Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water Works...

i had fun today. i wanted to not go to my church picnic, but after some talkin' i got my mind made up and went to it. for the record, i really did have a good time. i love my church family and just being with everyone outside the church itself is something i want more of. gettin' to know everyone better is something i also want. we held the picnic at a water park and it was awesome. i got soaked!!!

still though, my first doubts of going came from my desire to have my parents with me. they are at different churches here in oklahoma city and i'm alone at mine. its okay, but still i just wished that they could have been there. of course they are divorced, so that might have been an issue...

tomorrow i go to court to get my ticket moved back in order for me to get the money to pay for it. i'm not worried because there is nothing i can do to avoid it. i have to pay for it. all i can do is try to keep it off my record.

but oh well, not biggie there, really... i learned another lesson. (ipods are too hard to mess with when driving...) :P

sooooooooo, on to the music again!!! the band is Sunny Day Real Estate.

the album is Diary. for those who don't know, this band is held as one of the titans of the emo genre. (whatever that is...) they are also from the best period which was the 90's emo period. in my opinion, the best emo bands came from the 90's, and as a 90's kid, i grew up with this music even though i might not have heard it that often. MxTxVx would sometimes actually play good music back then. 120 Minutes and Alternative Native come to mind. Whatever, anyway this band broke up after a few more albums, but non the less still hold up well today and inspired many kids to make their own music. just don't lump these guys with those day-glow kids you see at the malls today... oh, and also be sure to check out the singers solo stuff. his name is Jeremy Enigk and his music is wonderful as well.

so here's to you and everyone we know. laters...

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