Monday, October 12, 2009

She Uses Vasoline...

well, i'm in a tight spot. i now have many desires for new video games than i have ever had in years!!! first off i want the fallout 3 deluxx edition pack with all the expansions. next i want uncharted 2 and then i want call of duty: modern warfare 2. during the holidays there is going to be a god of war one and two combo pack for the ps3 coming out, and just today i discovered new game i never heard of called demon's souls and after watching a video review i now need that game like a drug addict needs a fix!!! also god of war 3 will be coming out, but that's not until next year.

okay, so really the only one i need now is call of duty simply because that game can hold me off for a long time. for the holidays i might choose one of the other titles then. wow, i'm excited again for video games!!!

as you might have found out, i live in oklahoma. being in this state that so many people seem to either hate or just forget, we aren't really the musical capitol of the world. but still, there are some diamonds in the ruff and one such band to mention is none other than The Flaming Lips.

over the past ten years or so, the flaming lips have been building their status as a live band quite rapidly. if you want a show then you must see them. still, some now come to say that their live show has become stale and that the same ol' tricks aren't working anymore. regardless, if you haven't seen live then go whenever they are around. oh, and don't be like me and get thrown in detox during one of their shows. i had the misfortune to do exactly that at their anual new years eve show in oklahoma city back in 2008 and i was even drinking that night. ugh, old memories of my stupid mistakes. (i still feel bad my cousin never got to see them that night...)

remember that horrible show 90210??? well the lips played on it and with that started the trend to have indie bands perform or have their music played on television series such as the tripe that was The OC and Gilmore Girls... BBLLARRGGGEEE!!! VVVOOOMMMIIITTT!!!

so here we are at the end of the post and the music is now here. with great respect to their earlier material, i'm skipping ahead and going for the moments when the band became legends. first of the lp's to start is the famous Transmission From the Satellite Heart. next we have The Clouds Taste Metallic. third is the amazing album The Soft Bulletin. fourth is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and then At War With the Mystics and finally the brand new album which pitchfork just gave a 9.0 to, Embryonic. so check these out and enjoy the trip into outer space!!!

Take a trip...

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