Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dayvan Cowboy...

what a week it's been for me. on thursday i had an allergic reaction to some new medication, and i found myself in the emergency room of our local hospital. i was driving when i started going stiff. my neck was pulling to the right side, and my teeth were clamping down very tight. i grabbed a straw to chew on so i didn't bite my cheeks. it was very scary during this time. i couldn't control myself. i was driving to my grandma's when it all happened. i had to call her and say that i was going to the hospital. i was able to back into a parking spot, and then i checked in. my attitude was rough with the nurses, but i couldn't help it. i was freeking out!!! this has happened before with new medication. the last time i had a bad reaction, my eyes were rolling into the back of my head uncontrollably, and that was happening while i was driving as well!!! so scary. glad i'm not taking that stuff any more...

since i haven't slept much at all, i'd consider some moody music to help pass the time and make things a bit, more sleepy. here is the electronic duo, Boards Of Canada.

forming in 1986, boards of canada have been making moody, atmospheric dream pop music using electronics for a long time. they are signed to the Warp record label, which is home to many more electronic artists like, Aphex Twin, Autechre, !!!, Bibio, Seefeel, and Squarepusher.

i discovered these guys on the amazon web site while looking for similar artists making shoegaze/dream-pop music. they stood out amongst the crowd for their epic orchestrations and ambient sounds. hey also use sound clips from various nature programs of the 70's in their music. they say this comes from their childhood's and the watching of various nature shows. needless to say, if you are into this sort of music, then look no further!!!

okay, so we have here two albums by the duo. first is the album titled, Music Has the Right to Children, and second is The Campfire Headphase. give these a quick listen and go to sleep if you can!!!


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