Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Vision...

today is halloween. that eventful holiday were candy flows like water, cats get killed gruesomely, and costumes try to be unique but often fail because it's all been done before. unless of course a new movie character came out and took the world by storm. (bruno maybe???)

yes, i am taking part in this holiday tradition by staying home and watching horror flicks. good horror flicks!!! oh, and yes, i will be giving out candy to the children who brave the front door to my house of horrors!!! (no food, bad toilets, rats in the backyard!!!)

so stop on by and chill out to some bloody classics and eat some possible pizza or tacos... oh, and be sure to dress up and ask nicely for candy because if you don't i will have to hoard all the candy like a squirrel and my tree nest can only hold so much!!!

heh heh, oh yeah about last night, well i went to the fall festival at my church and had a blast!!! i originally was going to be a gangster ala kanye west/50 cent, but instead chose to go even cheaper and try to attempt a zombie look. zombie movies are my favorite types of horror films, so i thought i could make it work. instead i got this:

my artsy angle to look dark and scary...

so yeah, i more or less came out looking like a black metal singer. just without the long hair. ha ha, i even thought i could have passed for some sort of samurai warrior whenever i applied the black grease paint to my eyes. oh how i tried to look old and decaying. my inspiration came from the original Dawn of the Dead (1978), because all the zombies had a blueish tone about them and nothing else really. i mixed some white paint with the black to make this grey color, but in these cell phone pics i look more blue... lol

i don't really know why i was wearing an army shirt...

okay, so after i went all out and made myself look like two bucks, i left my grandma's house and started off down the road to get to the church. well after reaching the stop light at the end of the street i glanced at my mirror and smiled all huge and cheesy and totally freeked myself out!!! i then did a u-turn and went back to my grandma's and wiped off all the paint and only left the black around the eyes. yeah, i guess you could say i chickened out, but i honestly didn't want to scare all the little children who came. and let me tell ya, there were a ton of kids there!!! my best friend mike came and brought his family with him. we all had a blast eating and chatting with everyone. funny, but most of the people there didn't recognize me. i guess i looked like a homeless person off the street... ha ha

overall it was a great night. everybody at the church seemed to be having a great time and the children loved it. after we left i was invited to come back to mike's to hang out and chill. i stayed over until almost 2:00 am. i drove back home late that night hoping i wouldn't get stopped by the police. i just know that i wouldn't look right once they saw me with all the goofy paint and such. so yeah, i eventually made it home and i wiped off all the corpse (pow wow) paint and then ended my night with some Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. massive kill streaks and massive pawnage!!!

sooooooooooooooo, on to the music!!! since it's halloween i think i will post some scary gory music this time!!! BBBBWWWWAAAAAHA HA HA HA HA... okay, so here is the famous death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

forming in 1988 in buffalo new york, this band has become the highest selling death metal band of all time. the first time i saw them was in the movie Ace Ventura. jim carrey got up on stage and took over the vocals, throwing himself around and going crazy like a rabbit being killed by a bear tap. with death metal bands came the infamous "cookie monster" vocals. its the sound of blood and guts being chewed upon or even better, thrown up from one's own mouth!!!

i finally got to see them live this past summer here in oklahoma at the last stop of the rockstar mayhem tour. they headlined the side stage and freekin' tore the place up. i stood there cracking up at how brutal they were. now i know where brendan small got his inspiration for his show Metalocalypse. george "corpse grinder" fisher is the absolute definition of a death metal singer. yes, he is way better than the original singer chris barnes ever was and yes he can really twirl his head like a windmill at seriously fast speeds.

so with that i give you my two personal favorite albums by the band. one note to make, these are the albums made with the original singer chris barnes. if you dig that guy you might want to check out his other band called Six Feet Under. but if you are like me, just skip that and only listen to these. first you have the crazy Tomb of the Mutilated and second is the awesomely gastric bypassing brutal as bamboo shoots under your finger nails The Bleeding. so don't take too much offense by the gory album artwork and instead check out some classic death metal and laugh at the absurdness of it all!!!

happy halloween...

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