Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'll Catch You...

tonight i got to see The Get Up Kids for the first time ever. they recently reunited and it was an awesome show to say the least. i think i counted slightly over 100 people, so it was an intimate performance. lead singer Matt Pryor let the audience pick the songs so the flow was quite sporadic which led to some unique performances. i was so glad that they played my favorite song of theirs at the end. ("don't hate me")

well since this was an emo show, i think the music can be emo once again. here for you is the band Texas is the Reason.

i love their music and it's totally awesome and sometimes stunning. i remember the first time i checked them out. the song "Do you know who you are?" played. it's an all intrumental and it leads right into the fast quick and powerful song "back and to the left". leaving out their two split albums and their split live album, you can find here their first release which is the self titled ep and their pinnacle full length album Do You Know Who You Are?. this band was short lived and only put out these few things, but their impact is still felt in the underground.

Its getting cold all over again
so i'll be inside way too much again.
You'll have to believe me.
You have to hear me when I say.
I'll make up something that you'll believe in me.
This is becoming to routine for me
there will be time for the tomorrow,
but it's days like this that keep me alive.
Is there anything left for me?
Daylight's almost over now,
cant think of anymore to say.
Even if I try to understand it wont ever be the same.
Is there anything left for me?

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