Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Horizon Sky...

tis a sad day as of right now for me. i just found out that one of my favorite authors has died. here is the official statement...

"NEW YORK, N.Y. – Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger has died at age 91 in New Hampshire.

The author’s son, in a statement from the author’s literary representative, says Salinger died of natural causes at his home. He had lived for decades in self-imposed isolation in the small, remote house in Cornish, N.H.

The Catcher in the Rye with its immortal teenage protagonist — the twisted, rebellious Holden Caulfield — came out in 1951 during the time of anxious, Cold War conformity.

Salinger wrote for adults, but teenagers all over the world identified with the novel’s themes of alienation, innocence and fantasy.

In later years, Salinger became famous for not wanting to be famous, refusing interviews."

this writer had a major impact on me during college, and the book he is most famous for is one that holds a special place in my heart. i have purchased that book for several friends of mine, and i've tried my best to be a better writer and seek a more personal approach to my word choice and subject matter. salinger was one of the few who captured me on the first read, and it's because of him that i want to be more brave and speak whats on my mind when i write. here's to him and one of the best literary anti-heroes, holden caulfield.

oh yeah, and i guess the music is supposed to be sad, but that doesn't have to be the case. here is an old school 90's emo band that was so under the radar, that nobody knows about them except for those who were local probably. they were called, Chocolate Kiss.

i found this band by chance. it was one of the many many inclusions on the "emoisdead" mediafire link i posted a while ago. in that package, there are so many bands no one has heard of, that it becomes overwhelming, but through slow progress you can find diamonds in the rough and the chocolate kiss was one of them. i took the chance, and computer space, and tried out their stuff. the music on that link came from their first album, onethrutwelve, and it quickly captured me on first listen. it's simple, yet profound music, created by some young guys who seemed really honest and sincere. i guess i could start now about how it connects to the above topic of salingers death, but naw. i don't need to make any more parallels here.

this band started in 1997 in atlanta and ended in 2002. they released four albums worth of material, and i honestly haven't listened to them past the first album because that stuff was really hard to find!!! it was like running around oklahoma that one year trying to find all the mega man x games on the super nintendo!!! (mmx3 for 15 bucks yo!!!) to me, this is one of the more important parts of the "holy grail" of emo music. i've read someone mention that the band has a little bit of a Hot Water Music vibe to them, and that may be so. also, i'm sure the elements from some of their previous emo bands, Car Vs. Driver, and The Hal Al Shedad, are sprinkled throughout. heck, those two emo bands i just mentioned were incredible as well. anyway, this music is really REALLY good, and it contains the right amount of positive vibes that one might need on a stormy day, like today, here in oklahoma. (were gonna get snowed in again...)

like i said, by chance i found these guys, and again by chance i have found their entire discography. we have all four albums here, with the first one being, onethrutwelve, or better known by the band as, "the orange album". in second place we have, Les Boom Boom, also known as "the blue album". in third place is, Set Yourself On Fire, or "the red album". and in fourth place is, No Funeral, also known as "the green album" for some reason. ha ha yeah, so be sure to get these and as a recommendation, start with the first one and go in that order. i just love that first album so much and it was one of the best things i discovered in music in YEARS. enjoy!!!

the clouds in the sky they just don't hold no rain man they look so black they just hold empty feelings the rain in the sky it just don't hold no thunder it's like a constant gnawing it's like a constant beating the clouds in the sky the look like looming largely they like to hang around if only to remind me the horizon sky it never shows no lightning it packs it all inside it's never more than threatening


  1. thanks for liking our music. we had a great time making it and playing together all those years. i hope you like the blue album, it was a favorite of ours. we played a one off show in ATL last summer, it was great to see and play with old friends.

  2. omg!!! i hope you don't mind that i put these on here. it's just that i've only heard the first album and i loved it soooo much that i just had to get other people into it. (my computer is broken, so i can't check out the other albums yet. i'll take them down if you want. i also loved car vs driver too!!! such great music. discovering the chocolate kiss was one of the best things for me in 2009.

  3. no, we love you making these recordings accessible to humankind. keep the albums up on your site as long as you can stand it. all the members of CK are internet prowlers so expect each of us to hit up your comments section in turn. the albums were dubbed the individual colors according to the spines on the cds, so if you see them all in a row on a shelf it goes red, blue, orange then green. i hope there is another color in the future. and bob is nuts, we all know the blue was the worst album. the green is the best. progression and all that....

  4. Oh, wait. I don't even know the order of my own releases. it goes O, B, R then G.


  5. The order is actually Orange, Blue, Red then Green. Sorry.

  6. wow, i really appreciate you guys taking the time to write to me on the subject of your music. this is soooo cool!!! keep rockin'!!!

  7. Thanks again for checking out and writing about our music... Glad you enjoyed- Matt