Friday, October 30, 2009

The cannons and the tanks...

today is friday and i have been getting calls all morning to go sub. i chose to take the day off and enjoy the weekend. tonight is my church's fall festival in the gym. it's a night of family fun with snacks and games and lots of candy!!! the thing is, i haven't decided on what i want to dress up as. my original choice sort of fell through so i now have to think of something else. i have this totally rad cowboy hat that was given to me at graduation by a good friend, so maybe i can do something with that. heck, it's at least an opportunity to finally wear the darn thing!!!

yeah, so tomarrow is halloween night. i don't have any plans so far. maybe i will hang with my best friend mike, or better yet maybe i will just stay home and hand out candy and watch classic horror films on IFC. classics like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Shivers, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. oooooo, spooky!!!

so, today's music post is something i have been forgetting to make for a while now. for some reason as soon as i post a band on here, i always remember this one particular group and promise myself i will get to them next time, but then i forget again... heh heh anyway here is a band that many orgcore punks love. they are called Small Brown Bike.

forming in 1996 and going through to 2004, this band was part of the 90's indie/emo/punk movement that i dearly love so much. often compared to their contemporaries Hot Water Music and Avail, sbb sang with heartfelt passion and force. using the gruff style of singing as well as melodic guitars and double vocals, this band held the torch and paved the way for more simular bands to follow. they just recently decided to re-unite and play The Fest 2009 ( in gainsville florida. i wish i had the money to go this weekend because it would be an awesome experience for sure, but alas i do not have those sort of funds right now...

anyway, on to the music. collected here is almost their entire output minus a few splits and ep's. first off is their awesome debut lp titled Our Own Wars then coming in second is Collection which is full of rare tracks and b-sides. third is Dead Reckoning then the ep Nail Yourself to the Ground. and last we have The River Bed. so get into it and enjoy the tunes!!!

everyone have a spooktacular night!!!

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