Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Vision...

today is halloween. that eventful holiday were candy flows like water, cats get killed gruesomely, and costumes try to be unique but often fail because it's all been done before. unless of course a new movie character came out and took the world by storm. (bruno maybe???)

yes, i am taking part in this holiday tradition by staying home and watching horror flicks. good horror flicks!!! oh, and yes, i will be giving out candy to the children who brave the front door to my house of horrors!!! (no food, bad toilets, rats in the backyard!!!)

so stop on by and chill out to some bloody classics and eat some possible pizza or tacos... oh, and be sure to dress up and ask nicely for candy because if you don't i will have to hoard all the candy like a squirrel and my tree nest can only hold so much!!!

heh heh, oh yeah about last night, well i went to the fall festival at my church and had a blast!!! i originally was going to be a gangster ala kanye west/50 cent, but instead chose to go even cheaper and try to attempt a zombie look. zombie movies are my favorite types of horror films, so i thought i could make it work. instead i got this:

my artsy angle to look dark and scary...

so yeah, i more or less came out looking like a black metal singer. just without the long hair. ha ha, i even thought i could have passed for some sort of samurai warrior whenever i applied the black grease paint to my eyes. oh how i tried to look old and decaying. my inspiration came from the original Dawn of the Dead (1978), because all the zombies had a blueish tone about them and nothing else really. i mixed some white paint with the black to make this grey color, but in these cell phone pics i look more blue... lol

i don't really know why i was wearing an army shirt...

okay, so after i went all out and made myself look like two bucks, i left my grandma's house and started off down the road to get to the church. well after reaching the stop light at the end of the street i glanced at my mirror and smiled all huge and cheesy and totally freeked myself out!!! i then did a u-turn and went back to my grandma's and wiped off all the paint and only left the black around the eyes. yeah, i guess you could say i chickened out, but i honestly didn't want to scare all the little children who came. and let me tell ya, there were a ton of kids there!!! my best friend mike came and brought his family with him. we all had a blast eating and chatting with everyone. funny, but most of the people there didn't recognize me. i guess i looked like a homeless person off the street... ha ha

overall it was a great night. everybody at the church seemed to be having a great time and the children loved it. after we left i was invited to come back to mike's to hang out and chill. i stayed over until almost 2:00 am. i drove back home late that night hoping i wouldn't get stopped by the police. i just know that i wouldn't look right once they saw me with all the goofy paint and such. so yeah, i eventually made it home and i wiped off all the corpse (pow wow) paint and then ended my night with some Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. massive kill streaks and massive pawnage!!!

sooooooooooooooo, on to the music!!! since it's halloween i think i will post some scary gory music this time!!! BBBBWWWWAAAAAHA HA HA HA HA... okay, so here is the famous death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

forming in 1988 in buffalo new york, this band has become the highest selling death metal band of all time. the first time i saw them was in the movie Ace Ventura. jim carrey got up on stage and took over the vocals, throwing himself around and going crazy like a rabbit being killed by a bear tap. with death metal bands came the infamous "cookie monster" vocals. its the sound of blood and guts being chewed upon or even better, thrown up from one's own mouth!!!

i finally got to see them live this past summer here in oklahoma at the last stop of the rockstar mayhem tour. they headlined the side stage and freekin' tore the place up. i stood there cracking up at how brutal they were. now i know where brendan small got his inspiration for his show Metalocalypse. george "corpse grinder" fisher is the absolute definition of a death metal singer. yes, he is way better than the original singer chris barnes ever was and yes he can really twirl his head like a windmill at seriously fast speeds.

so with that i give you my two personal favorite albums by the band. one note to make, these are the albums made with the original singer chris barnes. if you dig that guy you might want to check out his other band called Six Feet Under. but if you are like me, just skip that and only listen to these. first you have the crazy Tomb of the Mutilated and second is the awesomely gastric bypassing brutal as bamboo shoots under your finger nails The Bleeding. so don't take too much offense by the gory album artwork and instead check out some classic death metal and laugh at the absurdness of it all!!!

happy halloween...

Friday, October 30, 2009

The cannons and the tanks...

today is friday and i have been getting calls all morning to go sub. i chose to take the day off and enjoy the weekend. tonight is my church's fall festival in the gym. it's a night of family fun with snacks and games and lots of candy!!! the thing is, i haven't decided on what i want to dress up as. my original choice sort of fell through so i now have to think of something else. i have this totally rad cowboy hat that was given to me at graduation by a good friend, so maybe i can do something with that. heck, it's at least an opportunity to finally wear the darn thing!!!

yeah, so tomarrow is halloween night. i don't have any plans so far. maybe i will hang with my best friend mike, or better yet maybe i will just stay home and hand out candy and watch classic horror films on IFC. classics like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Shivers, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. oooooo, spooky!!!

so, today's music post is something i have been forgetting to make for a while now. for some reason as soon as i post a band on here, i always remember this one particular group and promise myself i will get to them next time, but then i forget again... heh heh anyway here is a band that many orgcore punks love. they are called Small Brown Bike.

forming in 1996 and going through to 2004, this band was part of the 90's indie/emo/punk movement that i dearly love so much. often compared to their contemporaries Hot Water Music and Avail, sbb sang with heartfelt passion and force. using the gruff style of singing as well as melodic guitars and double vocals, this band held the torch and paved the way for more simular bands to follow. they just recently decided to re-unite and play The Fest 2009 ( in gainsville florida. i wish i had the money to go this weekend because it would be an awesome experience for sure, but alas i do not have those sort of funds right now...

anyway, on to the music. collected here is almost their entire output minus a few splits and ep's. first off is their awesome debut lp titled Our Own Wars then coming in second is Collection which is full of rare tracks and b-sides. third is Dead Reckoning then the ep Nail Yourself to the Ground. and last we have The River Bed. so get into it and enjoy the tunes!!!

everyone have a spooktacular night!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well i'll be darn...

yeah, i got to substitute again today. this time it was a different high school. i was to watch a freshmen english class all day. the teacher had the classes watch Henry the VIII. by the final hour i could pretty much quote the movie line for line. ugh, and to top it all i had to tell several of the students to be quiet over and over and over and so on and so on and yeah...

eh, it's not a big deal really. i got paid to do this job and it's also helping me with some experience that i really need in order to become a real teacher. i know i still need a lot more time in this environment before i can become legit, so until then i will continue to roll with the punches and keep my head up!!!

oh, i just found out that an older band i really like is re-uniting for a benfit show in the upcoming winter months. it's just a one time event (for now) and i know i can't make it all the way up to chicago for it, but still it's awesome and when bands get back together there is always a chance that they may do something else again. so to let you all know, The Suicide Machines are back!!!

so, the band formed way back in 1991 and throughout their career they released four albums, played countless tours and shows and got the kids skankin' and dancin'. these guys were ska-punk and a darn good one at that. i never got to see them, but those who have always told me how amazing they were live and how much energy they brought when performing.

and with that comes the music. here is their first full length album titled Destruction By Definition. i know you all will love it and i hope you play it loud and jam it from beginning to end. it's one of my personal favorite summer time albums, but it's also good year round. enjoy!!!

I know, They know
Don't drink, Drive slow
Insane, No Brain
Dress down, Look Plain
Big Fun, No gun
No girl, Gotta run
flipside, Can't hide
Can't think suicide

Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody know?
Is there anybody out there?
(DOES ANYBODY) Does anybody know?

Been there, No where
done that, get square
I'm hip, No lip
Dig this, my tip
Punk's dead, see red
Life sucks, DEADHEAD!
No race, No face
still there, same place!

Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody know?
Is there anybody out there?
(DOES ANYBODY) Does anybody know?

Well, I don't know where I went wrong
And I don't know if I can wait that long
But every time I hear that another kid died
Through a senseless act of violence it makes me wanna cry

Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody know?
Is there anybody out there?
(DOES ANYBODY) Does anybody know?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Round Up Cafe...

i ate some good home fixin's tonight with my grandma from Jimmy's Round Up Cafe. if you are ever in oklahoma, get with me and we will go hang on the southside of town and have a chicken fried steak with okra and mashed potatoes.

today i got to spend some time with my buddy who teaches at OBU in shawnee oklahoma. she teaches english as a second language to foreign students. this was very interesting to watch. these kids had come from all over. brazil, albania, china, and even turkey. they all seemed really nice and were trying very hard to learn the english language. i wish them all luck because english is always evolving and i think it's getting more and more bastardized with all the street talk and lingo that floods from most music these days... (i'm lookin' at you rap artists!!!)

oh, and the point of going to these classes today was to get a different perspective on teaching and also to get some information on how to go about becoming a teacher. i still need to get a masters degree, so i have many options to take for my future. i guess i can plan ahead, but for now i'm still taking it all one day at a time.

okay, now the band i want to mention here is a few years old, but has already made their mark in the underground indie/punk scene. with obvious comparisions to Cap'n Jazz, American Football, The Promise Ring and even Minus the Bear, they have proven their influences, but have also made their own style and sound from the twinkly math rock that i always say is getting more and more popular. they call themselves Look Mexico and they hail from florida.

i still have yet to see these guys play live. they always seem to hit up the cities that are not oklahoma city!!! maybe one day they will stop by and i'll get my chance, but until then all i have is their music which by the way is freekin' awesome!!!

here is an awesome animated music video from them.

so here you have The Crucial Collection. this album compiles their first two ep releases as well as a few b-sides and alternate versions of newer tracks wich come from their first full length album titled This is Animal Music. that was the first thing i ever heard from this band. i suggest you get that album with the quickness. oh, and last is their latest release, the Gasp Asp ep. so with that i hope you all take the time to check these guys out and maybe stop at one of their shows sometime if it's anywhere near you you lucky freaks!!!

enjoy your next day like it's the last ever...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning...

i was called at about 6 AM today to go sub at a local high school just a mile or so down the street. the school is brand new and about two years old. it was too clean and for some reason being in places like that make me nervous. yeah, i'm weird sometimes. not that i like to live in filth and be all grunge like, but places with lots of white walls and white tiles make me feel captured and not able to breathe. oh, and i was also on about two hours of sleep. i wasn't planning on being called in to sub that day. well how wrong i was!!! i had to go to 711 and buy a five hour energy shot just to stay awake. i think i would have stayed awake anyway since i was really on my toes the entire time...

so, i had to watch about four class sessions. it wasn't hard to do. not much to complain about except for the third period american studies class. the students would not read aloud and kept on talking and disrupting. yeah, i had to keep telling them to be quiet. constantly... but still it didn't matter because i took many notes and got down to the bottom level of their behavior and left it all for their sick teacher to read whenever he gets back. at least i think that's what will happen. those students might take away the paper i left and there would be no proof what so ever as to the events that took place on monday morning october 26th 2009...

oh, and for the record, these poor kids could not read. at all!!! i had to help them several times when the paragraphs became too hard to read aloud. yeah, this wasn't going to work for me. despite all of this, i was reminded of my choices recently to go into the teaching world. it was almost based entirely on this matter at hand. these kids could not read. out of the six there, one could read good enough while the others sat by the wayside and just became statues of our ever present future leaders... okay, so i might be going overboard on this, but this is exactly what i want to help change.

i'm not to big on the word change since it is used to describe actions that never take place. when i do respect it however, it's when i know for a fact that change can happen. i know i can at least attempt my best to make such a change. i'm not tryin' to be Robin Williams from the Dead Poets Society and make everything magical because that is frankly not real. no teachers out there are like that. if there are they are just copying williams performance.

if i can help one student then i did something. in the words of Ian Mackaye, "at least i'm f****** trying!!! what the f*** have you done???" (yeah, sorry for those not so subtle words...) so despite this day of firsts, i still have the desire to teach. now teaching wasn't my first choice of future careers because back in the day i never had any at all. nope, not one. like i said before, i didn't expect to be alive at this age. and yeah, it's going to be a long road to take, but i think it will be one worth traveling. i have hope and you can't kill hope.

okay, so let's just forget for a minute of all the things i just said and instead check out some music real quick. this is a sort of new band. consisting of four twenty year old's who all met in a london college (they all do...) back in 2005, they slowly started to build up their own hype and much appreciated praise. yes, this group of young folks deserve the praise they get because they simply rock. they are called The XX.

i'm a big fan of minimalism. from the works of Philip Glass to the most recent Radiohead album, minimalism can work as a reminder that sometimes less is more and even less is even more. (huh, what???) you have here two guitarists, a bassist, and a kid on a beat machine acting as the drums. that's it. british rag NME listed this group at number 6 in their top 50 future artists to watch. everyone's favorite indie music alter site, pitchfork, gave the band high regards and even reviewed their debut album with an impressive (according to pitchfork standards...) 8.7.

to describe this band and their overall sound would do them injustice. i can't get it down without going into all the wild tangents on how so-and-so seem to be inspirations and such. if i was forced at gunpoint to say something of that nature i would ask you to take this with a grain of salt and then say something like, a little bit Depeche Mode and a little bit Joy Division and with some Interpol mixed with The Editors and then sprinkled with the trip-hop flavor of Burial and finally slowed down to a melodic pace and drowned out with some heavy cough syrup.

that really is a terrible way to describe them, but i tried my best under awful circumstances. you be the judge and listen for yourself. this band is hyped, but mostly over seas and a little bit here because of pitchfork which is how i actually came to discover them. that was pretty cool by the way. pitchfork got something right.

if they ever come here, which i think they have/are be sure to give them a shot and see their laid back show and groove along to the sounds of a band, who i think, take themselves and their music seriously. here is their only release so far. the self titled album XX.

the future is upon us in the form of kids who can't read...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jr built to dinosaur spill...

well tonight i attended another oklahoma concert. Dinosaur Jr. and Built To Spill. it was an awesome night, full of people who seemed to have never left the 90's. i felt like i was in the right place. yeah, so built to spill was awesome, but by the time they came on i was terribly tired still from my trip to tulsa on saturday, so i didn't watch their entire set. sorry lindsay... but on the other hand, i did watch all of dinosaur jr and it was freekin' awesome!!!

J. Mascis can shred. no doubt about it, that guy was a monster on his guitar. it was song after song from their first three albums and then their two newer ones. songs like "little fury things" and "over it" played across the crowd with do much force and grace. the band is super tight and complement each other well with just bass, drums, and guitar. Lu Barlow took the reigns and sang several songs himself, trading off with J's Neil Young type growl. over all it was an unforgettable night. i'm glad i took it in because like i will always say, you never know how much longer these bands will be together or how long we will be here on this planet...

oh, so during the set changes i overheard some music playing. this time i knew who it was and with that i was inspired to post the music section on that band who were called Galaxie 500.

this trio formed in the late 80's and only released three albums. they all met in college in new york and on a funny note, drummer Damon Krukowski was roomates with Conan O'Brien. singer Dean Wareham and bassist Naomi Yang played with a lo-fi sound and mixed dream pop with heartfelt lyrics and soft singing while damon made the steady pace with his tight but easy drumming. so get into them and check it out. here is their second and most accomplished album, On Fire.

Tell me one more time
You like the shoes I wear
Tell me as you leave
You really couldn't care
I bought all the drinks
And I paid for your friends
Can't you see
I'm goin round the bend?

Step into my shoes
And see things as I do
Step inside this house
You know I'd love you to
How come you can't see
The things you left behind?
How come you can't see
I'm goin round the bend?

Tulsa Times...

well, last night i finally got to see mr. Bob Dylan live in concert at the brady theatre in downtown tulsa. it was freekin' amazing!!! i loved it soooooo much. i'm still in a little shock that i actually got to see the legendary bob dylan in my home state. i missed him when he came last august because i was still in school, but when the day came that i discovered him coming back i just had to go. i mean, the man is 63 years old!!! how much longer do you think he will keep it up??? well after last night, i'm sure he will keep on keepin' on for as long as he can.

the brady theatre is so awesome!!!

okay, so to start with, bob didn't have an opening band. not that i expected him to, but it was neat to see that. i don't think i have ever been to a concert where there is no opening band. that made it pretty cool already, but o' man, it got even better. now, i would be lying if i said i knew all the songs he played, so i won't lie. i only recognized three songs. one was off his more recent critically acclaimed album Modern Times and the other two were "like a rolling stone" and "all along the watchtower". those were the last two he closed with. still despite not knowing everything he and his awesome backup band played, it was still a really great show. bob mostly plays keyboard now, but when the songs call for it, he busts out the harmonica and jams that little instrument with such force an charisma.

oh, and bob was pretty much a pimp last night. he came out all in black with a zootsuit hat and white shirt underneath a black jacket. his band wore matching outfits and really complemented him in appearance and ability. they showcased a different approach to his music, making it all much more laid back and bluesy. it was the most chill concert i have ever been to. everybody there was nice and just wanted to have a good time. i think we all did just that.

oh, and earlier yesterday i got to tulsa and was able to spend time with my old college roommate. it was good and made me happy to see him doin' really well. i sometimes miss those good times i had during college which weren't that much. he was usually a part of them. we always hung out and played video games and watched goofy movies. just enjoying life as much as we could.

so, how could i mention bob dylan and not post some of his tunes for ya??? well here are two of his most critically lauded albums and actually greatest albums ever made of all time. rolling stone has both of these in their top 10 of the 500 greatest albums of all time. here for ya is Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde. enjoy!!!

The guilty undertaker sighs,
The lonesome organ grinder cries,
The silver saxophones say I should refuse you.
The cracked bells and washed-out horns
Blow into my face with scorn,
But it's not that way,
I wasn't born to lose you.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

The drunken politician leaps
Upon the street where mothers weep
And the saviors who are fast asleep,
They wait for you.
And I wait for them to interrupt
Me drinkin' from my broken cup
And ask me to
Open up the gate for you.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

Now all my fathers, they've gone down
True love they've been without it.
But all their daughters put me down'
Cause I don't think about it.

Well, I return to the Queen of Spades
And talk with my chambermaid.
She knows that I'm not afraid
To look at her.
She is good to me
And there's nothing she doesn't see.
She knows where I'd like to be
But it doesn't matter.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

Now your dancing child with his Chinese suit,
He spoke to me, I took his flute.
No, I wasn't very cute to him,
Was I?
But I did it, though, because he lied
Because he took you for a ride
And because time was on his side
And because I . . .
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm convinced that you're from mars...

i tried to beat megaman nine again. even though it's the newest megaman game, it has become the hardest yet. it takes me back to the old school nintendo games of my childhood. the megaman games were some of my favorite and not to brag, but i played them soooooooo much that i became a master at them. i could run through the games and beat the crap out of each boss and dr. wily at the end.

maybe that's why megaman nine is giving me such a hard time. i haven't played it enough!!! well later tonight i'm gonna turn on my nintendo wii and attempt to play the game once more. this time i will beat it!!! this time i will be the megaman master!!!

uh yeah, so how are all of you out there who maybe read my blog??? i hope you read it and not just skip down to the music posts. if you want, feel free to write something on the posts. any questions you have just ask and i will try me best to answer them. i just hope they are good questions...

goin' back to the 90's once again (my favorite decade of music) i want to post a band that was big in the early emo movement. springing from the Cap'n Jazz family of musicians, this band became very popular with each new release and toured all over the states with bands like Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids. here to check out is The Promise Ring.

this band released four full length albums and an ep and several 7" records. they are gone now, but the music lives on like all good music does. here are their first two albums 30 Degrees Everywhere and Nothing Feels Good. be sure to listen to them and also check out the songs "a picture postcard" and "why did we ever meet?"

Don't forget to kiss me if you're really going to leave
Couldn't you take the second bus home?
Couldn't you just take me with you?
Couldn't you take the second bus home?
If I put my hands to your stomach,
or put my lips to your hand.
Birmingham has gone to motors.
Take me home, keep your eyes on the road.
So don't forget to kiss me if you're really going to leave.
Couldn't you take the second bus home?
Couldn't you just take me with you?
I'm convinced that you're from mars.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Greater Oklahoma...

it rained a lot tonight. it's good to have rain. it makes the grass grow and the freshness of the smell really picks up in your nose and vanquishes the odors of the city. not that oklahoma has odors all over, but you know.

i missed a good local show tonight. Nothington were playing at the conservatory with some good locals. i chose to go to my grandma's after church and eat dinner instead. i think i made the better choice. i don't get to eat good homecooked food that often, and tonight was an amazing meal. porkchops and patatoes with warm bread and iced tea. awesome!!! totally awesome!!!

when i got into music by myself at a young age, i began to have dreams of playing live. i use to want to be in a band. during high school i always thought of playing music that was better than what everybody was into at the time. i would hate on people for listening to dumb crap, which i'm sure they thought the same of me... anyway, the band i want to mention here represents the best highschool band that never was. if i was to have been in a band, i would want it to be this raw and emotional and fun. here is Desaparecidos.

this was a side project band fronted by Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame. coming from the state of omaha, this band represented the missing midwest emo/rock that had been so popular during the 90's. the aggression and raw power of this band broke the mold and showcased the talent that conor has. the band only released one album and an ep and toured the states with Jimmy Eat World then broke up due to bright eyes getting more and more popular. band members went on to start other projects and go their own ways. and that is that as they say. so, right here is their lp Read Music-Speak Spanish. it's freekin' amazing and i don't like to use that word unless i mean it. check it out and enjoy!!!

I'm growing out my hair
like it was when I was single
it was longer than I've known you
I had no money then
I had no worries then at all

{But with} such a high standard of living
I just feel like I am dying
I start an argument
but you can barely even talk

There's good reason for your silence
{you} have to take care of some business
so I fix your plate
and I stay out of the way

But you'll stay like that forever
right in front of your computer
you'll look up one day
but you won't recognize me

So you want to change?
read a letter from a lawyer
want to take me out to dinner
you want to bury me under a mound of shopping bags

Like it'd really make a difference
or make up for your disinterest
I'm a bill you pay
I'm a contract you can't break

And it's like I'm under water
or on an endless escalator
I just go up and up
but I don't ever reach the top

And it reads just like the bible
twenty centuries of scandal,
yeah, it all depends on how you interpret it

The word is love
The word is loss
The words are damaged goods that's what I am
A lifetime gets chalked up to an experience
we're chained to the events
that's it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have such a sad time together...

tomarrow i might be starting my job as a substitute teacher for the moore public schools here in oklahoma. i need this job in order to have some money, but more importantly to get the experience needed to for my application to become a real certified teacher. if i can become a teacher i can support myself with a good job and get the heck out of here. not that here is bad, but i really need my own place and space and rest and food...

i can teach. i have that teachers look don't i???

still, i slept all day today. if i'm to help teach then i need to get to bed much earlier than what i did last night, or actually this morning. (6 AM!!!) i know things will work out for the better. if this substitute job doesn't work, then other options will present themselves. i have hope and know that things will be taken care of in some way. it always does!!!

there is a band currently touring the states right now that has become a favorite of mine during the past two years. they are called The Hold Steady.

if you are a fan of artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, and The Replacements, then these guys are for you. just really good rock music right here. i still have never got to see them yet, but i hope to change that as soon as i can. this is like the best dive/bar band you will ever hear currently. get into them now because everybody else is already doing that and you know what happens when a good band becomes popular...

oh, here are their four full length albums. first is Almost Killed Me, then Seperation Sunday, then my ultimate favorite and great summer time album Boys & Girls in America, and last but not least their latest lp Stay Positive. check these out and rock on!!!

Lord, I'm discouraged
The circles have sucked in her eyes
Lord, I'm discouraged
Her new friends have shadowed her life
Lord, I'm discouraged
She ain't come out dancing for some time

And I'm trying to light candles
But they burn down to nothing
And she keeps coming up with
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
There's a house on the south side
She stays in for days at a time

I know I'm no angel
I ain't been bad that way
Can't you hear her?
She's that sweet missing songbird
When the choir sings on Sundays
And I'm almost busted
But I bought back the jewelery she sold

And I come to your altar
And then there's just nothing
And she keeps insisting
The sutures and bruises are none of my business
She says that she's sick
But she won't get specific
The sutures and bruises are none of my business
This guy from the north side comes down to visit
His visits, they only take five or six minutes

Lord, I'm sorry to question your wisdom
But my faith has been wavering
Won't you show me a sign
And let me know that you're listening?

Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
I know it's unlikely she'll ever be mine
So I mostly just pray she don't die

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Cold Night...

wearing a Joy Division shirt in order to see if anyone had the same thoughts as i, i went with my dad to the U2 concert in norman oklahoma. (U2 owes a great deal to JD. guitar riffs and such. no really, look it up!!!) this was my first time seeing U2 and it was great, but before that i want to share some of the day with you.

first thing is getting there. norman is always packed wheather it's football or just a normal average day. it's a college town and oklahoma's hipster central. yes, hipsters everywhere. they sometimes come to the local punk shows and then stand around drinking beer. of course i assume that's what all hispters do and myself am probably one of them. but to distinguish a little from that, i do like to sing along and be friendly and not dress like a homeless person. yeah, so the concert was full of em', but also full of people in their 40's and even 50's. (my dad...)

i'm 25, so i guess i helped fill in that average hispter age. there were even children present. a lot of children. i haven't seen that many kids at a concert since sesame street live back in the 80's. (that was an awesome show!!!)

oh, and of course this wouldn't be a concert without your drunks. i don't mind people drinking, but geeze, do you have to be so loud and stupid (girls) and douche like (guys). it's not like i didn't expect this to happen, but just for a moment i thought i might actually be free from those types of people. wrong!!! ugh, regardless of that it didn't ruin my night. i even shoved a drunk for almost knocking me over by shoving past to get close to the stage. he gave me a look of "i'll be back after the show for you." but he didn't come. oh, and my dad almost got into a fight with a drunk. when i described the bozo to my dad he said that's how the guy who messed with me looked!!! i thought this was pretty funny.

hmm, i forgot to mention the Black Eyed Peas. let's just say that i would rather go through chemotherapy than that trainwreck again... (i seemed to be the only one who didn't like them. i must be missing something... oh yeah, i don't watch MxTxVx or listen to the stupid radio!!!)

the edge goes for broke and farts in the process...

adam clayton and the floating orbs of light around him...

yeah, i swear thats not my hand or finger there. i swear!!!

the band came out playing a new song i didn't know. oh, let me go ahead and get this out of the way. i really hate the new stuff the band has done the past four albums. everything from Zooropa back is excellent stuff. everything past that isn't good. (in my opinion of course!!!) really, the music they make now sounds like U2 trying to be like U2. and what that means is they are phoning it in. for a good example of a band tired of themselves look no closer than Radiohead. they tried their best to do something different and not be themselves. (Kid A, Amnesiac) and of course had hits anyway.

you could just ask me why i went to this concert in the first place if all i did was complain. well i'll tell ya why. to get through all the bullcrap from people, weather, the black eyes peas, and new songs it all eventually fell onto the classics. oh boy do i love the classics. skipping their first two albums, the band played "Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Unforgettable Fire, MLK, Where the Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With or Without You, One, Mysterious Ways, and Ultra Violet (light my way)"

and that was it. the rest of the show was filled with the crap they make now. yes, it's crap. you have the "Beautiful Day" song which sounds epic and also sounds like it was meant to be epic. you know, one of those rousing anthems that the band made to be played in front of huge crowds and such. hey wait... oh, and then you have the song with the spanish countdown and then the song with the "woo hoo" from that stupid tomb raider movie, and to cap it all off you have the most weird and creepy moment of the night.

Bono the robot...

Bono, in all his epic glory, picks a kid out of the audience and let's him walk with him around the stage. he then gets on his knees and sings to him. they also held hands and then ran around the stage in a circle. this seemed like something bono would do with starving africans for a commercial. anyway at the end he gives the kid his shades which was cool and then points the kid to go back to the spot where he got pulled up. bono then goes back to the stage and gasp!!! he has another pair of the same shades on!!! i guess they keep a box full of them behind the speakers.

Bono stuns my crappy camera phone...

so yes, the night was amazing (when they played old songs) i know i sound jaded and ungrateful because "OMG U2 never tours that much!!! i would have gone and gave anything to go!!! you know how many people would have taken your place??? you should have stayed home!!!" ha ha well i did go and it was worth it just to hear those old songs live.

like i said, i grew up with this band. i have strong emotional ties with them. before and after my parents divorce i would listen to these guys. i love to think back to my ski trips of the late 80's and 90's. dad would put their music on and it just works for some reason when you are driving and the air is cold and the mountains and streams are in the background and everything is amazing and beautiful. this is what U2 meant to me and for one night i was reminded of such a time.

well just for the sake of always doing it, here is a music post. it's from the band and this is actually my favorite album of all time. i even had a poster of the album in my dorm room during college. i love it that much. here is The Joshua Tree.

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lying still
Said I gotta do something about where we're going
Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain
Maybe run from the darkness in the night
Singing ha, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la de day

Sweet the sin
Bitter, the taste in my mouth
I see seven towers
But I only see one way out
You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice
You know I took the poison from the poison stream
Then I floated out of here
Singing ha la la la de day
Ha la la la de day
Ha la la de day


She runs through the streets with her eyes painted red
Under a black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway
She brings me white gold and pearls
Stolen from the sea she is raging, she is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will suffer the needle chill
She's running to stand still

Saturday, October 17, 2009


what a weekend so far. first off OU lost the texas game, so they suck. Sunday i'm goin' to see U2 in norman. i think this concert will either be great or boring. (it depends on what they play. i prefer everything they have done before the Pop album...) aaaaaannnnnnddddd last but not least was movie time. i watched Where the Wild Things Are and Paranormal Activity. first off the ghost movie. this was a good film, but not the truly scary flick i have been waiting for for a long time. the ending was okay at best, but the parts before it seemed to be a bit better. the effects were very cheap but effective for what they were. smoke and mirrors, or better yet fish line and mini fans...

now, where the wilds things are was a fantastic movie and one that i recommend to anyone who wants to see something more profound and heartfelt. they don't make movies like this anymore. director Spike Jonez was brave in his choices with the movie. it flowed awkwardly, but not in a bad way. at first i was a bit thrown off by how the characters interacted, but i eventually got what the point of it all was. i can't delve into the reasons why because you have to do that for yourself. to go back a little bit, i want to discuss the trailer. i remember how it made me feel. it took me back in time and i started to picture my childhood. needless to say, the memories weren't all that great. i think that's why jonez chose to make the movie seem so real and serious.

those who think back on the book fondly might go into this movie with pre-conceived notions and expectations. i want to tell you right off the back that this movie is not what you think it will be. it's much more than some nasty terrible disney romp through the forest with cute cuddly animal creatures and sing-a-longs. nope, this movie is real deep and pretty much a character study. pay close attention to max at the beginning and then the monsters later in the film. see how the actions that take place speak for the characters themselves and how it all is reflective of previous acts.

i can't go into much more detail about this movie because i believe that it's up to you to dive head first into the depths of it and discover what it all means to you. the critics might say that the movie is boring and underdeveloped. they also might just fluff it all and say the usual tripe that critics are known for, but you have to give some the benefit of a doubt because not all are bad. some critics actually "got" it. Peter Travers and Roger Ebert for example. i'm not a critic for anyone but myself and where the wild things are is a wonderful film that hearkens back to the magical films of my childhood. (Never Ending Story, Secret of Nimh, and Labyrinth)
now in terms of music, i want to just skip ahead to the post. the movie music is up to you.

okay, so here is another band from the 90's that often gets forgotten in terms of popularity (if they ever really had any...) and inspiration. the band is still kickin' it today and recently released a new ep and 7" single. having several releases on matador and their own merge records, this band have paved the way for the DIY ethic and truly remain "punk". the band is called Superchunk.

let's see, well the band was formed in 1989 and originally went by the name "chunk". the word "super" was added later and rest is history... yeah, so anyway this band is pretty poppy and also helped usher in the term "muppet rock". i guess a few bands that come to mind when that term is referenced would be Weezer, The Rentals, The Get Up Kids and more recently Motion City Soundtrack. the vocals are a bit nasally, but not to the point of sounding like Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory. heck, the term "emo" has even been thrown around some when describing this band. i can see the influence from the 90's scene, so i guess that can be justified in some way. awesome, so to get goin' here we have my favorite albums by the band. first is No Pocky for Kitty, then On the Mouth, and next is my personal favorite, Foolish and last is Here's Where the Strings Come In. so go out and see some good movies and listen to some good music while your at it!!!

All of this is so exhausting
But i don't want it to stop
Rubber ring around my neck
Lead me in circles till i drop

The sound of change beneath the grating
Pull a string, a magnet through
Keep track how much this is costing
I'll give it back to you

Are you keeping track?
Are you keeping, keeping track?

Can you let the rope down slowly
When you drop it to the dirt?
Can you pull the blanket over
And make this hole not hurt?

Are you keeping track?
Cause i am not

All of this is so exhausting
And i am ready for it to stop
All of this has been exhausting
And i am ready

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do it to me everytime...

have any of you out there tried the new quizno's double cheese cheesesteak sandwich??? well i have and it was AMAZING!!! the flavor of the steak meat with the warm toated bread and melted cheese was something otherworldly... oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about having another juicy bite. (this all sounds really gross and rude sounding...) go out there and try one right now. it's totally worth it and you will not be dissapointed.

sooooooooo, i bet most of you know these guys here. i don't have to go into much detail about them because many have already. really, many have written about these guys and keep on writing. i guess that's because this band keeps making new albums. for me, i stopped after just two. anything else past their second album isn't the band that i loved. and yes, many people have said that same thing as well. okay, so anyway here is the band Weezer.

those two albums in question are The Blue Album (1994) and the amazing Pinkerton (1996). i guess if you really really like their other stuff then that's fine, but for me it ended with pinkerton. the above photograph should be proof because that was the original lineup. after pinkerton, bass player Matt Sharp left to play with his other band The Rentals and the band went on hiatius while lead singer Rivers Cuomo went to college to finish whatever it was he did there and also to become depressed and paint the walls in his house black. after that the band came back in 2000 playing a few dates on the vans warped tour and a few sporadic shows, then headed back into the studio to make the green album. i stopped right there. that was it. nothing more for me. i can't even really watch or look at the band weezer today because it just makes a mockery of what they once were. (at least in my opinion...)

yeah, so check out these two albums below and enjoy the simplistic pop of a band who were one of the forerunners of the early emo movement from the 90's and such.

I'm tired, so tired
I'm tired of having sex (so tired)
I'm spread so thin
I don't know who I am (who I am)

Monday night I'm making Jen
Tuesday night I'm making Lynn
Wednesday night I'm making Jasmine
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?

I'm beat, beet red
Ashamed of what I said (what I said)
I'm sorry, here I go
I know I'm a sinner
But I can't say no (say no)

Thursday night I'm making Denise
Friday night I'm making Therese
Saturday night I'm making Louise
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?

Tonight I'm down on my knees
Tonight I'm begging you please
Tonight, tonight, oh please
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?