Friday, December 31, 2010

Let old aquaintance be forgot...

this is the last post for 2010. it's been a very strange and rough year for me. for your sake, i'm not going to spend this time telling you about my problems for once. everybody has problems, so i'm nothing special. anyway, like i said, it's been a strange year. hopefully i will make 2011 a better one. i need more focus and understanding in my life. i can't see clearly right now...

wait, please don't think that all was terrible. there were still some amazing moments i had and christmas this year happened to be one of them. i'm still happy that my family all got together and managed to not kill each other.

me and my little cousins from houston. i'm sooooo glad they came to visit!!!

oh, and just for fun, here's some top ten lists that have no purpose other than to fill out space. first off is a top ten list of music that made the year better.

10. toro y moi - causers of this
9. phoenix - wolfgang amadeus phoenix
8. weezer - pinkerton
7. j dilla - doughnuts
6. flying lotus - cosmogramma
5. yeasayer - odd blood
4. best coast - crazy for you
3. boys life - departures and landfalls
2. the jazz june - the medicine
1. deftones - diamond eyes

next is a top ten list of movies. (i love these!!!)

10. how to train your dragon
9. despicable me
8. black swan
7. 127 hours
6. true grit
5. the social network
4. scott pilgrim vs the world
3. toy story 3
2. harry potter and the deathly hallows
1. inception

and lastly, here is a random list of things that happened in 2010. these either annoyed me, or i loved them. (you'll have to guess which one!!!) regardless, it was a LONG year...

- having a seizure from medication...
- going to concerts
- watching inception for the first time and realizing that movies can still be good
- hearing a new deftones album
- going to ada and being told i could have potential thyroid problems...
- being in the christmas play and loving every minute of it
- almost being fired from work for making a jab at obama...
- getting a job that pays well
- keeping my blog alive
- powwow dancing
- falls creek
- new clothes
- the jersey shore...
- christmas get togethers
- seeing my cousins from houston
- writing
- getting some little music reviews published on
- sushi
- ex girlfriend dreams...
- car trouble...
- sickness...
- sleepiness...
- dreams of moving

the year will be over in a several hours, so i'm gonna leave this with you. thanks everyone for reading this blog of mine and for showing interest in whatever it is i write. just the fact that some people might be taking the time to read my writing makes it all worth it. over the course of the next few weeks i will hopefully be moving out of my dad's and into my own place. wish me luck on that!!! so, have a great new years and stay safe tonight. don't let the cops sniff you and keep away from huffing, or whatever the kids are doing these days...


WAIT!!! what about the music yo??? right right... okay, so here's Daft Punk ya goons!!!

i just figured that daft punk would fit in with the new years celebrations. right, so daft punk is a electronica house duo from paris, france that formed back in 1993. they are held up in high regards and are considered the pioneers in the french house genre. they have received critical acclaim all over the world for their catchy singles and amazing live shows.

in 2006 daft punk headlined the dance tent at coachella and instantly became one the best live acts in the world. seriously, their live shows became an instant success and thrilled many people across the globe. just recently the duo has completed the Tron Legacy soundtrack to the film of the same name. it's a mostly instrumental affair, but fans love it nonetheless.

daft punk always make me happy and take me back to a time when i was young and music became a forefront to adventurous new horizons. (late night mxtxvx and such were my outlets...) yep yep yep, so here is some music to make you dance and enjoy yourself. don't waste it!!!

first place in their disco the amazing debut album, Homework. next is my personal favorite which is the album, Discovery. after that is their third album, Human After All, and then their Alive 2007 album. lastly is the newly released soundtrack album, Tron Legacy. get in on the fun and dig it...

happy new year...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My stomach is being punched in...

can it be??? am i actually posting this during the day and not late at night like usual??? it seems so!!! i better do this quickly because i'm somewhere important and this could get me into trouble. heh heh

alrighty, so today is tuesday and my stomach is in nots. i'm not sure what happened, but i'm thinking it was the food i had last night. anyway, it's almost lunch time and i need to do something i guess. maybe go eat, or maybe just chill here. regardless, i'm happy to be posting freely and not having to quickly jot down rubbish at home where my dad is giving me a hard time about "stupid blogging..." geeze, the guy just doesn't care at all...

right, so going off last nights twinkly posting, here's another band i'm diggin' called, Hightide Hotel. oh, and i'm going to make this a bit more interesting and construct a double listing, so after the first one, there's another awesome band called, By Surprise.

hightide hotel are a young band from philadelphia, pennsylvania that play the awesome, 90's style emo/midwest sort of thing. they have great singing and wonderful melodies that are both catchy and emotional. i can't help but sing along all the time with these guys.

their discography is growing slowly, but surely. they have several releases under their belts and with that, we start with their first ep release titled, Porch Luck. after that is an acoustic ep titled, Secret Somethings, followed by their split release with the other band i mentioned called, By Surprise. and lastly we finally have their debut full length titled, Nothing Was Missing, Except Me. be sure to give these a listen and look at the other band i'm posting as well.

ok, so now that we got the first band finished, here's the second one. this band goes by the name of, by surprise and they hail from somewhere in new jersey.

they play almost the same style of indie/twinkly/emo/pop music that all these other bands do, except they make it their own. in a sea of bands doing the same thing, you must stand out and be different, and take it from me, these cats are different. their music is upbeat and catchy, plus they show great technical skill when it comes to musical craft. man, i'm really loving this stuff. SERIOUSLY!!!

right, so by surprise's disco isn't all that big, but what's here is pure gold. first thing to check out is their debut ep titled, Four On Seven In Eight. this should next be followed by their split with hightide hotel, so don't forget that one up above. aaaannnnnnddddd with that i bid you adéu...

ugh, my stomach...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Leaving Songs...

goodness!!! i’m soooooooo sorry for not posting during christmas weekend like i promised. time just got away from me so quickly, and well, you know how it is. the blog just wasn’t on my mind. oh, and i tried to post last night, but my dad’s computer became infected with a virus and caused the whole thing to become unworkable…

so yeah, anyway i hope you all had a great christmas. mine was most excellent!!! the get-togethers with the family were actually awesome and nothing bad happened which is AMAZING!!! i scored some sweet gifts, like money, uh, money and more money. i guess when you get older, money is a more easier present to give. lol. oh, and i also got a new South Park 2011 calendar and Inception on blu-ray baby!!! my gosh, the movie was even better the second time!!! and then rounding out the gifts, i received a new sweater, a new long sleeve shirt and dress socks and tank tops. overall, it was a good haul. with my christmas money, i went to norman, visiting hasting’s and finally picking up a dvd i ordered long ago, which happened to be the kung-fu classic, Master of The Flying Guillotine. i also grabbed the live action movie of the japanese manga, Dororo, which is another amazing film. what will i get next for myself??? stay tuned i guess…

aw, so over the past few months there has been this little known band that i found one random night while searching through the internet archives. they seemed to be an awesome bunch that were only around briefly, but made a mark that has stuck with me ever since. here today on a wolf at the door is, Midwest Pen Pals.

i believe this band formed before or after screamo/skrams act, Merchant Ships, but don’t quote me on that. (merchant ships were/are awesome by the way…) these kids hail from south bend, indiana and were only around a short time. they released one ep titled, Inside Jokes around 2009, and then broke up. they’ve reunited maybe once or twice since then, but have all moved on to newer projects, like the already mentioned merchant ships, who i think have broken up this year for good and another two bands called, William Bonney and Park Jefferson. if you must know their style, this little band of just teenagers played emotionally charged, 90’s influenced midwest emo, with all the best parts of twinkly math rock and screamo. i was shocked that such young kids made this music and you can definitely tell when you take a listen. it’s really good stuff and will please any fans who love artists like, Algernon Cadwallader, American Football, Street Smart Cyclist, Hightide Hotel, Snowing, Native, Boy Problems, Monument and Capn’Jazz just to name a few.

so, here is their ep called, Inside Jokes and also some demo's they had unreleased. their music is just one of the rare gems that i happened to get lucky and find. instead of having bands go unnoticed from little places all over the world, we have the internet to thank for letting us discover them one at a time. man, i really do love my hobby of finding music...

Hey dad, I've got some questions.
one, where the fuck is mom?
two, is she ever coming home?
Three, why did she leave us?
I know those are all sort of the same question, but i'm feeling sorry for myself.
Why am I always sad? I keep pointing fingers but karma always get back at me.

Sometimes, I lay awake thinking about the past and all the shitty things that happened,
the way it all turned out and the way that things are now.
What are scars but memories we can't forget?
well mom, you gave me a lot of scars and they really haven't faded.
We all get your letters but you can't quite seem to get it, we all forgive, but none of us can forget.
I hope you're doing well, maybe we'll talk again one day? I love you, I loved you never.

Soon we'll be alright; we've made plans to keep our heads high.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anything At All...

hello kiddo’s and rump shakers, it’s me schuyler and i’m having an alright day!!! you know, ever since this past weekend, the days that followed have been great to excellent. it’s amazing how things work out sometimes. i’m actually in a good mood as i write this, so anything posted needs to be of that reflection i think.

forgive me for not posting any pics from the christmas play. i still haven’t acquired any of them yet. here’s hoping that i will someday. shoot, you may not see them till the summer!!! lol

okay, so here’s the dillio. i have to work tomorrow, but not all day. after that i’m off until the next monday. i’ll try to make a post sometime during the weekend, so don’t think i’m leaving you all alone and shivering out there. as for right now, i’m making this quickly while i tend to my dramatically long list of music to check out. it’s so far going on 35 pages with three columns and at 10 point font. yes, that’s all bands and solo artists. it’s freakishly long and will take me FOREVER to accomplish, but hey, that’s what a hobby is. i’m ssssoooooooo excited to get to work on making my music collection even more complete!!! i’ll have to dig deep through the internet archives to make this “master” collection of tunes. good thing we have terabyte drives now!!!

jawesome, awesome, blossome!!! okay, now for the music, since i’m in such a cheery mood, here’s some fun stuff by a band known as Slapstick.

slapstick were a chicago, illinois ska/punk band that existed from 1993 to 1996. they are held up as one of the best ska bands to ever come about during the 90’s ska frenzy which most of us should remember. the band is mostly known for the acts that various members sprung up, or joined after their demise, which are, Tuesday, The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Sundowner, The Honor System, The Broadways, Less Than Jake, The Killing Tree, Rise Against, The Falcon, Colossal and Whale Horse. other bands somehow associated through old members and whatnot are, Baxter, Sweep The Leg Johnny, The Smoking Popes, Pines, and The Ghost. this is all true and well documented on this link:

alright, so now you know some history and it's time for your main course. what you will find here is the bands discography, nicely collected on one album from the fine folks at asian man records. the discography is self titled, but also goes by the name, 25 Songs. dig it and have yourself a Merry Christmas!!!

i still like ska...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Neon meate dream of a octafish...

you know what??? CHICKEN BUTT!!! oh, and guess what??? (seriously…) I HAD A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! oh my gosh yes!!! i’m still happy over it!!! saturday and sunday were the scheduled performances for the native american christmas play, and i rocked it!!! i actually did pretty good and almost my entire family came!!! i’m sooooooo happy that everything worked out like it did. just good times with good people and nice memories to remember forever. i couldn’t ask for anything else.

i know there were lot’s of pictures taken of the cast and crew, and i saw some of them myself, so eventually i’ll get around to posting them on here. just as soon as someone emails them…

i don’t have too much time to write a long diatribe about life’s complications, nor do i feel like it anyway, so let’s keep this short. the artist i want to mention today was just pushed back into my mind after reading the news of his recent death. ladies and gentlemen, i give you, Captain Beefheart.

don glen vliet, better known by his stage name, captain beefheart, was a musical/avant-garde/visual artist who made some of the most unsual, yet amazing music of the 60’s and 70’s. he performed often with his backing band, known as The Magic Band, and in the process, left behind many groundbreaking, landmark albums of pure art. yes art!!!

captain beefheart was a friend of Frank Zappa, whom he often competed and collaborated with. after releasing two awesome albums, the captain and his magic band went in the studio and churned out the groundbreaking double album, Trout Mask Replica. this album is by far his most famous and is ranked at number, 58 in the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made issue. and all things must pass, and so it comes with sad news that captain beefheart has passed away. he was battling multiple sclerosis at the time. still, the music he’s left behind will be forever cherished. many artists claim allegiance to the world of beefheart and if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be were they are now. Tom Waits, Sonic Youth, The White Stripes, The Sex Pistols, The Minute Men, Gang of Four and Blondie have all stated their inspiration and admiration for his music, and if you have a good ear, you can notice the subtle touches that are pure beefheart. (heh heh…)

so, to end this, i'm posting one thing here and that of course is the double album, Trout Mask Replica. believe the hype, but be warned, you may not "get it" on first listen. it took me many tries before i understood what they were doing here. aw, a good memory from my college days is flooding back. late night dorm room hangin' while jammin' captain beefheart and trying to write something that didn't suck, only to get lost in the music and fall asleep. dig it...


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hit the nail on the head...

*this post was written yesterday, but not published till today since the computer at my house is sick with viruses...*

i’m enjoying the sudden coldness that’s sweeping across oklahoma. the chilly air feels nice against my lungs and through my nose. sleeping in a cold bed, only to become warm by your own body heat is one of my favorite things. if i had to choose a permanent weather, i’d choose this kind. i say this mostly because i love wearing long sleeve shirts and sweaters. also, my jackets look friggin’ awesome yo!!!

well, i guess the tone for this post is different than the last one as you may have noticed. if not, they you don’t pay enough attention!!! anyway, i’d like to share a bit of my past with you. there was this one time when i almost died. i must have been about eleven or twelve when it happened. i was living in these crummy apartments with my dad back then, and for fun, i’d rollerblade all over the place. (i was a big Mighty Ducks fan…) well, on this particular day i was getting close to the edge of the parking lot, which ended near this sort of half pipe ditch. on the other side was a local middleclass suburban neighborhood, closed in by an old wooden fence. i wanted to skate the ditch walls, so i attempted by stepping in. instantly my feet rolled out from under me and i fell flat on my face. my large head (without a helmet…) slammed onto a wooden board that fell from the fence. it all hurt and sucked badly, but what caught my attention was the large nail sticking out from the board. my head was nearly half a foot away from landing on it.

i wasn’t one for thinking of death a lot back then, but this matter changed my life. i took close notice and my thoughts began to sketch out different situations on which i could die. i must have sat there for over 30 minutes, just staring at the board and then around the location. everything in my life at that moment seemed pointless. i lost what was left of my carefree innocence, and from then on i subject everything to my own personal motion. and what that means is, nothing can be simple anymore. it has become complicated and i make it that way. there is now a creeping feeling of something bad happening. i’ve had this issue ever since…

it’s weird though. i’ve been in cars wrecks and tornados, but this one little incident set the course for the things to come. ugh, maybe i’m just exaggerating, or better yet, writing this for attention and i just don’t know it, but regardless, it feels good to mention this little tid bit of my life. maybe its all for future reference when aliens take over and they need to know some of our human history. yeah!!! they’ll read my blog and discover a human who has some serious issues and who also really REALLY likes music. maybe then they will appreciate the Deftones, Joy Division, American Football, My Bloody Valentine and Nick Drake as much as me…

gliding through the archives of music out there, occasionally i’ll stumble upon something new that instantly makes me love it. new music is often harder for me to like than the old, so this was an exception that took strong presence over the past few months. this new music i speak of goes by the name, Teengirl Fantasy.

this is an electronic duo that consists of dudes named, nick weiss and logan takahashi. they currently go to college in ohio, but have taken time off to tour and make their music. they have blown up over the past year in blogs and independent music sites like pitchfork and stereogum. what they make is nothing new for the electronic genre, but it sure is a breath of fresh air. the duo mix and sample old school soul with trance like flourishes. it all meshes together quite nicely and makes for interesting and relaxing moments. they recently released their debut album, 7AM and it has made me a huge fan. songs like, “cheater’s” “four to floor” and “vibes” showcase young talent that is almost ready to take over. it’s a good example of the so called, “laptop” music that seems real easy to make nowadays. if you like such artists as, Gold Panda, James Blake, Matthew Dear, Toro Y Moi and old school electronica nobles, The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, The Future Sound of London and The Crystal Method, then you will be at home here with teengirl fantasy.

so, now that you know it, why don't you try it??? right here you will find some of their self released demos and then their debut full length, 7AM. dig it...

Monday, December 13, 2010

For Suck's Fake...

through the thickness of life, i’ve managed to end up back at the start again. it’s a monday, and right now i’m thinking of that movie, Groundhog Day. maybe i shouldn’t right it all off this early. i mean, it’s friggin’ monday!!! well anyway, this past weekend feels like it never happened. what the heck is wrong with me??? my gosh, i’m so tired. my eyes are burning and my bones feel weak. ambien is a heck of a drug. i kind of like it, but it’s not natural. neither are diet wheat pills.

if there was one thing that made the weekend a bit better, i would have to say it was play practice. sunday started with me going to church and feeling despondent like usual. i attribute this to the late night i spent partying at my best friends house. anyway, as i was sitting there, looking like a large pile of dirty socks, i noticed this new girl i’ve never seen there before. she came with this married couple i know. she looked to be about my age i guess. what caught my attention though, was how closely she resembled this other girl i met last year in california. strange as it may be, i had seen this new girl once. i believe it was at the oklahoma city indian clinic powwow. she sat a couple of rows in front of my family. she caught my attention back then as well, mostly for her shoes which looked like they belonged on a gladiator.

church ended like always and i drove home, stopping at kfc to “attempt” a meal. i think i gave it about 30 to 45 minutes before it all came back up and flushed away. man, i’m destroying myself. and here i’m admitting it on the internet. is there no shame??? of course there is, but i need to write something before i get to the music portion of this post. anyway, time passed as i watched Dinner for Schmucks, and i went back to church to practice. this proved to be the best part of the day. we all did our roles and chatted, laughing at our mistakes and the awkwardness. i’m feeling more and more proud to be a part of this event than i was on first thought. i’m not doing this for me, but for god. to keep the spirit of christmas alive…

ok, so who thought what i just wrote was totally cheesy??? (*raises hand*) yes, well it’s true though. despite what you read on here, i am christian and i don’t mind saying that. but of course, what would a blog be without drama right??? it’s those personal reflections that make people’s mouths wet for more. i guess that’s why memoirs are so popular. i just hope this stuff is more better and “real” than whatever some celebrity scumbag has written. those people don’t live like me.

oh, and today’s post is brought to you by the food product, “ding dongs.” a sweet, delicious, cream filled chocolate cake in a nice to-go package. ( i got’s a whole box o’ dem in my desk yar!!!)

earlier i was listening to a band called, The Dismemberment Plan and i think they are good for today.

this group, forming in 1993, hailed from washington, d.c.. they broke up in 2003, but have recently reunited for some sporadic anniversary shows. they are indie rock with a good mix of post-punk and 90’s emo. to date, they released five albums and several ep’s before ending. barsuk records recently re-issued their most popular album, Emergency and I, which is has gone on to become one of indie rocks best accomplishments. there isn’t much more for me to say here. if bands such as, Jawbox, The Promise Ring, Death Cab for Cutie, Fugazi, Q and Not U and, uh, i guess Moss Icon float your boat, then the dismemberment plan is blah blah blah dig it blah blah blah…

hopefully below you will find their third and best album, Emergency and I. the title is a play on the cult classic british film, Withnail and I. you all should go watch that. oh, and listen to this as well...

The only thing worse than bad memories
Is no memories at all
From the age of 20 to 22 I had five friends
None of whose names I can recall
And as I would walk down K Street to some temping job
As winter froze the life out of fall
Yeah, I must've been heaving a ball
Different scene outside your window now
Same VCR, same cats
Different people at the very same job
Similar alley, different rats
The trash goes out on a Tuesday now
You got to make a note about that
Yeah, this time you're where it's at
You can't say it but I know it's in there
You don't know it but I know that you're scared
Obvious and lonely a spider in the snow
Now you find the very same pit still yawns
Deep down within the very same gut
The very same ghosts still seem to haunt you down
Down those lines you always tried to cut
You thought you just might need a little change
And now you find you got nothing but
How can a body move the speed of light
And still find itself in such a rut?
You can't say it but I know it's in there
You don't know it but I know that you're scared
Obvious and lonely afraid to not let go
You can't say it but I know it's in there
You don't know it but I know that you're scared
Obvious and lonely a spider in the snow

Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't Read This...

my thinking process is stopped by my unending sense of tiredness. right now, i can’t think of much to write, except for what is coming out of my head at the moment. heck, i can’t even think of the music i want to post on. you know, honesty is the best policy, so here at, A Wolf At the Door, i stand by that phrase and try my best to be as truthful as i can be. the days drag on, and when they seem to be at their slowest, i tend to think of the past. like a lot of people, the past is not something i have forgotten easily. i sometimes envy those who can let it all go. (envy isn’t a good thing…)

so, what is it that i think about from my past that makes the day feel a bit more worse??? well, i don’t want to say worse, just a little sadder. thoughts about my ex-girlfriend are usually the first to come to mind. there is only one girl who has stolen my heart, and she is out there somewhere. most likely in the south west. i met her in college and that point in my life was a dramatic change. man, just sitting here thinking about writing this is making my eyes roll. i’m just one of the billions out there who have written similar things. still, those people aren’t me and they never loved this girl like i did/do. my parents are tired of me mentioning the past, and i’m not getting any support elsewhere, so this blog happens to be my emotional outlet. as i mentioned in my very first post, this blog is meant to be my own personal account of life, intermixed with music that matters.

ex-girlfriend woes aren’t the only thing that creeps up, oh no!!! there’s also my abstract lifestyle of constant depression and anxiety. oh yeah, the subject that NOBODY cares to talk about. having to make life changes based around something that i really have no control over is frustrating to do. i pop medication and see therapists, but it doesn’t really help much. (at least i don’t think it does…) i’m left with the sinking knowledge that i will have to live with this the rest of my life, but according to those sources who are supposedly there to help me, i can “deal” with it by other outlets.

truth be told, i always knew there was something wrong with me. growing up, i have always felt alone and sad. (OMG what an emo thing to say ya pansy!!!) oh yes, tis true i say, for you see, my life has been one of hurt and pain. why don’t i count my blessings??? i’m still alive aren’t i??? well, that’s easy to say, but ask yourself that same question once you have passed the thin line between life and death…

oh boy, i can tell this post isn’t going to be a memorable one. is there a way for me to rectify this and make it a bit better??? going back to those past thoughts, are there any that make me happy??? happy thoughts about my ex perhaps??? i don’t know if she ever reads this, (we haven’t had contact in quite some time…) but one of my best memories of her was the time we spent here in oklahoma. i’m not going into details, but i have some images that flash before my eyes. the OU powwow, eating braums ice cream, watching The Fifth Element, playing with my dog chewbacca, goofing off at wal-mart, seeing the cows along the road as we drove back-and-forth from school, and lastly, spending that wonderful moment on indian hills road…

where is my life taking me now??? i have a good job and might be in the process of moving out soon, but do those things really matter??? what’s the point to it all when you are dreadfully lonely??? i guess this is why music can mean so much to people. it means a lot to me of course, what, with me dealing with issues and needing a constant escape. the few minutes, or hours, that music brings to someone can matter more than what a lifetime can accomplish. oh, and moments can be fleeting, but that’s why we have the opportunity to replay it again. (ugh, my metaphors are tired out and depleted, just like my ipod…)

*please take note that this is a post written by a manic depressive…*

okay, so after a few minutes of staring blankly at the computer screen before me, i’ve finally chosen the right artist to mention today. (my whole attitude has changed from the above ramblings…) once again, we take a trip down indie 101 lane, and end up with the classic band, R.E.M.

r.e.m., which stands for “rapid eye movement” is one of college rock’s most important groups. when people mention college rock, or independent music in general, these guys should always come up. it’s standard practice to name drop r.e.m., and with that, we delve into the realm of their history here. first off, the band, who are from athens, georgia, started in 1980, and had the following members: michael stipe, lead vocals, peter buck, lead guitar, mike mills, bass, and bill berry, drums. this is the original lineup and they made many classic albums in the alternative genre. they rose to acclaim on college radio stations with their debut ep, Chronic Town. after this they started making their full length albums, many of which have been nominated for various awards such as grammy’s and whatever mxtxvx spews out these days. in short, if it wasn’t for a band such as r.e.m., we wouldn’t have much good music today. yeah, i said it!!! so, if you happen to dig bands like, Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Sebadoh, The Replacements, 10,000 Maniacs, Superchunk, My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction and countless others, r.e.m. should fit into your listening schedule.

now for the music, what you will find is about half their discography, which consists of my personal faves. seriously, i love all these recordings, so any one of them is a good starting place. in first position is the already mentioned ep, Chronic Town. after that i their amazing first full length, Murmur. following in pursuit are the albums, Reckoning, Fables of Reconstruction and Life's Rich Pageant. next in line is the album that really blew them up called, Document. and to wrap this up. three more albums i really love which are, Green, Out of Time and Automatic For the People. rolling stone has three of these listed in its top 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made issue. try guessing which one's eh??? heh heh heh, dig it then...

yes, take note that i did in fact write this post almost three days ago...