Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Greater Oklahoma...

it rained a lot tonight. it's good to have rain. it makes the grass grow and the freshness of the smell really picks up in your nose and vanquishes the odors of the city. not that oklahoma has odors all over, but you know.

i missed a good local show tonight. Nothington were playing at the conservatory with some good locals. i chose to go to my grandma's after church and eat dinner instead. i think i made the better choice. i don't get to eat good homecooked food that often, and tonight was an amazing meal. porkchops and patatoes with warm bread and iced tea. awesome!!! totally awesome!!!

when i got into music by myself at a young age, i began to have dreams of playing live. i use to want to be in a band. during high school i always thought of playing music that was better than what everybody was into at the time. i would hate on people for listening to dumb crap, which i'm sure they thought the same of me... anyway, the band i want to mention here represents the best highschool band that never was. if i was to have been in a band, i would want it to be this raw and emotional and fun. here is Desaparecidos.

this was a side project band fronted by Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame. coming from the state of omaha, this band represented the missing midwest emo/rock that had been so popular during the 90's. the aggression and raw power of this band broke the mold and showcased the talent that conor has. the band only released one album and an ep and toured the states with Jimmy Eat World then broke up due to bright eyes getting more and more popular. band members went on to start other projects and go their own ways. and that is that as they say. so, right here is their lp Read Music-Speak Spanish. it's freekin' amazing and i don't like to use that word unless i mean it. check it out and enjoy!!!

I'm growing out my hair
like it was when I was single
it was longer than I've known you
I had no money then
I had no worries then at all

{But with} such a high standard of living
I just feel like I am dying
I start an argument
but you can barely even talk

There's good reason for your silence
{you} have to take care of some business
so I fix your plate
and I stay out of the way

But you'll stay like that forever
right in front of your computer
you'll look up one day
but you won't recognize me

So you want to change?
read a letter from a lawyer
want to take me out to dinner
you want to bury me under a mound of shopping bags

Like it'd really make a difference
or make up for your disinterest
I'm a bill you pay
I'm a contract you can't break

And it's like I'm under water
or on an endless escalator
I just go up and up
but I don't ever reach the top

And it reads just like the bible
twenty centuries of scandal,
yeah, it all depends on how you interpret it

The word is love
The word is loss
The words are damaged goods that's what I am
A lifetime gets chalked up to an experience
we're chained to the events
that's it

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