Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anything At All...

hello kiddo’s and rump shakers, it’s me schuyler and i’m having an alright day!!! you know, ever since this past weekend, the days that followed have been great to excellent. it’s amazing how things work out sometimes. i’m actually in a good mood as i write this, so anything posted needs to be of that reflection i think.

forgive me for not posting any pics from the christmas play. i still haven’t acquired any of them yet. here’s hoping that i will someday. shoot, you may not see them till the summer!!! lol

okay, so here’s the dillio. i have to work tomorrow, but not all day. after that i’m off until the next monday. i’ll try to make a post sometime during the weekend, so don’t think i’m leaving you all alone and shivering out there. as for right now, i’m making this quickly while i tend to my dramatically long list of music to check out. it’s so far going on 35 pages with three columns and at 10 point font. yes, that’s all bands and solo artists. it’s freakishly long and will take me FOREVER to accomplish, but hey, that’s what a hobby is. i’m ssssoooooooo excited to get to work on making my music collection even more complete!!! i’ll have to dig deep through the internet archives to make this “master” collection of tunes. good thing we have terabyte drives now!!!

jawesome, awesome, blossome!!! okay, now for the music, since i’m in such a cheery mood, here’s some fun stuff by a band known as Slapstick.

slapstick were a chicago, illinois ska/punk band that existed from 1993 to 1996. they are held up as one of the best ska bands to ever come about during the 90’s ska frenzy which most of us should remember. the band is mostly known for the acts that various members sprung up, or joined after their demise, which are, Tuesday, The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Sundowner, The Honor System, The Broadways, Less Than Jake, The Killing Tree, Rise Against, The Falcon, Colossal and Whale Horse. other bands somehow associated through old members and whatnot are, Baxter, Sweep The Leg Johnny, The Smoking Popes, Pines, and The Ghost. this is all true and well documented on this link:

alright, so now you know some history and it's time for your main course. what you will find here is the bands discography, nicely collected on one album from the fine folks at asian man records. the discography is self titled, but also goes by the name, 25 Songs. dig it and have yourself a Merry Christmas!!!

i still like ska...

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