Saturday, October 10, 2009

What You Say...

after a long night of computer working i crashed out after 1:00 am and had much needed rest... i really have nothing to say. dang, i seem to post dumb updates on here like it was twitter or something...

okay, i have a remark to make. why is it that everytime i turn on the television i keep seeing these dumb updates on michael jackson??? i mean i didn't ask for them. why does the media keep shoving that weirdo into my face night after night. shoot, i have to pretty much mute my tv when i check the tv guide channel because i can't even stand hearing about him. yes i liked thriller and yes i thought he was awesome for just those few minutes, but whatever. i didn't like him that much afterwords and i totally don't agree when people say he was the greatest performer on the planet. those people don't know what it's like to really be caught up in the moment when you are face-to-face with an artist that's giving it their all and most of the time to no high applause or remarks. yes i'm talkin' about the underground again. michale jackson was just a bloated ego that the masses seem to think was a god. his music was okay at best and not really life changing.

heh, i remember this past may at my cousins high school graduation. they played that song "man in the mirror" while pictures of the students shuffled across a large screen. this made me laugh and my mom caught my eye and gave me a dirty look. she then went on to mention something about the lyrics. "listen, hear what he's saying? lookin' at the man in the mirror???" i thought to myself, "yeah he's really lookin' at the man in the mirror, or maybe some kid reflected in the mirror standing behind him..."

ugh, i hate tv. i only watch it to see a few shows like Top Chef and South Park. seriously, there is nothing good on anymore. you can't trust the news unless it's local and you for sure can't comprehend why bimbo's on MxTxVx get so much attention and fame for being stupid. america sometimes needs wake up calls. things to stir us up and make us pay attention to real issues and not who's america's next best dance star or top model or parents with 100 kids...

yeah, so i want to wipe those awful thoughts from my mind by showing you some music that is of high quality. you see, in the underground this band i'm about to mention hold a high honor. these guys are scene veterans and have been making great music for many many years. each release is always considered their best by all the fans and the following they have can only be considered
epic. the band is Hot Water Music.

i'll get right down to it. this band is the epitome of "orgcore" punk. what is orgcore punk you ask??? well to begin i have to list the stereo types. first is the term "beard punk" or "beard core". this silly term refers to the many punks who listen to orgcore and have big grizzly adams beards. it's just a life choice really, and doesn't mean that much except for the fact that almost all of the orgcore bands have one or two members with friggin' large beards!!! second is the singing style. hot water music has a style that i like to call gruff. it's the smoker/drinker voice. rough vocals mixed with soft harmonies is the key in orgcore. sometimes there are no soft vocals at all. and the third and last thing i want to mention is pbr, or pabst blue ribbon. this has nothing to do with the music, but many orgcore punkers like to drink the stuff and it's cheap to boot. yeah, that's orcore punk in a nutshell as best as i want to explain it. if you really want to know more about this "movement" then check out the orgcore punker profile on or go hang out on my favorite website and then come join us at!!!

but really, this band is in high regard because so many people connect to the music. these guys have played everywhere and have played for anyone who cared to see. they went out and reached the youth on a personal level that i don't think michael jackson ever did. you didn't see him sweat it out in basements and vfw halls with the kids singing along and then hanging out at the merch table afterwords talking to the fans and sharing stories. heck, i doubt people ever saw michael pack his own equipment and stick it all back in a van... (yeah i know he could afford roadies...)

this band has many releases under their belt, but for now i just want to share my personal favorites. here are three lp albums titled, Fuel For the Hate Game, Forever and Counting, and No Division. these are the albums i listen to the most by the band. check them out and learn the lyrics and then if hot water music ever decides to play some more shows and possibly record go out and see them and then pick up their new stuff. i guarantee you will have an awesome time
for sure!!! oh, and also check out singer Chuck Ragan's solo stuff for even more fantastic music!!!

we've been locked up and run right down
been pushed aside for speaking out against ways of division
set to hold us down to put us back in line
when we step out but i'm not living under them
when we could when we could rise above a culture
that says we are better than
worse than anyone that's not like us
we'll sing our hearts in unity
that we won't obey or follow hate
we stand together we stand with no division
and the ways of old will be swept away

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