Sunday, August 30, 2009

Killin' Nazis...

this was a better day. me and my stepbrother went and finally watched the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Inglorious Bastards. this was a funny romp, and for me, there is one image that comes to my mind when remembering this flick. i don't want to spoil it for ya, but all i will say is that face won't ever look the same after that!!! lol

For the music today let's go out with a bang!!! this is a favorite band of mine and also the first time i ever went to a concert was to see them in 1996 here is Oklahoma City!!! I'm am of course talkin' about The Smashing Pumpkins. i have everyone of their albums not to mention tons of bootlegs including the very concert i went to back in the day. but for just this post i want to only include their best albums (in my opinion). So here for you to jam is Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

have a nice day...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


how does it feel to be compared to something or someone totally different than what you are??? well i might be cool, and then it might suck...How do you comprehend what you are when someone tries to talk you down and say this and that??? is there even a reason for such logic to be said; logic that isn't even necessary???

this is an angry post. i'm sorry for that by the way. i really have nothing else to say. it's just been a bad weekend for me. i'm ready to go...somewhere...far away...ugh...

for an angry post how about some angry music??? this band calls themselves Converge.

this is their album Jane Doe. this is probably their most popular album by far. this thing shreds with so much pissed off anger that you don't want to be caught off guard when listening. Jacob Bannon the singer also does the artwork for the releases and his lyrics are solid as well. i believe this was a major breakup album. i know that because i used it for that particular reason.

You were most beautiful as the damage and the trauma
Pounding hard with battered wings of destiny
You were my last great war
You were my heaven ablaze
Riddled with faults and fractures
And I spent my last of days burning my oldest of bridges
And I spent my last of nights killing the best of friends
In the company of thieves, liars, beggers and whores
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come

sometimes you just feel like screaming from the top of your lungs. for me, i'll let someone else do it. of course i do scream on occasion when the opportunity calls for it.

time to vent and time to breathe...

Friday, August 28, 2009

I feel it closing in...

well if my last post was somewhat depressing, then this will top that. well, not actually, but the source material should...

i mentioned that i became connected to two artists. first was Nick Drake and the second one is Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. you see, as Nick wrote songs from a depressed, but other wise beautiful mood, Ian wrote songs that seemed to be speaking from the grave itself. i challenge you to listen to his lyrics and not foresee his inevitable end. yes, he also committed suicide at a young age. he was 23 and hung himself in his kitchen. sorry for being blunt about it. anyway, it was also during that time in my life that i really became obsessed with him and his music. of course anyone who has listened to Joy Division will tell you, not all seemed so bad. with the exception of the lyrics, the music was quite well done and very poppy and danceable. they were the forerunners of the Post Punk movement before there ever was one. the band first started as the Stiff Kittens, then became Warsaw, eventually landing on the name Joy Division which as history has proven, was a German program used by the Nazis in order to birth pure Aryan children. (blonde hair, blue eyes) whatever, the name was cool and the band took off from there.

Eventually meeting with the legendary Tony Wilson, a friendship was formed and the band signed to Factory Records based out of Manchester. They made two albums, Unknown Pleasures and Closer. after Ian's death, two more albums were made with the first being the album Still and the second Substance.

When Ian died the rest of the members stayed together and became New Order which is an entire story of their own.

this was a post i have been wanting to make for some time. i'm glad i finally got around to doing it. if you are out there in the darkness, please try to pull yourself out of it's deep levels...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, how they come and go...

deep dark caverns of the deepest dark you can imagine...when i was there, it felt like no other. there were no others. there was only me and myself. of course i now know that was not true, but at the time it sure felt like it and sometimes today it still comes back, creeping up like smoke under the door. what is it like to feel this way??? i can't tell you because i try my best to not remember it. it was probably the most painful experience i've ever had in my life up till now and that means that my parents divorce from my chilhood doesn't even compare.

why am i writing this down??? is there a point to all this??? am i being too over the top and full of my own self pity??? i really don't know...i just wanted to write something down and remember for just a little bit of a time that was hard to live. well, life is sometimes hard to live and we all have problems to deal with. i know that for sure. but, sometimes i think back and question what was going on. was there a way that i could of handled it better??? did i have to repeat the same mistakes over and over again hoping that they would be different each time???

you see, at college i began this steady decent into a personal hell. i slowly began to crumble under something i could not understand. eventually i found someone who pulled me out of the catacombs only to send me back in much faster and deeper than before. it's not that persons fault though. i fully stand by that statement. it was my own fault...i made choices that i already knew the outcome of. by no doubt a fool's choice. an ignorant fool i was...

so, with all this depressive writing, what am i gettin' at here??? well i wanted to get back into that spirit for only a little bit to bring you to the music post here. while i was in that phase of my life i found someone who i became attached to. actually two people, but i will post on one just for now and save the other for my next post. the person i want to mention is non other than Nick Drake. the singer songwriter who tragically died at the young age of 26. he committed suicide by overdose. for some reason, i became attracted to those who committed suicide. i don't relish this fact because like i said, i was a fool. i still am in many ways...

the music this man made was an outlet for just the few minutes that they lasted. this man knew pain and isolation. he knew what it felt like to be in those places i described above. he knew and i was glad to discover that fact because for those who were not me, which is everyone, they could not even begin to fathom what my life was like. they can only speculate and i wondered if they even cared at all. (which i know a lot did...)

it's during those quiet times that i listened to Nick. his soft cool voice was warm and tender. he was a story teller. he told us about himself and what life is like for others. he spoke words that he had written. he inspired me to write better. to write some truth and not to bs people. here are the lyrics to the song "river man".

Betty came by on her way
Said she had a word to say
About things today
And fallen leaves.

Said she hadn't heard the news
Hadn't had the time to choose
A way to lose
But she believes.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the plan
For lilac time.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
And all night shows
In summertime.

Betty said she prayed today
For the sky to blow away
Or maybe stay
She wasn't sure.

For when she thought of summer rain
Calling for her mind again
She lost the pain
And stayed for more.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the ban
On feeling free.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
I don't suppose
It's meant for me.

Oh, how they come and go
Oh, how they come and go.

here for the post are three albums. first is his debut Five Leaves Left and then his second album Bryter Layter and then his third and final album Pink Moon. that is it and i hope you might take a chance and give them all a listen. just to be warned, this is music that is pretty mellow and not always the best thing to listen to when in certain moods. yeah, i sound like i'm contradicting myself from all the stuff i've written, but it's very true. this is very mellon collie music. i just found it to be there for me when i was in those certain "moods". standout tracks from the albums such as "fly", "northern sky", "fruit tree", "pink moon", and the already mentioned and personal favorite, "river man" are ones that i hold dear to my heart.

this post is in no way a glorification of all things depressing. sometimes beautiful things come out from our most darkest of times. what we are supposed to do is pick ourselves up and friggin' move on!!! i believe i have and am doing much better for it. i still listen to this music now and then, but that does not mean i'm still in those deep dark caverns i once was...

I wanna be adored...

i have been training lately. training for Modern Warfare 2!!! seriously, i'm super stoked for this game. i love the Call of Duty series and this one looks to be more of the same thing, but with better graphics and textures plus that always addicting multiplayer action that is more addicting than meth and crack combined which are addicting things to be addicted to. yeah, it seems to be more of the same, but whatever!!! this series is by far my most favorite FPS series ever EVER!!! if you are game, look me up online in the PS3 network. my name is eatdogs. oh, here is a youtube video of some hot multiplayer action!!!

to sort of spread my muscial choices across the board here, i'm going to post some brit-pop. the band is The Stone Roses and this is their debut self titled album. really the only good release they had, the stone roses made it big in the Madchester (Manchester) music scene with their psychadelic sounds, danceable tunes and pop flavor. these guys inspired many to come from the likes of Oasis to Pulp and even Coldplay. have a listen and enjoy!!!

what inspires me??? i don't know... maybe music, maybe life, and maybe even other things...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's alright now, candle...

i feel good today. much better than normal. i'm glad to have friends and a wonderful church family. i hope everybody out there is doing well themselves. don't give up now!!! just plow on through and get to the next step.

i try my best to practice what i preach, and i just hope that i'm doing a good enough job. i need to be kept in check all the time...

i really don't have much to say in this blog. i'm in a good mood and want to keep it at that. so for a music post!!!

this band is fantastic and legendary. one of the original groups that arose from the no-wave movement of New York, they quickly established themselves as a dominate artsy force that paved the way for many bands to quickly follow. quickly follow by means of just gettin' out there and doing their own thing!!! Sonic Youth have been together for a very long time. longer than most people are married or even alive!!! this is the groundbreaking double album Daydream Nation. this album is avant guard, but also easy to get into than their previous releases. this set them off and made them present in the college/indie scene of the late 80's well into the 90's and still to this day, people compare new work to this piece of art. standout tracks include "teenage riot" and "candle" from which the title to this post comes from. be sure to check this out and listen for the sound of a band coming together and making something out of nothing.

good night and good sleep. don't let your dreams frighten you...

Reading, Writing, Thinking...

i have been doing those three things as of late and i can see myself gettin' back into the groove of my multitasking ways. i like to juggle all three things at once and it seems to be the only way i work.

i have also been talking to my buddy whom i won't mention here. alas, she is totally awesome and funny as well!!!

what was that??? anyway, this is a short post and maybe i will do something later on tonight.

here is the music!!! the band is Indian Summer.

they were part of the 90's emo scene and are held up in high regard. they only recorded nine songs and this is their entire discography titled Science 1994. be sure to check em' out.

my gosh i love music. i love music soooooo much!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hell's Kitchen...

today is tuesday and i have a new hope. a hope that i will get a certain job. this certain job is one that i can totally relate to and totally do well. it's also something i can actually use my college education for. you know, all those years i spent in school far away from home??? well those years weren't for partyin'!!! i'm excited, but also very nervous. i just hope i can get a break and that they will give me a chance to work.

hmm...well for my music post i guess i'll go ahead and get these guys out of the way just because they are so amazing, and i litterally can't wait to tell you all about them. they started in the 80's, but made their splash in the 90's, riding the high waves of the shoegaze genre. well actually they are the ones who perfected the genre and usually when one talks about that genre they are most of the time mentioned. My Bloody Valentine, are to me, one of the most important bands of all time. (this is just my opinion and i'm sure most won't agree with me...)

there are three postings for them. first is their debut lp Isn't Anyhthing followed by the ep You Made Me Realise and last and certainly not least you cabbage people is their masterpiece and one of the most important albums of all time in music history, Loveless, which also happens to be one of my favorite album covers ever.

this is music meant to be played at VERY LOUD LEVELS!!! make sure you have a decent pair of headphones and sit back, or preferably, lay back and take in the sonic waves of pure eargasm delight. i actually had the good fortune to see these guys when they reunited and played a few more shows in America this past April. i went to the last date in Dallas TexASS and i was blown away by their powerful noise. yes, noise is the right word because they play noise. noise that can creat landscapes and set you free from all the crap on this planet. if you are interested, check out this link to a video of them playing the song You Made Me Realise. when i watched them play this song, i chose not to wear the earplugs that were given to me. i instead stood there and felt like i was riding a rocket ship to the moon and back. you can't imagine the sheer terror and beauty of this music unless you see it live. see and listen for yourself.

well there ya go. tune in, listen, and tune out everything else.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Puddle Splashers...

i had to post another before i hit the sack. my bed i mean...

this band is famous in the indie/emo scene of the 90's for really going out there and branching the two genres together. it's a great and weird mix all at the same time. this is also the start of the kinsella family line of bands/artists that followed. to even try to explain the treeline would be difficult, so here is a picture made by some people to help those who are interested.

i personally have something from everyone of those artists because i'm crazy like that when it comes to music. but to go back to the main point here, the band that started that entire league of extraordinary music is none other than Cap'n Jazz.

Tim Kinsella and his brother Mike along with a few others such as Davey VonBohlen who would later go on to begin The Promise Ring, played emotional rock without all the hubfub that many bands tend to drown us in today. this music is inspiring along with it actually being pretty freekin' technical and downright amazing in it's time signatures and flow. this music became the blueprint for the mathy rock/emo stuff that is for some reason becoming more and more popular in the underground today. heck, Algernon Cadwallader almost sounds like a tribute band in many ways...

so here for ya to dig is their entire discography. titled Analphabetapolothology, this collection of songs spans the bands entire career and ends with live tracks taken from their final show in their native home town of chicago, illinoise which is famous in it's own right for bringing us many great artist we listen to all the time today. (disc 1) (disc 2)

I really like Tim's little kid voice in these songs from so long ago. (not that long ago...)

Another day, another vendetta...

the court thing went alright i guess. actually nothing happened. i just went and got a date for a hearing. i'm tryin' to push back the ticket payment until i can get some money. let's hope i can get a job.

speaking of jobs, i found a really nice one today and i hope i can get it. i had to apply online (most places do that now...) and tomarrow i'm going to go to the location and speak with the manager. i'll try my best to give him the Schuyler Deal 100 million dollar smile and attitude!!! lol

it's been a long and hot day. i'm just glad to be in good health. well, i need to drop a few thousand pounds, but other than that everything is fine with me. i'm still thinking about all the fun i had yesterday. the water park was great!!!

okay, well for the music post. i'm thinking of something a little different. i don't want to just post emo bands and such, so i'm gonna change it up a little bit and let you all check out these guys. Third Eye Blind. they just released a new album called Ursa Major, but that is not the one i want to post. instead i'm posting their self titled debut album. this is the one that blasted them into the stratosphere and made them lots of money. there were so many singles off this one album that when it came out you couldn't cahnge a radio station without hearing at least one of them. my personal faves are "how's it goin' to be" and "motorcycle drive by". After a really bad breakup i found myself jammin' this album a ton. those two songs really meant a lot during those hard times, and i'm sure i'm not the only who feels the same way when it comes to the personal drama and reflection that these two songs speak of. don't believe me??? well try it out for yourself and listen to the world fall apart in your ears. (the singer really had a hard time...)

I can feel this narcolepsy slide into another nightmare...


okay quick post. this band is like the reincarnation of the totally awesome but long gone band American Football. these guys call themselves Penpal and this is their self titled album. get into it!!!

i was supposed to be asleep at this time, but i find myself watching South Park season 3 and typing this. i'm still going to court today, soooooooooo i'll post on that event laters...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water Works...

i had fun today. i wanted to not go to my church picnic, but after some talkin' i got my mind made up and went to it. for the record, i really did have a good time. i love my church family and just being with everyone outside the church itself is something i want more of. gettin' to know everyone better is something i also want. we held the picnic at a water park and it was awesome. i got soaked!!!

still though, my first doubts of going came from my desire to have my parents with me. they are at different churches here in oklahoma city and i'm alone at mine. its okay, but still i just wished that they could have been there. of course they are divorced, so that might have been an issue...

tomorrow i go to court to get my ticket moved back in order for me to get the money to pay for it. i'm not worried because there is nothing i can do to avoid it. i have to pay for it. all i can do is try to keep it off my record.

but oh well, not biggie there, really... i learned another lesson. (ipods are too hard to mess with when driving...) :P

sooooooooo, on to the music again!!! the band is Sunny Day Real Estate.

the album is Diary. for those who don't know, this band is held as one of the titans of the emo genre. (whatever that is...) they are also from the best period which was the 90's emo period. in my opinion, the best emo bands came from the 90's, and as a 90's kid, i grew up with this music even though i might not have heard it that often. MxTxVx would sometimes actually play good music back then. 120 Minutes and Alternative Native come to mind. Whatever, anyway this band broke up after a few more albums, but non the less still hold up well today and inspired many kids to make their own music. just don't lump these guys with those day-glow kids you see at the malls today... oh, and also be sure to check out the singers solo stuff. his name is Jeremy Enigk and his music is wonderful as well.

so here's to you and everyone we know. laters...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scary stuff indeed...

hmm, my step mom got an email containing an audio recording from here in oklahoma. the area is Hobart. what you hear is something i can't say. i don't really have a clue as to what it is. i might be shooting in the dark by saying it's Bigfoot, but who knows. it's probably a Honka for sure. things can be pretty scary here...

Today is the day that the lord has made...

okay, so i left my house with my step brother to get my cousin and see the new Tarantino flick. well after leaving and not getting about a mile down the road i look down for one second then look back up to see this little red car right in front of me. well that was it. i hit the thing and pretty much totaled their trunk. i swerved to the left and got almost out of the way, but when i hit the brakes i skidded and hit the back end with my right front passenger side bumper. my car is totally fine. i broke my light and scratched the plastic bumper, but all in all my car is just fine and thank god for that. only problem now is i have a ticket and i got to get my light fixed. on top of that i need a freekin' job. i know i can complain about being a college graduate and having a hard time in this world finding a job, but doing that kind of thing doesn't help my situation. complaining doesn't help at all...

so, on monday i'm going to the moore oklahoma court to set back my ticket in order to get a job to pay for it. yep, i'm in a hard place as of now. i never saw it comin'...oh, and we didn't get to see the movie. we instead got my cousin and came back to the house and watched Twilight with Riff Tracks.

my mood since this incident has been all over the place. i don't like myself when i can't focus and just dwell in self pity and depression. i have tried my best to overcome such things since this past year of hell that has been my life. i don't want to go through that sickness again. i'm not going to let this crap get to me.

here's the weird thing though. whenever i get depressed, i can think of the worst things in life and for some reason they sort of make me feel better. most of those things involve death. lots of death. mostly my own death... don't read into that. i'm not going anywhere. i'm not in that hole anymore. it's just that i think of those sorts of things and they seem to comfort me...

here is a youtube video that i found a long time ago. i searched for the song that is playing in the video and when i came upon it i found this. it's a different mash up for sure. the song is called Xtal and its by Richard D. James or better known as Aphex Twin. he is a fantastic Drum n' Bass artist, but also a great ambient artist.

here is the album Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

i don't really know what i feel when i watch that video. i guess when you grow up surrounded by drama, you might become numb to some things. i for sure am numb more often nowadays than i use to be when i was a kid. death is here and death will come, but i want to at least live my life as best as i can and greet death as an old friend and not some enemy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Blues...

today i tried to call Borders to see if they would interview me for a job at their store. "if they are interested, they will get a hold of you." yeah, that was my answer when i phoned...

getting a job is freekin' hard right now. i'm serious!!! i'm tryin' and it just seems so out of my league. well, whatever. it will eventually work out and things will go my way soon. hopefully soon.

i'm pretty frustrated right now too. it mostly concerns my powwow outfit. i seem to be having trouble getting it finished and i would say it's about 90% done. i'm so close to wearing it and gettin' out there and dancing, but i'm being held back by some rather unpleasant forces...

besides that, all is well with me. i'm in much better moods as of late and i'm startin' to get back into my writing world. hopefully this blog will inspire me to write a lot more. heck, that what i went to college for anyway...

now for my music post. i want to share some tunes that are pretty different. the band is called Algernon Cadwallader.

this is their debut album titled, Some Kind of Cadwallader. what can i say about this band? well they first remind me of Cap n' Jazz. Seriously, they have that style down to a T. the midwest indie/emo influence is quite in place here, so if you are into that kind of twinkly/math rocky sort of thing then these guys should spark your interest.

so that's it for now. the new Quentin Tarantino movie is out today, so i might go see that if i feel like it. laters...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


my first blog post... so much to write and yet so much i just don't care to mention at the moment. i guess that's what blogs are for huh??? to write whatever and whenever. sooooooooooooo, how are all of you out there??? my name is schuyler and i'm a writer/music lovin' freek. i just graduated from college and am now tryin' to get a job in order to move out and live life on this earth in some sort of way... uh huh

on this blog i want to share my thoughts and feelings toward certain things that might happen to spark my interest. music is probably the most important part of this, but so is my writing. you don't have to read any of my junk on here which is why the mouse wheel is a very important part of the computer life!!! just scroll on down to the music post!!! oh yeah, i do not own the rights to any of the music posted on here. i'm simply just wantin' to spread the good tunes to anybody who might appreciate them.

so anyway, at the top of my blog you will find some lyrics. these particular lyrics come from a song called "Parking Lot" by the band Mineral.

the song comes from their album The Power of Failing and if you are wondering why i posted such words then it might be best to know me personally...which none of you out there do. yet...

seriously, these guys were so good. too bad they are now gone. R.I.P.

well, that's it for the first post. please feel free to listen and i hope you all enjoy. there is nothing more to say...