Tuesday, January 19, 2010


today is a long day. i'm still up and awake with many thoughts on my mind. to support myself during these trying times of thinking waaaaaaayyyyyyyy ttttttttoooooooooo much, i sometimes like to listen to music that is of lower quality. what i mean to say is, music of lower expectations. actually, what i really meant to say is, music that's freekin' sad and depressing...

and with that, here is the band Red House Painters. oh, the agony...

not knocking these guys in any way, i truly think that this ranks up there as some of the most depressing music EVER made. they can sit right next to Joy Division as sad artists with heavy hearts. forming in 1989 by lead singer mark kozelek, the band started in san francisco, california and started playing many shows and creating their own demos. they eventually signed with the amazing, 4AD record label and released six albums of some really emotional music. i can't recommend this music as high as others for the case being that it's really depressing, but as i have said before when it comes to such heavy subject matter, it's up to you to decide for yourself. hopefully this music calms you like it does me, and eventually, i hope you can climb out of these types of tragic, depressing pits. sadly, the band ended in 2001. yep, this is all sad, yet beautiful at the same time. kind of like a funeral maybe...

right here you will find their entire discography. first is the album, Down Colorful Hill, then after that we have both self titled albums that are usually called, Rollercoaster and Bridge by the diehard fans. following in pursuit is the album, Ocean Beach, then the album Songs For A Blue Guitar. and last is the final red house painters album made in the late 90's, but not released until 2001, Old Ramon. check out the songs, "grace cathedral park" "katy song" and "bubble" from the self titled albums as they are my personal favorites. oh, and if you really like marks music, then be sure to check out his current band, Sun Kill Moon. (*trivia!!!* mark is friends with director cameron crowe and has been in several of his films. he played one of the guitarists in Almost Famous!!!)







i know i don't know you
i know that we don't think along the same lines
but what do i do
when i can't reach out
through this iron-built
bubble of pain

your house settled in deep country
with acres and a farm and a stream to cleanse me
your house with a view of purity
overlooks a hillside of green
green as your eyes

i embrace the moment
i'm in love with a dream
and toy with ideas
that burn deep inside me
cause a picture is all you are to me
a picture is all you'll ever be

i know you don't know me
a nervous, wordless face brings shade to your light
but i want so bad
to walk beside you but fall back into a world
where i believe

i embrace the moment
i'm in love with a dream
and toy with ideas
that burn deep inside me
because a picture is all you are to me
a picture is all you'll ever be

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  1. great band. i always wanted to go through all their works but i've never got the chance. until now.