Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Intoxicate Me...

last night, all the way to 8am this morning, i worked on my new short story for the graduate school application i've mentioned here. it was a long night, filled with many hard memories, and long stares at the screen for moments on end. i don't like to get in too deep about what was happening inside my head, because i've been trying my best to move past those old things, but i will say this, it was a very hard story to write. i had it all planned out, from start to finish, but those bad vibes and evil forces just kept me from finishing it at a good time. i was a wreck this morning once i hit print and got the story onto paper. i'm just thankful it's finally done. now, all i have to do is play the waiting game to see if they will accept me. (i desperately hope they do...)

going back to 2003, my final year of high school, i got to see a band that was on top of their game and right up front with my then, current musical mood. (i changed from nu-metal dork to hardcore punk) i got really heavy into the underground scene, and the best and only independent rock club in the city was having them come one october night. that band was, Poison The Well.

these guys are from florida and used to be called, An Acre Lost way back when and released a split with the band Promise No Tomorrow, but changed their name to poison the well early on and original singer aryeh lehrer quit. now this is a band famous for having a vast number of members that have come and gone, but as of right now, it's been singer jeffrey moreira, guitarist ryan primack, and drummer chris hornbrook. these three in the picture above have been the longest remaining members of the band, with ryan being one of the original starters and jeff singing on every album since that first ep and chris drumming alongside them.

at that 2003 show, the band opened for Thrice at my old stomping ground (i like that term) The Green Door. this all ages club in downtown OKC, was the hot spot for bands of this nature and many who have gone on to rock star status got their early starts at small places like this. poison the well had a brief stint on the majors before coming back to the minors. they are best on indie labels anyway. these guys play very good hardcore/emo/screamo/metalcore music that was just exploding at the time. they are still around and are better than ever. no show after that october night in 2003 could top what i saw. i sang and screamed along to every song they played. these guys are good, and even one of my favorite bands, the Deftones, recognized their talent and took them on tour that same year. trust me, this is a great band and one of the few positive things i can remember from my crappy teenage years.

aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd today is a massive post of all things poison the well. right here you will find their entire discography, first starting with that split ep under their first name, an acre lost as well as the tunes from promise no tomorrow, and then next we have the ep, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder which was the last recording with the original singer. and then we come upon the full lengths. first we have the debut lp with jeff behind the mike titled, The Opposite of December, then following that is my favorite PTW album titled, Tear From the Red. coming after that we have a great live bootleg of the band playing at the 2001 Hellfest add then next we have their one and only major label record called, You Come Before You. this is my second favorite album by the band and it showcases some great talent and a knack for trying some different things which they would continue doing. so, after that brief excursion the band went back to an indie label and released the album called, Versions. this was poison the well growing up and becoming something other than just a hardcore band. after that they release the b-side collection simply titled, I,II,III. and finally, in last place, is their latest album called, The Tropic Rot. all in all, this is a huge music post and something to dig through if you want. i highly suggest you all try it!!!

with all your voices, and crash your parts into, mine...

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