Monday, February 15, 2010

Breadcrumb Trail...

the winter olympics are currently on television. it's awesome to see the athletes compete for the gold. i remember wishing i could one day be in the olympics. i think i wanted to play either baseball, or alpine skiing. it's all good fun, but it's so intense when watching the american teams. you really want them to win everything, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. you cheer for their sake, but when something bad happens, it's too bad for them. well, on the bright side, at least they are getting all that publicity!!!

okay, so today is another quick music test in the world of indie rock, 101. here is the band, Slint.

this band, along with the band, Talk Talk, is pretty much responsible for creating post-rock. their music is mostly instrumental, with the occasional spoken word. i labeled this 90's emo, simply because it reminds me of some of the areas that the genre in the old days represented. there is also a great amount of mathy rock, that is sporadically used in conjunction with each song. slint formed in 1986 and broke up in 1991. they reunited a few times in 2005 and 2007. they were short lived, and only released two full lengths and one ep. though, being around for a short time has left many with no idea of how they were when playing live, the credit has garnered them cult status in the world of indie rock. when some people think of indie music, slint happens to come to mind quit often, and for good reason too. this is pure, emotional, and unique music that was created by four young men with nothing else to do. it's the blue print on how to make music, and something that any aspiring musician should follow.

okay, so yeah, we have everything the band ever did right here!!! first is their debut lp titled, Tweez. second we have their seminal work in the form of the lp, Spiderland. this is sparse, eerie, post-rock music. the song, "good morning, captain" is a masterpiece of the genre. and in last place is the self titled ep, also known as the glenn/rhoda ep. try these out and get some edumacation!!!

i miss you...

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  1. i can't really say how much i love spiderland. great album adn great band.