Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My stomach is being punched in...

can it be??? am i actually posting this during the day and not late at night like usual??? it seems so!!! i better do this quickly because i'm somewhere important and this could get me into trouble. heh heh

alrighty, so today is tuesday and my stomach is in nots. i'm not sure what happened, but i'm thinking it was the food i had last night. anyway, it's almost lunch time and i need to do something i guess. maybe go eat, or maybe just chill here. regardless, i'm happy to be posting freely and not having to quickly jot down rubbish at home where my dad is giving me a hard time about "stupid blogging..." geeze, the guy just doesn't care at all...

right, so going off last nights twinkly posting, here's another band i'm diggin' called, Hightide Hotel. oh, and i'm going to make this a bit more interesting and construct a double listing, so after the first one, there's another awesome band called, By Surprise.

hightide hotel are a young band from philadelphia, pennsylvania that play the awesome, 90's style emo/midwest sort of thing. they have great singing and wonderful melodies that are both catchy and emotional. i can't help but sing along all the time with these guys.

their discography is growing slowly, but surely. they have several releases under their belts and with that, we start with their first ep release titled, Porch Luck. after that is an acoustic ep titled, Secret Somethings, followed by their split release with the other band i mentioned called, By Surprise. and lastly we finally have their debut full length titled, Nothing Was Missing, Except Me. be sure to give these a listen and look at the other band i'm posting as well.





ok, so now that we got the first band finished, here's the second one. this band goes by the name of, by surprise and they hail from somewhere in new jersey.

they play almost the same style of indie/twinkly/emo/pop music that all these other bands do, except they make it their own. in a sea of bands doing the same thing, you must stand out and be different, and take it from me, these cats are different. their music is upbeat and catchy, plus they show great technical skill when it comes to musical craft. man, i'm really loving this stuff. SERIOUSLY!!!

right, so by surprise's disco isn't all that big, but what's here is pure gold. first thing to check out is their debut ep titled, Four On Seven In Eight. this should next be followed by their split with hightide hotel, so don't forget that one up above. aaaannnnnnddddd with that i bid you adéu...


ugh, my stomach...

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