Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Round Up Cafe...

i ate some good home fixin's tonight with my grandma from Jimmy's Round Up Cafe. if you are ever in oklahoma, get with me and we will go hang on the southside of town and have a chicken fried steak with okra and mashed potatoes.

today i got to spend some time with my buddy who teaches at OBU in shawnee oklahoma. she teaches english as a second language to foreign students. this was very interesting to watch. these kids had come from all over. brazil, albania, china, and even turkey. they all seemed really nice and were trying very hard to learn the english language. i wish them all luck because english is always evolving and i think it's getting more and more bastardized with all the street talk and lingo that floods from most music these days... (i'm lookin' at you rap artists!!!)

oh, and the point of going to these classes today was to get a different perspective on teaching and also to get some information on how to go about becoming a teacher. i still need to get a masters degree, so i have many options to take for my future. i guess i can plan ahead, but for now i'm still taking it all one day at a time.

okay, now the band i want to mention here is a few years old, but has already made their mark in the underground indie/punk scene. with obvious comparisions to Cap'n Jazz, American Football, The Promise Ring and even Minus the Bear, they have proven their influences, but have also made their own style and sound from the twinkly math rock that i always say is getting more and more popular. they call themselves Look Mexico and they hail from florida.

i still have yet to see these guys play live. they always seem to hit up the cities that are not oklahoma city!!! maybe one day they will stop by and i'll get my chance, but until then all i have is their music which by the way is freekin' awesome!!!

here is an awesome animated music video from them.

so here you have The Crucial Collection. this album compiles their first two ep releases as well as a few b-sides and alternate versions of newer tracks wich come from their first full length album titled This is Animal Music. that was the first thing i ever heard from this band. i suggest you get that album with the quickness. oh, and last is their latest release, the Gasp Asp ep. so with that i hope you all take the time to check these guys out and maybe stop at one of their shows sometime if it's anywhere near you you lucky freaks!!!

enjoy your next day like it's the last ever...

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