Saturday, January 2, 2010


up and down, up and down. my life is up and down all the time. eventually it stops full tilt, and i can relax a bit and breathe. tonight i was at the annual new years eve sobriety pow wow. yes, the annual new years pow wow happens a few days later. it used to be on that special night, but those who handle the event chose to have it later. probably for good reason. anyway, it was a little thin this year. not as many people as usual, but that didn't take away from the awesomeness of it!!! i saw many people i haven't seen in ages. i also got to talk to my mom and we patched up our relationship once again...

like i said, up and down. i guess this night was a good start for the new year though. i have some ideas i wish to write down on paper. story ideas... my writer's itch is coming back and i need to get in gear in order for me to be accepted into graduate school. i need some new material for my applications. this is an up moment for me. i'm still in good spirits despite my dad, just now, telling me to "piss off" for the latest time. (me and the old man have a strained relationship...) no matter what, i'm still in the up position and my spirit is happy!!! 2010 is gonna be my year and it's gonna rock!!!

on my blog it has become my mission to introduce artists that many might not know. some of my choices are out there and some are not that big a deal. still, everyone that i select has a purpose, and meaning to me. whether it be lyrics, musicianship, or even time period, each choice is special. heck, some of these artists were never known outside their state and local scene. today i have one of those special groups. they were known as The Kodan Armada.

okay, so yeah these guys got be known out side their state, but not as much as they should have been. these guys were from louisville, kentucky. they formed in 2000 and broke up in 2004. they rarely toured outside their home state, but when they did they made an impression with their intensity and pure raw emotion. sometimes shows ended with the band in tears and broken on the floor. yeah, this was the real thing. this is what real emo/screamo was all about. heaps upon heaps of pain and sorrow, but filtered with positive outcomes and cries for help instead of hiding yourself away was the lyrical content of this band. if there was ever an up and down time for me, there was definitely one for them.

here today i have the short discography titled Collections Vol.1. i don't think there will ever be a volume 2, but eh it doesn't matter. this collection of songs is where it's at. between just about every song is live recordings of the various members talking to the crowds at shows. they mention song meanings and positive reinforcement towards everyday life. you can really feel the bands passion. oh, and be sure to give the first song your full attention. the opening dialogue is this: "this song is about my dad raping my sister. that's a pretty messed up situation. doesn't mean we shouldn't have a good time." and with that comes the song titled "no has never had three letters" i like this song for it's brutal honesty. the lyrics are actually done by four members of the band and each has a different take on the subject matter. at first it's spoken word, then after a short bit it explodes into screamo intensity. just be warned, that this heart-on-sleeve material can leave an impression.

BRENT - this isn't how life is supposed to be, cascading downward, everyone is my new enemy. there's nothing left to lose, i've already lost everything. the male stereotype isn't all its cracked up to be. i refuse to live that lie. ridiculed because of those not like me. i am not the same, i am not the same. i'll strive to make things better. i have to help you be safe again. i'll pick up the pieces to make you feel whole again.

DAN - *dear sister, i'm sorry, so fucking sorry. dear sister, i'm sorry, so fucking sorry. i should have been there. i'm so sorry, and i will try to piece you back together. it's going to be okay. we are going to be okay. let's just keep saying that. i will be there for you. again and again.

CORY - unable to sleep at night wondering if it will happen again, maybe, maybe just lost. will these arms be able to keep them away. someday. someday, someday you'll feel pretty. life is a constant battle with myself. ridiculed because of those like me. i am not the same. i am not the same. society's cursed me with a standard. take back the pieces, make me whole again x1000.

ADAM - it never ends, this brutal cycle. please take her tears away, please make her whole again.

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