Thursday, January 7, 2010


today i just found out i missed my deadline for the fall 2010 writing program at brown university. i can't believe i did that. now, if i wanted to go there, i have to wait until the fall 2011 program. i don't know if i'm going to be alive by that time!!! that's way to far in the future for me to grasp. i need to make a decision today on what exactly i'm going to do. i've been looking around, and it seems that OSU, here in still water oklahoma, has an MFA program in creative writing. i think i might try that out. i have until january 15th, so i better get crackin' right now!!!

since my time is short, i'm gonna post a band here with the quickness. these guys were from brazil and have been around since the 80's. they were an awesome brutal force in the metal scene back then, as well as in the 90's before loosing the lead singer and getting someone else to cover for him. they were/are called Sepultura.

thrash and death metal were the original traits of this band before the 90's came along and their sound changed. they incorporated industrial and hardcore punk into the mix and eventually gave birth to what we now know as nu-metal. lead singer max cavalera left the band in 1996 and started the awesome Soulfly. the details of his departure remain unknown, but there is much speculation as to why it happened which i don't really care to mention here.

this is heavy stuff. HEAVY!!! oh, and one more thing that made this band so awesome was the fact that they mixed in their own tribal music with the modern metal style they did. yes, you can hear all sorts of unique sounds in their music along with the controlled mayhem going about. yeah, so here i have the last three albums with max before the left the band. these are more of the latter era tunes from sepultura and they feature the nu-metal and hardcore tones than the death metal and thrash of the old era. first is Arise, then we have Chaos A.D. and in last place is Roots. the third album is my favorite and what i believe to be the bands best work. check these out and bang your head!!!

and fall...

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