Saturday, October 17, 2009


what a weekend so far. first off OU lost the texas game, so they suck. Sunday i'm goin' to see U2 in norman. i think this concert will either be great or boring. (it depends on what they play. i prefer everything they have done before the Pop album...) aaaaaannnnnnddddd last but not least was movie time. i watched Where the Wild Things Are and Paranormal Activity. first off the ghost movie. this was a good film, but not the truly scary flick i have been waiting for for a long time. the ending was okay at best, but the parts before it seemed to be a bit better. the effects were very cheap but effective for what they were. smoke and mirrors, or better yet fish line and mini fans...

now, where the wilds things are was a fantastic movie and one that i recommend to anyone who wants to see something more profound and heartfelt. they don't make movies like this anymore. director Spike Jonez was brave in his choices with the movie. it flowed awkwardly, but not in a bad way. at first i was a bit thrown off by how the characters interacted, but i eventually got what the point of it all was. i can't delve into the reasons why because you have to do that for yourself. to go back a little bit, i want to discuss the trailer. i remember how it made me feel. it took me back in time and i started to picture my childhood. needless to say, the memories weren't all that great. i think that's why jonez chose to make the movie seem so real and serious.

those who think back on the book fondly might go into this movie with pre-conceived notions and expectations. i want to tell you right off the back that this movie is not what you think it will be. it's much more than some nasty terrible disney romp through the forest with cute cuddly animal creatures and sing-a-longs. nope, this movie is real deep and pretty much a character study. pay close attention to max at the beginning and then the monsters later in the film. see how the actions that take place speak for the characters themselves and how it all is reflective of previous acts.

i can't go into much more detail about this movie because i believe that it's up to you to dive head first into the depths of it and discover what it all means to you. the critics might say that the movie is boring and underdeveloped. they also might just fluff it all and say the usual tripe that critics are known for, but you have to give some the benefit of a doubt because not all are bad. some critics actually "got" it. Peter Travers and Roger Ebert for example. i'm not a critic for anyone but myself and where the wild things are is a wonderful film that hearkens back to the magical films of my childhood. (Never Ending Story, Secret of Nimh, and Labyrinth)
now in terms of music, i want to just skip ahead to the post. the movie music is up to you.

okay, so here is another band from the 90's that often gets forgotten in terms of popularity (if they ever really had any...) and inspiration. the band is still kickin' it today and recently released a new ep and 7" single. having several releases on matador and their own merge records, this band have paved the way for the DIY ethic and truly remain "punk". the band is called Superchunk.

let's see, well the band was formed in 1989 and originally went by the name "chunk". the word "super" was added later and rest is history... yeah, so anyway this band is pretty poppy and also helped usher in the term "muppet rock". i guess a few bands that come to mind when that term is referenced would be Weezer, The Rentals, The Get Up Kids and more recently Motion City Soundtrack. the vocals are a bit nasally, but not to the point of sounding like Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory. heck, the term "emo" has even been thrown around some when describing this band. i can see the influence from the 90's scene, so i guess that can be justified in some way. awesome, so to get goin' here we have my favorite albums by the band. first is No Pocky for Kitty, then On the Mouth, and next is my personal favorite, Foolish and last is Here's Where the Strings Come In. so go out and see some good movies and listen to some good music while your at it!!!

All of this is so exhausting
But i don't want it to stop
Rubber ring around my neck
Lead me in circles till i drop

The sound of change beneath the grating
Pull a string, a magnet through
Keep track how much this is costing
I'll give it back to you

Are you keeping track?
Are you keeping, keeping track?

Can you let the rope down slowly
When you drop it to the dirt?
Can you pull the blanket over
And make this hole not hurt?

Are you keeping track?
Cause i am not

All of this is so exhausting
And i am ready for it to stop
All of this has been exhausting
And i am ready

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