Monday, December 27, 2010

Leaving Songs...

goodness!!! i’m soooooooo sorry for not posting during christmas weekend like i promised. time just got away from me so quickly, and well, you know how it is. the blog just wasn’t on my mind. oh, and i tried to post last night, but my dad’s computer became infected with a virus and caused the whole thing to become unworkable…

so yeah, anyway i hope you all had a great christmas. mine was most excellent!!! the get-togethers with the family were actually awesome and nothing bad happened which is AMAZING!!! i scored some sweet gifts, like money, uh, money and more money. i guess when you get older, money is a more easier present to give. lol. oh, and i also got a new South Park 2011 calendar and Inception on blu-ray baby!!! my gosh, the movie was even better the second time!!! and then rounding out the gifts, i received a new sweater, a new long sleeve shirt and dress socks and tank tops. overall, it was a good haul. with my christmas money, i went to norman, visiting hasting’s and finally picking up a dvd i ordered long ago, which happened to be the kung-fu classic, Master of The Flying Guillotine. i also grabbed the live action movie of the japanese manga, Dororo, which is another amazing film. what will i get next for myself??? stay tuned i guess…

aw, so over the past few months there has been this little known band that i found one random night while searching through the internet archives. they seemed to be an awesome bunch that were only around briefly, but made a mark that has stuck with me ever since. here today on a wolf at the door is, Midwest Pen Pals.

i believe this band formed before or after screamo/skrams act, Merchant Ships, but don’t quote me on that. (merchant ships were/are awesome by the way…) these kids hail from south bend, indiana and were only around a short time. they released one ep titled, Inside Jokes around 2009, and then broke up. they’ve reunited maybe once or twice since then, but have all moved on to newer projects, like the already mentioned merchant ships, who i think have broken up this year for good and another two bands called, William Bonney and Park Jefferson. if you must know their style, this little band of just teenagers played emotionally charged, 90’s influenced midwest emo, with all the best parts of twinkly math rock and screamo. i was shocked that such young kids made this music and you can definitely tell when you take a listen. it’s really good stuff and will please any fans who love artists like, Algernon Cadwallader, American Football, Street Smart Cyclist, Hightide Hotel, Snowing, Native, Boy Problems, Monument and Capn’Jazz just to name a few.

so, here is their ep called, Inside Jokes and also some demo's they had unreleased. their music is just one of the rare gems that i happened to get lucky and find. instead of having bands go unnoticed from little places all over the world, we have the internet to thank for letting us discover them one at a time. man, i really do love my hobby of finding music...

Hey dad, I've got some questions.
one, where the fuck is mom?
two, is she ever coming home?
Three, why did she leave us?
I know those are all sort of the same question, but i'm feeling sorry for myself.
Why am I always sad? I keep pointing fingers but karma always get back at me.

Sometimes, I lay awake thinking about the past and all the shitty things that happened,
the way it all turned out and the way that things are now.
What are scars but memories we can't forget?
well mom, you gave me a lot of scars and they really haven't faded.
We all get your letters but you can't quite seem to get it, we all forgive, but none of us can forget.
I hope you're doing well, maybe we'll talk again one day? I love you, I loved you never.

Soon we'll be alright; we've made plans to keep our heads high.

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