Saturday, October 3, 2009

Radio Towers...

static thoughts and crazy words. i have time to write and i also have an early start. i actually woke up at a good time today because i went to bed at a good time last night!!! that never happens to me!!!

well yesterday i went with my cousin and step brother to see the movie Zombie Land. it was really funny and not stupid at all. there is a special cameo that i won't talk about here, but let's just say you won't be dissapointed by it. it made me laugh so hard that i think i almost started crying which hasn't happened in a long time. ha ha

jeff and micco crack me up

well goin' back to the thurday night show with The Get Up Kids, i remember hearing a song played between sets. it was a little lo-fi and indie, but also twinkly. it had that sound i have come to recognize now. to describe that sound you need to listen to a lot of 90's emo music. just sayin'... anyway i went home that night and started to dig through my music to see if i had this artist. i guessed on a certain band and after listening to their entire discography i found the song. i was right on my guess. the band is called Boy's Life.

i have their two full length albums here. first is their self titled debut and then the amazing lp called Depatures and Landfalls. oh, and the song i was lookin' for is called "radio towers" and the song "fire engine red" is also very good. heck, all their freekin' songs are amazing!!! why can't music be this good and have this much meaning to it anymore...

i can hear the music in my head...

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