Monday, February 8, 2010

Liquid Flowing...

it feels like a stream flowing today. i feel like a stream, gently flowing along, not caring where i will go. maybe it's the fact that i just woke up, or maybe it's because i'm thinking while listening to music. either way, it feels good and much much better than yesterday.

you know, as a writer, there comes certain words that i try my best to not use in any form of description, because i have a better selection in my mind than those. bbbbbbbuuuuuuuuutttttt, there is an exception to the rule, and i have been wanting to use this word for some time. it's the word beautiful, and i'm using it to describe the icelandic post-rock band, Sigur Rós.

sigur rós hails from iceland, which is home to other artists like, Bjork and Hum. the band formed in 1994 and are currently on indefinite hiatus. the group is led by lead singer and guitarist, jónsi birgisson, who has a distinct fallsetto vocal approach, bassist georg hólm, keyboardest kjartan sveinsson, and drummer orri páll dýrason. they also have other members who help fill in the gaps when playing live.

the group makes very large, sporadic post-rock music, with a lot of focus on melody and soft vocals. the songs tend to be long, with great buildups and conclusions. the song, "starálfur" was used in the movie, The Life Aquatic, and is often the most talked about. there really is something special about this music. it's very unique, and inspiring. the vocals are also sung in icelandic, with a sometimes scat-like style. recently, they also made a documentary film called, Heima. it's a fantastic film and one that should be watched if given the chance. (i saw it on the sundance channel.)

all their full length albums are here for your enjoyment. we first start with the debut album titled, Von. after that we have the second lp called, Ágætis Byrjun. this is my personal fave, and the song i mentioned above is on this album. okay, so in third we have the untitled album, also known as Brackets or Parentheses. this is followed by my other favorite album titled, Takk.... this is another pretty album, and one not to be missed. and finally we have, Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust. so, here we are at the end of the post. please PLEASE give these albums a listen, and flow along with me...

come with me, along the river flowing...

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