Monday, January 18, 2010

Every Time...

i seem to be at a stand still as of late. not really moving, and not really still. not waving, but drowning... (buh buh buh) i guess i need to sort out some personal drama with myself. these last few blog posts have been happy, but also sad. i try my best to not go into detail as to what is bothering me, but it seems that my mood gets written down pretty much evertime. it's like my blog has become a personal journal or something. just promise people, that if i ever get into the deepest of the dark and start something stupid like bad poetry, that you all will threaten to find me and hang me from a flag pole and throw dirt clods on me and whup my butt for being such a skeeze...

and despite my mood, i'd rather post something upbeat for the third time in a row, just for you wonderful few who read my blog. here is the band, Tsunami Bomb.

i'd like to call this band the girl version of AFI. lead singer agent m was fantastic when she led this pop punk band through the early 2000's. too bad they broke up in 2005. i got to see them at the warped tour in 2005, and they were awesome. this is another female fronted band that just brings it every time. with so much energy and power and also adding to that, dark lyrics and tone, you have one of the better bands to discover that's already gone. after they broke up, members went on their separate ways, forming the two great acts, Nothington and The Action Design.

i have here the entire tsunami bomb discography. the band formed in 1998, in california and as you will find out, they had a different singer back then in the early days. first thing to check out is the small 7 inch split ep titled, B Movie Queens. after that we have the ep, Mayhem On The High Seas and then their last ep titled, The Invasion From Within!. next we have their two final releases, the full lengths The Ultimate Escape and The Definitive Act. enjoy!!!

say it like you mean it...

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  1. I've been looking for these~!! Do you think maybe you could reupload them please?