Sunday, February 14, 2010

Avalyn 1 and 2...

it's another slow day, but a good one. things are much better than they were a few days ago. i'm just glad to not still be in the hospital!!! i don't have much to blog about, so i guess i'll get right on to the music.

i like this band i'm about to post on. they are pretty unique in regards to their formation. you see, this band was created by some kid around the age of 16, all by himself before recruiting other members to fill in the gaps. the first record by this band was written and recorded all by this one kid, so that stands out big time for me. here is, Amusement Parks On Fire.

yeah, this is another one of them shoegaze bands i like so much. it's cool, bro!!! you should give these cats a listen because they freekin' rule!!! no joke yo!!! yeah, so the band started in 2004 by this kid named, michael feerick, in nottingham, uk. he wrote and performed all the instrumentation's for the self titled debut album, then signed to V2 records before gathering the rest of the assemble. the band has toured all over europe and america, most recently with the reunited, Psychedelic Furs, and another time with, Scarling. apparently they have a new album dropping soon, but more on that at a later time.

for now, we have here the two full length lp's, minus several ep's the band has put out. first is the self titled debut lp, all done by feerick himself. then next we have the second lp, titled, Out Of Angeles. try these out and get your outer space travel on!!!

gotta try out that space trip...

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