what i write because my dad will never read this. he doesn't give a flip anyway...

BLAH BLAH BLAH here is the band, Nada Surf.

other posts have been made about this great band, so my thoughts on them isn't much. i just want to add to the masses with my appreciation on these three dudes and the music they make. so, the band formed in 1992 and were are huge part in the 90's alternative music scene. you couldn't go anywhere without hearing their first hit single, "popular" on the airwaves and mxtxvx video's. but, what happened to them after that??? where did they go??? as it turns out, they released a second album on their major label, then got dropped from it. they took a break from music and went their separate ways before getting back together in 2001. they made a huge comeback in the independent music scene and are still making great music today. they are proof that bands can survive the major label chopping block and keep all their fingers and toes.

thanks to some quick internet searching, i found the entire discography on megaupload!!! going in order we start with the ep called, Karmic, then launch into the full length debut, High/Low. this is followed by their second lp titled, The Proximity Effect, then the album, North 6th Street. after that it's all lp's, with the album, Let Go, then The Weight Is a Gift. let go is my personal favorite by the band. (the song below comes from that album by the way...) oh, and in last place is the awesome album, Lucky. nada surf have a new album coming out called, If I Had A Hi-Fi. it's all covers from their favorite bands, so go check that out when you get a chance. enjoy!!!

get out of here...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Low Level Owl...

last night, after church, i ventured down to norman, oklahoma to the Opolis. the opolis is an independent music club that used to be home to guestroom records before they moved to a new location on main street. the show was for the band, The Appleseed Cast. it was a special tour where they played both Low Level Owl records back-to-back. it started around 9:30 or so and didn't end until about 12:30 am. it was an awesome experience to witness. they had a projector showing ambient images in the background and during the whole performance i couldn't help but think about the post-rock band, Godspeed! You Black Emperor. the two volume low level owl records are great ventures into post-rock landscapes and last night showcased just that. my only complaint is i wish my shoes were more comfortable...

okay, so today i feel a little better and more upbeat, so here is s
ome great punk rock from chicago. i give you, The Lawrence Arms.

chicago must have something in the water up there, and this has been said time and time again, (the pun as well..) but man, that city has some really REALLY great artists in music. the lawrence arms have been together since 1999 and are one of the best punk bands ever. there's no doubt in me saying that. the lawrence arms
are one of the best punk bands EVER. so, you probably have noticed the emo tags i gave the band at the bottom. i can safely say that there is a certain emo "vibe" i get when i listen to the band. they do it with the vocal harmonies and subject matter on which their music is based. maybe its because i get a sort of Jawbreaker, feeling or something. regardless, it's great, personal stuff and something i can connect with.

here's a little history for ya. this band is linked to
a great chain of other bands in the fact that they are connected through various members. not going into detail on who those members are, i just want to list some of the bands instead. Slapstick, Tuesday, The Alkaline Trio, The Falcon, The Broadways, Baxter, and Tricky Dick. eventually, i might get around to posting on those bands, but for now enjoy the lawrence arms!!!

this here, is their entire discography. their early ep's are also here, but collected in one album. first is the debut lp titled, A Guided Tour of Chicago, quic
kly followed by, Ghost Stories. next we have my personal favorite album by the band, Apathy and Exhaustion. this is a good place to start if you are a new jack. after that is the album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, followed by the b-sides (ep's as well!!!) compilation album, Cocktails and Dreams. next, we come to their last official full length album titled, Oh! Calcutta. this is then followed by their latest, and very awesome ep, Buttsweat and Tears. so, with that here is the lawrence arms. go see them live if they happen to stop near you, and bring a positive vibe as well. if not, then the band will make you happy. good times!!!

Leveling, graveling, gravelly groans
Exude my exhaustion, Canonize all my tomes.
this home is afloat on a yellow black moat
of bile, hate and guile and vile pains in my throat.
let's drown in the basement, it's filled to the brim.
let's jack up the prices while the pickings are slim.

Do you like my party tricks?

you all washed through me like debris in a stream,
you cut me to ribbons and left me to bleed.
melting alone, showing off white bone,
you can ring that bell or you can huck in that stone.
on the phone is the voice i've been dying to hear.
there's nothing for you, better luck next year.
when everything was suddenly, utterly clear.
to shut off these shut outs, i'll cut off this ear.

can you hear this night?
it's starry, starry.
can you see me mouth out sorry, charlie?

there's no good taste in this art space.
straight porno and snuff films, i should be disgraced,
but i'm titillated. it's tantalizing,
and as i move to the movement, i'm self-aggrandizing.
i'm filling with air, i'll float it up there.
a chairman sitting easy on a big easy chair.

Do you like my party tricks?
I trick out clicking sticks to get my kick

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nice weather for ducks...

this is a late night post. i'm gonna go to bed (hopefully) after i'm done here. my dad wants me to get off the computer and i don't want to make him mad... ugh, i hate living here. i want to be on my own again...

i was thinking about this electronic duo all day, so that's who i'm posting on here. the group is called, Lemon Jelly.

the duo started in 1998 and are currently on hiatus, but that shouldn't stop you from listening. you never know when these guys might start back up again!!! they hail from london and make great electronica music with pop flavor and rock styles all mixed in. there is also some brief moments of trip-hop/ambient/dream-pop/and indie all pulled together here-and-there. this is special music i just somehow discovered one normal day and i have been a huge fan ever since.

they made three ep's, which were all collected together to form their first lp titled, Lemon Jelly.KY. after that they made their official debut titled, Lost Horizons and after that their last album to date, '64 -'95. try these out and enjoy!!!

good night again...

Monday, February 22, 2010

The war on schuylerism...

last night team u.s.a. beat canada five to three in hockey. it was an awesome game to watch and one to remember. it seems it was the game of the century for many people. canada claims to be the ones who invented hockey, so they have really high standards when it comes to the sport. the must win EVERY game they play and last night was no joke. they played it rough!!! too bad for them though, because they gave it their all and tried to get the puck in many MANY times. if it wasn't for the excellent defense of goalie, ryan miller, we could have lost that game quickly. this is sweet news and makes me excited for their possible, olympic medal winnings.

how about some punk rock??? here is the classic punk group, NOFX.

this band really needs no introduction because they've been around since, like, FOREVER, but in case you didn't know, here we go. the band formed in 1983 and claims los angeles, california as their home base. they originally started as a melodic hardcore band before adopting the pop-punk aspect later on, as well as ska-punk. the band consists of original members, fat mike (lead singer/bassist), erik sandin (drummer), eric melvin (guitarist/singer) and el hefe (guitarist/singer). fat mike is the owner of punk label, Fat Wreck Chords, which alongside label, Epitaph, dominated the punk rock underground and mainstream during the 90's. you couldn't go anywhere without hearing some band or two from both labels. it's not so much like that in today's time, but if you happen to glance or the org summit, then you will find like-minded orgsters with a love for this style of music.

not ones to be pushed around, nofx have made a reputation for themselves by being outspoken, extremely rude, hilarious, and awesome all at the same time. at one point, i became very tired of their antics and music, and took a break from them. like most of their fans, there comes a time when we need to grow up and move on. the band hasn't done that yet and i applaud them for it. so, if you are interested in some snotty, bratty, completely dumb, but awesome punk music, then look no further than nofx to fill your cup.

this list of music is not an entire collection like i usually post. instead it's just the essentials that make up my collection. you will find here, five albums and an ep. sorry to those looking for all the other stuff. the internet is useful for a lot of things!!! okay, so first up is the lp titled, White Trash, Two Heebs and A Bean. next we have the lp titled, Punk In Drublic. this is probably their most popular album to date and a great place to start. next lp in line is called, Heavy Petting Zoo, which is then followed by the lp, So Long, and Thanks For All The Shoes. following that we have the ep called, The Decline. this is an awesome experiment in punk music because the ep is just one 15 minute song. it's a fan favorite and often asked to be played live. the first time i got to see the band they played it. it was during a rain storm at the warped tour. very cool. aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd last but not least is the lp called, Pump Up the Valuum. (the name is misspelled on purpose so the band could avoid a lawsuit. he he) so that's it now, enjoy!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mirror's Image...

i look into it and see myself looking much worse. i seem to have aged slightly... ever since last thursday's attack, i can't sleep well or even relax. i got some more medicine to help me sleep, but i really do hate taking that stuff. i just wish i could take it easy and shut down for bed like most normal people do. i won't post anything tomorrow, so this is it until monday or so. oh, and the movie, Shutter Island, is great. GO SEE IT!!!

to try and help myself sleep easy, i want to listen to the Cocteau Twins.

i know i listed this as nu-wave and post-punk, but that seems to be a right place to put them. but, over all, this is extremely haunting dream-pop/shoegaze music. the band formed in 1979 in scotland, and called it quits back in 1997. they were known for their lush instrumentation as well as lead singer, elizabeth fraser's unique vocal approach. she mostly sang non-lyrical vocals and when actual words were used you couldn't make them out most of the time. a sort of, glossolalia/mouth-music style. very awesome and well fitting with the atmospheric music that members, robin guthrie and simon raymond made together. this band is inspirational to many artist all over, including the Deftones lead singer chino moreno who has stated fraser as one of his favorite singers.

the band made several albums over the years, releasing most of them on the 4AD label and thus, getting a lot of attention in the process. after they broke up, members went on their separate ways, but some still continue to make music. robin guthrie made the fantastic soundtrack to the indie film, Mysterious Skin, of which i will one day post on. but, for today, i only have two albums by the band. these two are my personal faves and one's not to miss. first is the album, Treasure, then next we have the album, Blue Bell Knoll. to describe these essential albums would be very hard for me to do, but alas, all i will say is trust me on this. the music contained here is totally worth your time and something that needs another look from the public. enjoy!!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Shutter Oklahoma...

okay, so tonight i'm going to see the movie, Shutter Island, and it's looks pretty cool from afar, so i just hope that i won't be a let down. usually martin scorsese movies are pretty good, so i have a positive outlook on the whole thing. i'll let you all know tomorrow!!!

i gotta keep this post short because i have a few things to do before i go to the movies, so here is a band i've been wanting to post on for a bit now. the band is called, Grizzly Bear and you should now know of them!!!

i saw these guys at Coachella, back in 2007 and was very impressed with what i heard. to describe their sound, i guess i would say it's freak-folk mixed with psychedelic pop and electronics. this brooklyn, new york band has been around since 2004 and have been making huge marks in the indie underground. their latest album has been critically acclaimed all over, and even got a high score on!!! other bands to compare grizzly bear to would maybe be, Animal Collective, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes and Panda Bear. this is good stuff and i totally love it!!!

sooooooooo, we have here everything except one little ep. the first thing to check out is the grizzly bear debut called, Horn of Plenty. this is mostly an acoustic solo album by the lead singer. in second place we have the very awesome album, Yellow House. this is where the band took off and started getting critical praise. after that we have the ep titled, Friend. and in last place is their latest and best album to date, Veckatimest. well that's it for today. try these out and see if you can dig em'!!!

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks from Suspicious Sounds on Vimeo.

time to have some fun...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bed Head...

there is a movie called, 500 Days of Summer. i purchased this movie after having watched it online a few weeks ago. to say that it affected me is an understatement. what i should say, is it helped heal me. yes, it helped to heal some bad wounds i suffered from my last relationship. those old wounds never seemed to leave me, but for some reason, when i first watched this movie, it changed my outlook on a lot of things and left me feeling much MUCH better. so, why did this happen now and not all the other countless times i've had conversations and watched love flicks??? i can't answer that too well because i have no idea, but maybe it's because the characters in this particular movie were pretty close to me. and what i mean by that, is simply put, they freekin' reminded me of myself and my ex. it was pretty crazy how little things here and there came about during my first watch of this movie, but eventually it all started to mold together and i came out of this feeling pretty good about myself. it was the ending that sealed it all for me. it left the viewer, hopefully, with a sense of hope and desire. summer turned into autumn, and with that came a new time in the guys life. a change, a new set of clothes, a new job, new haircut and a new friend. there was something else too, that caught me quickly. the guy in the movie loves sad, post-punk music. brit-pop and shoegaze too. and if there is one thing i can connect to, it's the love for the band Joy Division. for those who know, it all comes down to ian curtis's lyrics. that's it really, and for a character in a movie like this, who obviously likes the band as well (and happens to have a few shirts of theirs) it makes me do the comparison thing. does this guy think like me or act like me??? not to do too much over thinking on the subject, i passed that all by and just enjoyed the movie for what it was, a romantic comedy. you know, the funniest people are often the saddest...

there is some music that's been floating in my head recently, so i guess that means it's time to post on it. here is the electronic act, M83.

originally a two-piece shoegaze/dream-pop/nu-gaze/electronic/whatever act, anthony gonzales, or better yet, M83 (named after the spiral galaxy, messier 83) has been making great, sleepy music since 2001. the lush landscapes created by the electronic equipment, mixed with the live instruments, has created a vast array of experimental music that touches all those special places many people love. (hmm???) first off is anthony himself, what, with his soft voice and ambient tones. and then there is the instrumentation, with it's own self worth and creative flow that makes it's mark and holds the listener until the very end. and last, there is the lyrics, with their own personal touch to them that have relatedness and warmth. this is all stirred together in a huge pot of talent and finesse, and then belched out to the masses for listening. it's very good stuff, and hopefully you can give it some of your hard earned time. for music, time can be wasted or used accordingly. let's hope its the latter...

minus a few things, we have just about everything M83 has put out so far. the first two albums were put together with the original duo, but then that all changed and the latter two that came next would feature more backup musicians and song structure. we first have the self titled debut, and then we move onto the second lp titled, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. this album is amazing and features one of my favorite M83 songs called, "america". look below for the video!!! okay, so in third is the album, Before The Dawn Heals Us. this is the start of the more, ambient/dream-pop stuff and a great album to boot. and in last place is the best work M83 has done so far; the album, Saturdays = Youth. look at the cover and spot some pop-culture references. yes, the album is a tribute to the 80's and anthony seemed to love it a ton. the video for the song, "graveyard girl" is below as well. okay, so sorry for skipping a few days there and not posting something new. i hope this makes up for it. enjoy!!!

Graveyard Girl from purnell on Vimeo.

sleeping hurts...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Breadcrumb Trail...

the winter olympics are currently on television. it's awesome to see the athletes compete for the gold. i remember wishing i could one day be in the olympics. i think i wanted to play either baseball, or alpine skiing. it's all good fun, but it's so intense when watching the american teams. you really want them to win everything, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. you cheer for their sake, but when something bad happens, it's too bad for them. well, on the bright side, at least they are getting all that publicity!!!

okay, so today is another quick music test in the world of indie rock, 101. here is the band, Slint.

this band, along with the band, Talk Talk, is pretty much responsible for creating post-rock. their music is mostly instrumental, with the occasional spoken word. i labeled this 90's emo, simply because it reminds me of some of the areas that the genre in the old days represented. there is also a great amount of mathy rock, that is sporadically used in conjunction with each song. slint formed in 1986 and broke up in 1991. they reunited a few times in 2005 and 2007. they were short lived, and only released two full lengths and one ep. though, being around for a short time has left many with no idea of how they were when playing live, the credit has garnered them cult status in the world of indie rock. when some people think of indie music, slint happens to come to mind quit often, and for good reason too. this is pure, emotional, and unique music that was created by four young men with nothing else to do. it's the blue print on how to make music, and something that any aspiring musician should follow.

okay, so yeah, we have everything the band ever did right here!!! first is their debut lp titled, Tweez. second we have their seminal work in the form of the lp, Spiderland. this is sparse, eerie, post-rock music. the song, "good morning, captain" is a masterpiece of the genre. and in last place is the self titled ep, also known as the glenn/rhoda ep. try these out and get some edumacation!!!

i miss you...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Avalyn 1 and 2...

it's another slow day, but a good one. things are much better than they were a few days ago. i'm just glad to not still be in the hospital!!! i don't have much to blog about, so i guess i'll get right on to the music.

i like this band i'm about to post on. they are pretty unique in regards to their formation. you see, this band was created by some kid around the age of 16, all by himself before recruiting other members to fill in the gaps. the first record by this band was written and recorded all by this one kid, so that stands out big time for me. here is, Amusement Parks On Fire.

yeah, this is another one of them shoegaze bands i like so much. it's cool, bro!!! you should give these cats a listen because they freekin' rule!!! no joke yo!!! yeah, so the band started in 2004 by this kid named, michael feerick, in nottingham, uk. he wrote and performed all the instrumentation's for the self titled debut album, then signed to V2 records before gathering the rest of the assemble. the band has toured all over europe and america, most recently with the reunited, Psychedelic Furs, and another time with, Scarling. apparently they have a new album dropping soon, but more on that at a later time.

for now, we have here the two full length lp's, minus several ep's the band has put out. first is the self titled debut lp, all done by feerick himself. then next we have the second lp, titled, Out Of Angeles. try these out and get your outer space travel on!!!

gotta try out that space trip...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dayvan Cowboy...

what a week it's been for me. on thursday i had an allergic reaction to some new medication, and i found myself in the emergency room of our local hospital. i was driving when i started going stiff. my neck was pulling to the right side, and my teeth were clamping down very tight. i grabbed a straw to chew on so i didn't bite my cheeks. it was very scary during this time. i couldn't control myself. i was driving to my grandma's when it all happened. i had to call her and say that i was going to the hospital. i was able to back into a parking spot, and then i checked in. my attitude was rough with the nurses, but i couldn't help it. i was freeking out!!! this has happened before with new medication. the last time i had a bad reaction, my eyes were rolling into the back of my head uncontrollably, and that was happening while i was driving as well!!! so scary. glad i'm not taking that stuff any more...

since i haven't slept much at all, i'd consider some moody music to help pass the time and make things a bit, more sleepy. here is the electronic duo, Boards Of Canada.

forming in 1986, boards of canada have been making moody, atmospheric dream pop music using electronics for a long time. they are signed to the Warp record label, which is home to many more electronic artists like, Aphex Twin, Autechre, !!!, Bibio, Seefeel, and Squarepusher.

i discovered these guys on the amazon web site while looking for similar artists making shoegaze/dream-pop music. they stood out amongst the crowd for their epic orchestrations and ambient sounds. hey also use sound clips from various nature programs of the 70's in their music. they say this comes from their childhood's and the watching of various nature shows. needless to say, if you are into this sort of music, then look no further!!!

okay, so we have here two albums by the duo. first is the album titled, Music Has the Right to Children, and second is The Campfire Headphase. give these a quick listen and go to sleep if you can!!!