Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knee High...

here's 3-for-3. i'm on a roll and trying to catch up with the already 19 days of january 2010. oh, and my current mood as of right now is ok. i'm still gonna play some volleyball tonight, and i'm also trying to watch the movie, 500 Days of Summer, but i keep getting distracted by other things.

this band was cool and had a great sense of dark humor. not to be taken seriously, here is S.O.D. or better known as Stormtroopers Of Death.

starting as a side project in 1985-2007, this band was very short lived, but reunited sporadically throughout the years for festivals and such. the idea was inspired by scott ian's, of Anthrax fame, drawing of the character he dubbed, "sargent d". recruiting anthrax drummer charlie benante, Brutal Truth bassist dan lilker, and Psychosis bassist billy milano on vocals, the band recorded a shoddy demo of 59 songs then went forth and created one of the best hardcore punk/thrash metal albums of all time. the album would be called, Speak English or Die and it set the band off on a world tour and high fame. they recorded a few more albums, one of them being a live at budokon album, but nobody really cares about those. it's all just about SEOD, and with that you have the great opportunity to listen to that wonderful jam right here!!! oh, and as a special twist, it's the re-release version with better audio and live tracks tagged at the end!!!


i'd post some lyrics, but i if do then the terrorists win...

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