Monday, January 25, 2010

I Drive...

i went to the doctor today for an assessment. i'm deciding on going back to counseling and hopefully that will help me with some problems that still linger on. i'm positive about the outcome and keeping myself in good spirits towards making a better progress than i had before. this is something i know i need, and to be able to get down to the roots of whatever it is that's bothering me will be worth all the wait and struggle.

here is another obscure 90's emo band that many do not know of. they were awesome and one that was short lived like all the good ones. here is, Bells On Trike.

this is for those who love the twinkly/math rock emo music of yesterday. this little band from richmond, virginia existed from 1995-1999 and released only one 10inch record and that was it. for those who like, American Football, Cap n' Jazz, and The Promise Ring, you will find simular tastes here. get down with it and enjoy!!!

i'm getting some help...

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