Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enjoy The Silence...

i still feel like writing, so here i am again, putting more effort into this blog of mine that many do not read. that's okay though, because it means the music is sort of a secret, and this blog is an almost hidden place to go. with that, i hope whoever reads this enjoys the posts, and enjoys the music. if not, then enjoy the silence...

yeah, so i've mentioned them several times on here before, and after just name checking them for the Editors post, i thought it was time to give them their due. one of the most influential electronic bands of all time and one that you just have to dance to, ladies and gentlemen, here is, Depeche Mode.

singer chino moreno of the Deftones, cites depeche mode singer david gahan as one of his biggest influences, and you can't deny the fact that the baritone singer is quite awesome. all of the songs he sings with depeche mode are killer, and along with martin gore and andrew fletcher, the present version of depeche mode is still making great music and selling out shows all over.

wait, but what about the above photo of four guys??? well there was also alan wilder who was the keyboardist for the band from 1982 to 1995. after he left to pursue his solo project, Recoil, the band stayed together as a three piece, with the occasional touring musicians to fill in the gaps. so, to this day, depeche mode has sold over 75 millions albums worldwide, and are the most successful electronic band of all time. i will always remember the late 80's early 90's of my life. the radio back then was good, and even though i was a child, i listened to all this great music from that source as well as my parents and their old records. i grew up with lots and lots of tunes around, and depeche mode happened to mixed in there as well.

there is only one album i want to post for this band. you all probably know what it is, but for those who don't, it's the bands most popular one to date. it spawned four incredible singles, and reached #1 in many places around the world. it's ranked #342 in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time, issue and stands today as the bands high point in song writing, and craft. the album is, Violator, and one not to be skipped. try out the songs, "personal jesus" "sweetest perfection" "world in my eyes" and "enjoy the silence" or better yet, the whole freekin' album, because each song is fantastic and totally awesome!!! get this now!!!

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Enjoy the silence

Fall Down...

i about slipped this morning while walking out my front door to go to my car. i actually glided about four feet before i stopped. it made my heart jump!!! it would have been pretty terrible for me to fall, which seems to always happen when it is icy around here or anywhere. i'm just an accident waiting to happen...

i was jamming some Joy Divison, while coming home from church (heh heh, yeah...) and it got me thinkin' about what i want to post on today. i thought of none other than, the Editors.

this is another post-punk/indie band that i love simply because they remind me soooooo much of joy division and other similar bands, like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Chamelions, U2 and Depeche Mode. they are more closely relatable to newer bands like, Interpol and Bloc Party, but you can't help but compare them to the old school. this band has been trying to play all that down, but eh, whatever. it's cool bro, just don't forget those who came before, ya know???

okay, so this band started in 2002, in birmingham, england and have been making huge splashes across the pond with their dark, depressing, yet catchy and sometimes danceable music. this all has made the band garner much acclaim and awards as well as appearances at large festivals and television shows. to date, the band has releases three studio albums, two of which have hit #1 in the uk and platinum status.

and those three albums are right here!!! first we have their debut, which is my favorite out of the bunch called, The Back Room. in second we have, An End Has A Start, followed by their latest release, In This Light and On This Evening. the third album hasn't been listened yet by me, but from what i've read, it's radically different, and showcases a major change in style and substance. there are apparently, more piano and synthesizers, which make for a danceable album. take that for whatever you want, just check these out if you are into this sort of dark stuff, and enjoy the tunes!!!

har har slip n' slide...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Float On...

i was at a memorial service today for an old friend of my family who we knew of through church. she was very nice and it's sad to know that she won't be seen anymore, but the relief is that she is no longer in any pain and is most definitely in a much better place. i have been to many funerals throughout my life, and each one becomes more meaningful as i get older and begin to realize some things about life. the time will come one day that my family will mourn for those we love. it's because of this fact that i try my best to make amends and spend as much time as i can with whomever, despite our radical differences and usual nature to be mad all the time. i hate it so much when family drama goes on and on for years and even decades. it's nothing to be proud of and it eats me up everyday. but still, i love my family and i want nothing more than love between us. sometimes it takes tragedy and sorrow to bring us all together. i wish it didn't have to be like that...

my mood is good right now and i know it could have been a mixed bag of emotions, but that is not the case. i think my best friend is coming over later to hang out, so i'm looking forward to that. in times of mixed feelings and emotions, we might come to the decision that we are alone in all of this. in all these years, much music has been made talking about such things, and one band that comes to mind with amazing to the point lyrical content and great musicianship is none other than, Modest Mouse.

modest mouse is one of the best indie bands to come from american. they were one of the first to bring the style of independent music to the mainstream, have successfully reached major label status, garnered many fans the world over with great tunes and unforgettable lyrics, and all the while remaining true to their roots and style.

starting in 1993 in the small suburb of issaquah, washington, modest mouse was originally a three piece with lead singer and guitarist, isaac brook, bassist eric judy, and drummer jeremiah green. in later years, after their rise to fame, they brought on guitarist johnny marr (of The Smiths) multi-instrumentalist tom peloso, and percussionist joe plummer (of The Black Heart Procession) to help round out their booming sound.

i first discovered this band when the video for the song, "float on" hit the music channels. it was quirky and different, so i paid attention, but it wasn't until i heard the song, "the ocean breathes salty" that i became a fan. now, i had heard many people talk about them, but mostly it was jaded thoughts of hatred for their immediate fame that came with those two songs mentioned. you see, this band was special to a lot of people who were with them in their early days of playing small venues and halls. i know the feeling, of when one of the bands you like blows up to epic proportions and all these new cats come aboard citing their love for them. you go back to the old days and remember those sweaty house shows, or the intimate basements where they first played and the floors they slept on. it literally took, three to four albums for modest mouse to make their splash in the headlines, despite the fact that they were being praised early on. and now, all that stuff is of the past, and it hurts sometimes. still, the past has left us with the music, and the music lasts forever, much like the memories of those we love and care for who are no longer with us. for me, i take this into consideration, and out of respect to those old school fans, and the band itself, i go back and look through their catalog of music. most of the time, the outcome is even better than when i first heard them, and this band is no exception.

skipping the many ep's the band has made along with the compilations and singles, you will find all of their full length albums from their indie days to the majors. looking at the labels for this band, you might scratch your head as to why i posted so many. well, it's just for the purpose of mentioning all of their traits and what the music was regarded as by their many fans. it's rock, but it's also so much more. okay, so the first album we have here is the super titled, This Is A Long Drive With Nothing To Think About and after that we have their second full length and cult classic album, The Lonesome Crowded West. this is a really special album, and it showcases a lot of the labels i listed below when you consider the 90's mathy emo sound, and lo-fi mixtures. in third we have my personal favorite album, The Moon & Antarctica. this was the bands major label debut, and it is, from start to finish, and amazing piece of work. everything about this album, from sound to lyrics, just sparkles with intimate feelings and true genuine talent. and now in fourth place is the album, Good New For Those Who Love Bad News. this is the bands breakthrough album, and those songs i mentioned above are from this work. it's a great pop record, and it made the band have many more fans and acclaim. it also made people hate modest mouse, but eh, whatever. and in fifth place is their latest album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. i personally haven't even heard a single song from this album, but from the few who listen to anything the band puts out, it's a good one and a step up, or maybe a step back... anyway, this is where the band added the extra players and took their sound to the next, epic level. so with all of that, here is the music and it's your choice to enjoy it. ENJOY IT!!!

Oh gotta see, gotta know right now
What's that riding on your everything?
It isn't anything at all
Oh gotta see, gotta know right now
What's that writing on your shelf
In the bathrooms and the bad motels?
No one really cared for it at all
Not the gravity plan
Early, early in the morning
It pulls all on down my sore feet
I wanna go back to sleep
In the motions and the things that you say
It all will fall, fall right into place
As fruit drops, flesh it sags
Everything will fall right into place
When we die, some sink and some lay
But at least I don't see you float away
And all the spilt milk, sex and weight
It all will fall, fall right into place

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In...

it's another winter wonderland here in oklahoma. i'm currently snowed in with my family at my house in some small suburban neighborhood on the south side. there isn't much to do except stay warm and cozy. i wish i had some real cocoa to make hot chocolate, but i didn't get any before the snow storm hit. i'm thinkin' about playing some of my unfinished video games, but in what order as to do that, i don't know.

front door view of front yard yo!!!

our street always reminds me of silent hill...

i feel sorry for those who had to go to work on a day like this. it's too freekin' cold and crazy for that!!! aren't your bosses just jerks for making you go to work??? the risk is too high and besides, i'm sure your family wouldn't approve. ugh, i wonder if the evil that is wal-mart is open right now. i sure could use some good sandwich materials. mmm...

it's not that cold!!!

i'm trying for that "just woke up" look...

me and my step brother had to place some wood straight up into the carport to keep it from breaking with all that snow building up on top of it. funny how simple things need simple tools like wood!!!

here's me from behind. look away girls...

bushes frozen solid and killer ice cycles!!!

yep yep yep, oklahoma is a cold and beautiful place right now. i currently want to walk down the street to 711, but it might be closed and if it is, then it's not worth the trip through the tundra and valleys and hills, and city streets that need some major work because the pot holes suck so much to drive through and the gutters are overfilled with sludge and dead rats. yep yep yep, oklahoma is a special place to live and i love it so much!!!

while in the shower earlier today, i kept singing this song by a special band that i discovered last year. the song is called, "looking" and the band is called The Sidekicks.

i'm not sure the year they formed, but it's probably not that long ago. maybe 2005 or so. anyway, they hail from cleveland, ohio and have been making large marks in the pop punk/orgcore world of music. these young guys make honest punk music with a slight folky impression and a bit of that Replacements, Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music, flavor that many orgcore punks love.

try them out today, for you see, i have here everything they have put out so far!!! first we start with the fantastic debut full length, So Long, Soggy Dog, then next we have the short ep titled, Sam. and last we have the wonderful new full length, The Weight Of Air. this is their best album, (in my opinion of course!!!) and it showcases some major talent from these younglings. (ugh, yoda syndrome...) listed this album as their #1 pick for best of 2009!!! and that song i was singing is on that record, so check it out and singalong with me!!!

The Sidekicks - "Looking" from on Vimeo.

closing my eyes and i see you smiling
i'm enthralled by the looks that you give
closing my eyes when i open them i panic
these thoughts can never happen again

looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found
looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found

there sometimes i see new things that's alright
convenience creates a carrot filled wall
but the one i think of we lay in bed at night
smiles away you aren't what i want at all

looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found
looking for love in all the wrong places
looking for love where it can be found

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Horizon Sky...

tis a sad day as of right now for me. i just found out that one of my favorite authors has died. here is the official statement...

"NEW YORK, N.Y. – Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger has died at age 91 in New Hampshire.

The author’s son, in a statement from the author’s literary representative, says Salinger died of natural causes at his home. He had lived for decades in self-imposed isolation in the small, remote house in Cornish, N.H.

The Catcher in the Rye with its immortal teenage protagonist — the twisted, rebellious Holden Caulfield — came out in 1951 during the time of anxious, Cold War conformity.

Salinger wrote for adults, but teenagers all over the world identified with the novel’s themes of alienation, innocence and fantasy.

In later years, Salinger became famous for not wanting to be famous, refusing interviews."

this writer had a major impact on me during college, and the book he is most famous for is one that holds a special place in my heart. i have purchased that book for several friends of mine, and i've tried my best to be a better writer and seek a more personal approach to my word choice and subject matter. salinger was one of the few who captured me on the first read, and it's because of him that i want to be more brave and speak whats on my mind when i write. here's to him and one of the best literary anti-heroes, holden caulfield.

oh yeah, and i guess the music is supposed to be sad, but that doesn't have to be the case. here is an old school 90's emo band that was so under the radar, that nobody knows about them except for those who were local probably. they were called, Chocolate Kiss.

i found this band by chance. it was one of the many many inclusions on the "emoisdead" mediafire link i posted a while ago. in that package, there are so many bands no one has heard of, that it becomes overwhelming, but through slow progress you can find diamonds in the rough and the chocolate kiss was one of them. i took the chance, and computer space, and tried out their stuff. the music on that link came from their first album, onethrutwelve, and it quickly captured me on first listen. it's simple, yet profound music, created by some young guys who seemed really honest and sincere. i guess i could start now about how it connects to the above topic of salingers death, but naw. i don't need to make any more parallels here.

this band started in 1997 in atlanta and ended in 2002. they released four albums worth of material, and i honestly haven't listened to them past the first album because that stuff was really hard to find!!! it was like running around oklahoma that one year trying to find all the mega man x games on the super nintendo!!! (mmx3 for 15 bucks yo!!!) to me, this is one of the more important parts of the "holy grail" of emo music. i've read someone mention that the band has a little bit of a Hot Water Music vibe to them, and that may be so. also, i'm sure the elements from some of their previous emo bands, Car Vs. Driver, and The Hal Al Shedad, are sprinkled throughout. heck, those two emo bands i just mentioned were incredible as well. anyway, this music is really REALLY good, and it contains the right amount of positive vibes that one might need on a stormy day, like today, here in oklahoma. (were gonna get snowed in again...)

like i said, by chance i found these guys, and again by chance i have found their entire discography. we have all four albums here, with the first one being, onethrutwelve, or better known by the band as, "the orange album". in second place we have, Les Boom Boom, also known as "the blue album". in third place is, Set Yourself On Fire, or "the red album". and in fourth place is, No Funeral, also known as "the green album" for some reason. ha ha yeah, so be sure to get these and as a recommendation, start with the first one and go in that order. i just love that first album so much and it was one of the best things i discovered in music in YEARS. enjoy!!!

the clouds in the sky they just don't hold no rain man they look so black they just hold empty feelings the rain in the sky it just don't hold no thunder it's like a constant gnawing it's like a constant beating the clouds in the sky the look like looming largely they like to hang around if only to remind me the horizon sky it never shows no lightning it packs it all inside it's never more than threatening

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Right now it's time to...

times are tough in our nation. there is no hiding the fact that something stinks over in washington, and our political people aren't at their very best, or at least, doing what many so want them to do. there is lot's of double talk, and fingers crossed behind backs. tonight was the state of the union address by our current president, barack obama. i'm not a fan of him and i didn't vote at all in the last election. things begin to stir up inside me when i see him speak on behalf of the people. i never asked him to do that for me, because i don't agree with a lot of what he says. of course, i'm free to say these things since it's my given right, and whoever disagrees with me has every right to. i'm not here to make a rant, but instead to make a post on emotions. in all reality, my blog is a response to everyday emotions and feelings towards anything that might interest me, or make me think. to make the communication effect, i like to have music speak for me.

tonight's speech has made me frustrated and wanting to kick something around. i guess i'll just kick out some jams, by the amazing, and fantastic band, the MC5. (ugh, bad pun...)

punk started in america. don't deny that fact. it's started in the late 60's as a response to the situations going on at that time. i wasn't born until 1984, so by then it was just yuppie scum and acid washed jeans, but at some point in time, there was a spark started by bands with a passion and an effort to speak of something more than flowers and peace. these guys were about busting the system and kicking some butt, and the MC5 were one of the first to do such a thing. (The Stooges were the other at the time!!!)

emotions ran high during the 60's, what with Vietnam going on and our government loosing a lot of support from the people. there was radical change wanting to be made, and also a radical response from the public. art is and will forever be, the free place to make a statement. even during the 2000's, music made in response to the worldly situations was created, and some of it was good. (not as good as the stuff before though...) going back to the roots, this band was from the left and stood in contrast to the bs going on in america. not many were this brave at the time, and it came as a threat to many who didn't expect this from their children and neighbors.

the MC5, or Motor City Five, were from detroit, and existed from 1964 to 1972. the original lineup consisted of anarchists, and leftists with attitude. there was lead singer, rob tyner, guitarists wayne kramer and fred "sonic" smith, bassist michael davis and drummer dennis thompson. don't look at the current reunited version of the band, because it's just terrible tripe... anyway, these dudes were heavily inspired by the marxism/maoism of groups like the black panther party and fred hampton, the african american chairman of the illinoise chapter of the party. huey p. newton prompted poet and activist (plus MC5 manager) john sinclair to start the white panther party, who were a militant, far-left, and anti-racist party that supported the black panthers through the 60's. their goal was for "cultural revolution" as well as other elements, like "rock 'n roll, dope, sex in the streets and the abolishing of capitalism." the MC5 was the party's house band, and often their shows became politically influenced performances with "special" incidents taking place. the band is also famous for their performance at the democratic national convention in 1968, in chicago where violent protests took place. it is stated that the band played for eight hours straight, and none of the other bands came... lol

ha ha, so take that with whatever you want. it's old news and been done and is now gone, but what's left behind is the music and attitude. the MC5 made three awesome, perfect albums of 60's garage punk. their first album, Kick Out The Jams, was recorded live as an effort to capture their live showcase and it grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. the sheer intensity of singer rob tyner and the messy but carefully arranged guitar plucking's from the members rages on with the thumping bass and mammoth drumming that fills in the rest of the gaps. this music is powerful and makes me wish i could have witnessed it back then just to see the faces on the people witnessing it for the first time.

music this good needs to be spread around and discussed for it's own merit. these guys created something original and radical, and because of that, they hold a special place amongst the more well known artists of then and now. there is a lot to be seen in today's music and performance that owes much credit to these pioneers of style and force. the presence on stage was dynamic and often exploding like an atom bomb on the unsuspecting audience. when i first got into this band, their live videos i found reminded me of At The Drive-In, but then i realized this stuff was back in the freekin' 60's man!!! this is totally awesome and makes me wonder why more people my age don't know about these guys!!!

now, for the music we have here all three albums the band made in their career during those troubling times in america. first is the already mentioned, Kick Out The Jams. this album is just great, and it sends shivers down my spine every time i hear it. kick out the jams, along with the next album, are featured in the Rollingstone Top 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made, issue, and rightfully so. yeah, so that next album mentioned is Back In The USA, and it's a more focused, pop rock, bluesy affair and made the bands talent more well known, but received mixed reviews. and for their final effort, we have the album, High Time. this album was their poorest reviewed and least selling, which caused their label to loose money and drop the band. too bad, because money isn't everything right??? okay, so i'm done with the history lesson, and now it's time for bed, and the forgetting of things that have happened in the past. well, except for the music because it's more important that what obama burped out. enjoy!!!

"kick out the jams, motherf*ckers!!!"...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Killing Moon...

it's been a good day so far. things seem to be at ease with me which never happens much. it's tuesday again, and tonight is volleyball night. well, i'm not sure how things will turn out since one of our oldest church members sadly passed away yesterday, but i'll just leave things up to chance. if it turns out we aren't having volleyball, well i can find something else to do. i have a few video games that need a beating. oh, and after i type this post, i'm gonna finally finish my darn moccasins!!! i have just the bill to do on the top and that's it!!! i'm so glad to be done with those things. they have been a huge source of so much pain and drama. i don't know why it's like that, but each and every day i walk past the crafts table in our living room, they sit there mocking me. to be done is a relief and a big relaxing moment.

i'm in the mood for some 80's music. you all know how much i love Joy Division, well here is a simular band that went under the radar a bit. they made great records and should have been more big, but i guess that's just how things go. the band i'm talking about is, Echo & the Bunnymen.

this is a great post-punk/nu-wave band from liverpool, england. they formed in 1978, and gigged all over london, playing with similar locals like, Joy Division, Killing Joke, A Certain Ratio, Throbing Gristle, Gang of Four and The Smiths. over the years, the band has had dramatic lineup changes, but remains playing today with original singer ian muccolloch and guitarist will sergeant. they have released 11 albums in their career and are about to embark back to america to play at this years Coachella Arts and Music Festival in indio, california. i sooooooooo want to go, and hopefully something will work out which will allow me so, but until then i have their music to jam. remember that movie, Donnie Darko??? well the song, "the killing moon" was used during the opening credits to the original theatrical version of the movie and it garnered many more fans. look it up on you tube to get a clue. oh, and why is it that U2 got all the popularity and these other bands didn't??? its a tragedy really...

right here you will find their first five albums. all made in the 80's, these are what many consider the best albums by the band. after the fifth album, most of the original members left and the band hasn't been the same since. okay, so in first place is their debut titled, Crocodiles, followed by their best album, (in my opinion) Heaven Up Here. after that we have the album, Porcupine, and then their most popular album, Ocean Rain. that album contains their biggest hits, "the killing moon" "silver" and "seven seas". and in last place is their self titled effort, which is also a great album. soooooooooooo, with that give these a listen and dance away!!!

In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Luv Meaningless...

today is just a full day for me. i'm still on the computer and still wanting to write on this blog. i don't know, but i feel the need to write some more. i guess it's just to keep myself in practice, but as well, this blog is helping me to get away from the troubles in life for the few short minutes it takes for me to type.

once again, i have here another 90's emo band i totally love. they were called, Broken Hearts Are Blue.

this band had former members from other old school emo acts such as The Vine, and Current, and made only one album. they were from kalamazoo, michigan and very short lived. i'm not exactly sure the years they were active, but their album was released in 1998. the album in question is titled, The Truth About Love, and it is an excellent piece of work from start to finish. i hope you will give it a listen and try out something old, but probably new.

All my friends have been taken by the good, good earth.
One by one they pass right through to the six foot under blue milieu.
O Natasha, your face is O so Russian and your face is so unlucky.
All my friends have been taken by the good, good earth.
One by one they pass right through, revered in soil, the blue milieu.
O Natasha, your body is covered in jokes.
O Natasha, they made you change your name so you could be a big, big star.
Natasha wouldn't.
Natalie, she would.
I know she wouldn't.
I swear, O lordy, she wouldn't.
She didn't know how to swim.

To Catch A Ghost...

music can save people. at least that's what the people thought at the original Woodstock in 1969. i believe it can help people, but as for saving, well that's up to whoever. it saved me, but helped more. music is always a good thing to get behind during the bad moments in life. but, you shouldn't really rely on it so much because it's just there to fill in the background and certain moments. wait, i take that back. you can rely on music. heck, i do it all the time. ugh, what am i talking about??? uuuugggghhhhhh...

here is the band, Brand New. there are awesome.

one of the better, current indie/emo bands of the last 10 years or so, brand new has been making quality music and getting better and better with each new release. starting in 2000, the band claims long island, new york as their home and have been all over the world since their humble beginnings. this band has a strong connection to a few other acts out there like, Taking Back Sunday, The Movie Life and Crime in Stereo. originally being in the band, The Rookie Lot, lead singer jessy lacy and his buddies, garrett tierney and brian lane grabbed vincent accardi and formed brand new. they quickly signed with triple crown records and released their debut album, Your Favorite Weapon, and got many of their old school fans right away. over the years, the band has changed their sound, from a more pop-punk/emo style, to indie/shoegaze/90's emo style. this change has lost them many old time fans, but has also garnered new ones. i personally like the way the band has matured so much over the course of four albums, and i hope you all will give each release a try. be sure to listen to them in order.

okay, so here you have all four albums. first is the already mentioned debut album, Your Favorite Weapon, followed by the second lp titled, Deja Entendu. in third is their major label debut, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, followed by their latest release, Daisy. these are great pieces of music and i hope you abosorb them with an open mind. enjoy!!!

Back in school they never taught us what we needed to know,

like how to deal with despair, or someone breaking your heart.
For twelve years I've held it all together but a night like this is begging to pull me apart.
I played it quiet, left you deep in conversation.
I felt uncool and hung out around the kitchen.
I remember I kept thinking that I know you never would,
and now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could.

Everyone's caught on to everything you do
Everyone's caught on to.

As if this happening wasn't enough I got to go
and write a song just to remind myself how bad it sucked.
Ignore the sun, the cover's over my head.
I wrote a message on my pillow that says, "Jesse, stay asleep in bed."
So don't apologize. I hope you choke and die.
Search your cell for something with which to hang yourself.
They say you need to pray if you want to go to heaven
but they don't tell you what to say when your whole life has gone to hell.

Everyone's caught on to everything you do
Everyone's caught on to
And everyone's caught on to everything you do (And I can't let you, let me down again.)
Everyone's caught on to (And I can't let you, let me down again)

So, is that what you call a getaway?
Tell me what you got away with.
Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish.
I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids.
Have another drink and drive yourself home.
I hope there's ice on all the roads.
And you can think of me when you forget your seat belt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield.

And is that what you call tact?
You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back.
So let's end this call, and end this conversation.
and is that what you call a getaway?
well tell me what you got away with.
cause you left the frays from the ties you severed
when you say best friends means friends forever

So, is that what you call a getaway?
Well tell me what you got away with.
Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish.
I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids.
Have another drink and drive yourself home.
I hope there's ice on all the roads.
And you can think of me when you forget your seat belt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield.

Everyone's caught on to everything you do (And I can't let you, let me down again)
Everyone's caught on to (And I can't let you, let me down again)
And everyone's caught on to everything you do (And I can't let you, let me down again)
Everyone's caught on to (And I can't let you, let me down again)

I Drive...

i went to the doctor today for an assessment. i'm deciding on going back to counseling and hopefully that will help me with some problems that still linger on. i'm positive about the outcome and keeping myself in good spirits towards making a better progress than i had before. this is something i know i need, and to be able to get down to the roots of whatever it is that's bothering me will be worth all the wait and struggle.

here is another obscure 90's emo band that many do not know of. they were awesome and one that was short lived like all the good ones. here is, Bells On Trike.

this is for those who love the twinkly/math rock emo music of yesterday. this little band from richmond, virginia existed from 1995-1999 and released only one 10inch record and that was it. for those who like, American Football, Cap n' Jazz, and The Promise Ring, you will find simular tastes here. get down with it and enjoy!!!

i'm getting some help...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kid Candy...

well i found out that Cap n' Jazz played a short four song set last night in chicago. this "mini" reunion show was captivating, but of course i didn't find out about it till this morning. it's not like i would have gone anyway, but it leads me to want a full on reunion tour. i would have loved to seen them back in the 90's, but i never got that chance. let's hope this sparks their interest in doing such a thing. crazy, but some really good 90's bands have been getting back together these past few years. i got to see The Get Up Kids, and i missed Sunny Day Real Estate, but here's hoping that i get to see them eventually. maybe at Coachella if things work out... heck, even the band Jawbox is reuniting to play on some late night show with that dude from snl. things are pretty awesome on this front.

well speaking of bands reuniting, here was one that did just that a few years ago. they played at some major festivals, including the Fest in gainsville, florida and are still together. they are called, Seaweed.

this band originally formed in 1989 and existed until 2000. they are from tacoma, washington and were part of the early grunge/punk movement of the 90's. but, unlike their peers whom they were compared to often, seaweed had a more punk/emo approach to their music which set them apart. they often toured with similar bands like, Bad Religion, Fluf, Quicksand, Mudhoney, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and Superchunk. they were even on the very first warped tour way back in 1995. needless to say, this band was/is awesome and one worth discovering. so, since 2007, seaweed has been going strong and supposedly trying to make a new album between sporadic tours. give them a listen and have fun!!!

today i have all their stuff minus tons and tons of singles and 7 inches. first is the self titled ep, followed by the lp Despised. next we have the album Weak and then the awesome album called, Four. this is where one should start. look for the songs, "kid candy" and "loosing skin". for a little history, i saw the video for kid candy on beavis and butthead way back when!!! after that album we have Spanaway which was their major label debut. and in last place is the album, Actions and Indications. yes, this stuff is really good and i hope you all give it a try. enjoy!!!

there's a time for not speaking out
i was amused by the casting of shouts
walk by on a stupid whim
into your neck where the theory begins
never spoke of this you know
this is a place where we can't be candid
cheecky smite that you could hear
try to crawl into something
they didn't make
and miss the core

already know that i'm wrong
so why obsess about what side i'm on
all this will fall into seed
i'm not approaching you
cuz i'm afraid that you might move
i'll the color when i speak

this behavior has a right
and it's better than the counter
that you might
lose some skin that you didn't have to fun
reach the point and lose the joy
reach the place and shut my mouth off
from your forearm shouts a tear
crawling off into another growth
and it is steep