Thursday, August 20, 2009


my first blog post... so much to write and yet so much i just don't care to mention at the moment. i guess that's what blogs are for huh??? to write whatever and whenever. sooooooooooooo, how are all of you out there??? my name is schuyler and i'm a writer/music lovin' freek. i just graduated from college and am now tryin' to get a job in order to move out and live life on this earth in some sort of way... uh huh

on this blog i want to share my thoughts and feelings toward certain things that might happen to spark my interest. music is probably the most important part of this, but so is my writing. you don't have to read any of my junk on here which is why the mouse wheel is a very important part of the computer life!!! just scroll on down to the music post!!! oh yeah, i do not own the rights to any of the music posted on here. i'm simply just wantin' to spread the good tunes to anybody who might appreciate them.

so anyway, at the top of my blog you will find some lyrics. these particular lyrics come from a song called "Parking Lot" by the band Mineral.

the song comes from their album The Power of Failing and if you are wondering why i posted such words then it might be best to know me personally...which none of you out there do. yet...

seriously, these guys were so good. too bad they are now gone. R.I.P.

well, that's it for the first post. please feel free to listen and i hope you all enjoy. there is nothing more to say...

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