Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Let Her...

wow, well today turned out better than i thought. i slept almost all day, but woke up latter and checked my email to find some really great messages from some very important people in my life. i don't know, but i just feel really good and happy for once!!! i'm so happy that i want to jump up and down and yell good things at the top of my lungs!!!

since i'm so happy, i want to post more upbeat music today!!! here is a band that i used to hate, but eventually grew a soft spot for. they totally rule and put on some of the funnest live shows i've ever been too. they are called, New Found Glory.

these guys are from florida and formed in 1997. they play a great mix of pop punk and hardcore. guitarist chad gilbert was the original singer for the hardcore band, Shai Hulud, but left them to pursue something different. it was a smart move on his part because new found glory is just the bees knees. these guys have been all over the place when it comes to record labels, but don't let that fool ya into thinking that they aren't any good. they have been consistent with their ever changing style, and they keep on making great music to this day. i still remember the first time i saw them. it was the 2007 warped tour, and when they came on they hit with full force and took control of all the emo and hardcore kids. it was a great time and reminded me of junior high and high school. i just wish i was listening to better music back then instead of that nu-metal bollocks. ha ha

today i have the bands entire discography minus the movie song cover albums and greatest hits album. first we start with the ep titled, It's All About The Girls. this is back when the band used to be called, a new found glory, so don't be confused there. next in line is the wonderful debut lp titled, Nothing Gold Can Stay. i absolutely love this album and find it to be their best. (in my opinion of course!!!) following that we have the self titled album which is many old school fans favorite. this is where the band garnered more fans and got their name out there. and for their next album the band signed to a major and released the album, Sticks and Stones. this shot them into the sky and everybody and their dog new of them now. they embarked on huge tours like warped tour and such and made major money off this time. following that album they made their hardest one yet called, Catalyst. this took them back to their hardcore roots and struck a nerve with their fans all over. by this time the band was taking things a bit slower, and it shows on the album, Coming Home. this is a criminally underrated album that many should revisit. it's just good songwriting and pace that is welcomed by me. after coming home was released, the band left the majors and went back to the indie world. they made an ep titled, Tip of the Iceberg, and its a neat little piece that showcases the bands love for hardcore punk music with covers by Shelter, and Gorilla Biscuits. and in last place we have their latest album called, Not Without A Fight. this is a whole new era for new found glory and i hope they keep going until they can't no more. (that's sounds a bit mean...) what i meant to say is, i hope they keep going for as long as they can!!! ha ha enjoy!!!

don't let her pull you down...

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