Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Star Sail...

i spent all of tuesday at the indian hospital in ada, oklahoma. i'm getting myself taken care of and now feel much better for my decision to do it. i have to go back in march for a follow up, but i'm hopeful that the next time i go things will be considered and looked at. in my body, i feel as if there is something foreign. i can't really explain what it is, but there is something not right with me. i think i'm sick in a different sort of way, and because of that i want to get checked out all over for any trace of anything. i'm trying my best to get to the bottom of this problem, and with some help, i'm going to be able to do just that.

on the drive back to the city, i listened to this old band that many people know of, but don't really know that much about. they seemed to be doomed from the start, what with bad drug problems and terrible ego's, but that hasn't taken away from them, the talent of which i'm a huge fan of. oh, and they were also the end result of that terrible, one-hit-wonder syndrome, but whatever!!! here is, The Verve.

what really strikes me about the verve, is how much they rule!!! well, you see, you have to get past their third album, the mega seller, Urban Hymns, and the song, "bitter sweet symphony" in order to see what else they have done. now, i'm a huge shoegaze fan. i just love that thick ultra layered guitar sound. it's also real druggy, sounding, but that's not bad in any way. the verve, or originally just, Verve, started in 1990 in england and were constantly ushered into the then emerging brit-pop scene with bands like, Blur, Pulp, and Oasis. but, despite that, the band managed to separate themselves and make their own style of rock, heavily influenced by drugs and the shoegaze/dream-pop scene of the 90's.

the band has had the misfortune of breaking up three different times, with the latest being in 2009 after their fourth album and festival comeback performances. (Coachella 2009) so, ha ha on them. anyway, i still like them and if you are into this type of shoegaze music, give their early music a try!!!

so here we have everything minus a b-sides collection album, which isn't that good. we first start with the self title ep, then we move into the full lengths. the album, A Storm in Heaven, is the bands first ever full length, and is a good place to start right here. it's a heavy shoegaze album, and it ranks up there with, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, for it's thickness. second we have the album, A Northern Soul followed by Urban Hymns. most people know about urban hymns, but a northern soul is a good one also. and in last place we have their reunion album, Forth. this is almost a companion album to a northern soul, as it takes the band back to their highest roots with dream-pop goodness. try these out and enjoy!!!






slide away...

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