Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep Deprived...

my chest hurts. i don't know what the problem is, but i'm thinking its anxiety. i still haven't slept well the past several days, and when i finally get to bed i'm usually lying there trying to breathe. ugh, too much on my mind these days. i need to get out of this house and try something different for once. this routine is going to kill me. so, i guess it's a good thing that tonight we have a volleyball league starting at my church. this should help me to feel better as well as connect with others. i'm looking forward to it!!!

here is a band that many probably only know of because of one hit song. that band is, Hum.

that song is called, "stars" and blah blah blah, i saw it on Beavis and Butthead, blah blah blah, or actually i saw it on Space Ghost, blah blah blah, what the heck happened to those guys??? you know, there are many more artists like this who fell prey to the one-hit-wonder category, but these guys were much better than that. they made great spacey, shoegaze type music that was, at the time, a favorite amongst all the alternative music of the 90's. this band formed in 1989 in illinoise, and quickly established themselves in the underground by playing lots of shows and recording independent releases. they signed to a major when they dropped the album, You'd Prefer an Astronaut, which contained the mentioned hit song. after that, they fell between the cracks and missed some good opportunities to record and garner more mainstream success. they went on hiatus in 2000, which pretty much means they died.

today i have that popular album and it's a good one to check out. not much else to say i guess. this band happened to cross my mind last night during my terrible ordeal of trying to not die while sleeping. (i tend to think the worst when i'm in a depressed mood...) be sure to listen well and enjoy this for what it was. a good album...


i think i'm in jet lag mode...

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